Monkey Mountains & Chimpanzee Clouds

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Monkey Mountains & Chimpanzee Clouds
Game Donkey Kong Land
Level(s) 8
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Monkey Mountains & Chimpanzee Clouds[1] are two interconnected areas that make up the third world of Donkey Kong Land. Donkey Kong and Diddy Kong first explore Monkey Mountains before Chimpanzee Clouds. As their names imply, Monkey Mountains takes place at a mountain range and Chimpanzee Clouds is set on the clouds above Monkey Mountains. The Cliff world from Donkey Kong Country Returns is thematically similar; it has been suggested to be the same location.[2]

During the Monkey Mountains half, the Kongs explore several caves and cliffs, some of which appear to be connected. Monkey Mountains has a sparse number of trees and a little bit of snow. The second half, Chimpanzee Clouds, is short and has only three levels.


  1. Pot Hole Panic (cave)
  2. Mountain Mayhem (mountain)
  3. Track Attack (clouds)
  4. Spiky Tyre Trail (cave)
  5. Sky High Caper (clouds)
  6. Landslide Leap (mountain)
  7. Collapsing Clouds (clouds)
  8. Boss level: Mad Mole Holes (cave)

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese モンキー・マウンテン
Monkī Maunten
Monkey Mountain
Italian Le montagne della scimmia e le nubi dello scimpanzé[3]
Nubi Scimpanzé[4]
Monkey mountains and chimpanzee clouds
Chimpanzee Clouds
Spanish Montañas del mono y las nubes chimpancé Monkey mountains and the chimpanzee clouds


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