Collapsing Clouds

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Collapsing Clouds
Collapsing Clouds.png
World-Level 3-7
Game Donkey Kong Land
Music Sky
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Collapsing Clouds is the twenty-third level in the Game Boy game, Donkey Kong Land. It is also the seventh level of the Monkey Mountains & Chimpanzee Clouds world.

This level, as its name suggests, is filled with many cloud platforms, and most of them will collapse when the Kongs get on them. The characters must jump off each platform quickly to the following cloud. Expresso the Ostrich can be encountered here to help the Kongs fly over the abyss under the cloud platforms. Although this level is one of the last to be explored, it is relatively short and is not filled with too many enemies. Zingers, Kritters, and Gnawties are of these few enemies.

Level Layout[edit]

From the start of the level, the Kongs must walk to the right and jump off a cloud platform to reach a high up DK Barrel. Then, they should come up to an abyss and cross it by using a couple of collapsing platforms. After that, they will find a crate containing Expresso. They should break it open and begin to ride on their Animal Friend. The heroes have to cross another abyss after this and continue to use the cloud platforms in the air. Once over the gap, the group must defeat a few Kritters and hop along two more platforms to end up near a Gnawty. They should beat the foe and cross another gap with the cloud platforms they see. This gap is followed by another one, and it must be crossed in the same way. When these abysses are passed, the Kongs and Expresso must use some more collapsing clouds to reach other other end of a pit. Here, they can find the Continue Point.

Halfway through the level, the group has to bounce to each collapsing cloud in the air and make it over another abyss. After this, the should defeat a Gnawty and cross yet another gap with cloud platforms. On the other end of this, the heroes must watch out for some dangerous Zingers, who will move at a fast speed up and down. Soon, they will have to cross another really wide abyss. This time, there is only one cloud to cross it with. So, they should drop down into the sky and fall through the fading cloud they are on. They will land on other clouds in which they must continue to fall through. Eventually, the group will land in a barrel and be shot to the right, where they will land right on a solid large platform. As they are shot out of the barrel, however, automatically falls down through the sky, and the Kongs won't be able to get him back. Once on the main path again, the Kongs must get over another wide pit. As they jump to each cloud, they should watch out for the villainous Zingers, and then make it to the other end of the abyss. Right after getting over the gap, though, they will need to get over anther one nearby. When the Kongs hop to each cloud platform this time, there will be, again, some Zingers, who can be quite a hazard. Once the Kongs make it across this pit, they should travel a little farther until they see a portal. When they jump into it, they are taken out of the level.


K-O-N-G Letters[edit]

The letter O
  • K: Above two small cloud platforms.
  • O: On a cloud platform.
  • N: Between two Zinger enemies.
  • G: Between two cloud platforms near the end of the level, with Zingers nearby.

Bonus Area(s)[edit]

  • After the Kongs pass the second Kritter in the level, they should jump on the first cloud platform to the right and wait for it to drop them. When they fall, they will have to move a little bit to the left to land into a barrel. It will shoot them to the Bonus Area, where they will find a hoard of bananas and some Kong Tokens. After these are collected, the heroes can leave the stage by walking into a nearby barrel.
  • Right after the Continue Point, the Kongs should make their way across some collapsing cloud platforms over an abyss. Then, they must walk a little farther while defeating a few Gnawties to encounter another large abyss. When they get on the second-to-last platform, they should wait for the cloud to fade, and fall downwards. They will be caught by a barrel, and then be shot to the Bonus Area. Here, the Kongs will be able to cash in the Kong Tokens for Extra Lives. However, the only way to get the Extra Life is by catching the coins that are shot out of the above barrel, so they will have to use their skills. Once all their tokens are gone, they will be taken back to the main level.

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese スカイ・ハイ
Sukai Hai
Sky High
Spanish Arriba en la nubes Up in the clouds