Seabed Showdown

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Seabed Showdown
Donkey Kong fighting the Giant Clam in Seabed Showdown in Donkey Kong Land
Level code 2-8
World Kremlantis
Game Donkey Kong Land
Boss Giant Clam
Music track Boss
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Seabed Showdown[1] is the boss level of Kremlantis, the second world of the game Donkey Kong Land. The Kongs must defeat a Giant Clam to progress to the Monkey Mountains & Chimpanzee Clouds.


The fight takes place in a single-screen flooded temple area, with the boss starting in the center and another clam in one corner. While no Buddy Barrel is broken on-screen, both Donkey Kong and Diddy Kong are available to the player from the start of the fight, regardless of their previous status.

The Giant Clam begins closed in the middle of the screen, and moves randomly to one corner to open and shoot a pearl at the Kong on-camera before closing and returning to the center. It cannot be attacked directly - any attempt to touch it will result in the current Kong taking damage.

The only means for the Kongs to damage the boss lies in the secondary clam in one corner of the screen - when it is hit by a pearl, it flicks open slightly (showing its eyes) and the pearl rebounds on the Giant Clam, hitting it. The secondary clam then teleports to one of the other corners of the screen. Through careful positioning, the Kongs must cause this to happen eight times, while dodging the pearls. Once done, both clams disappear, three Banana Bunches fall from the ceiling and the way to the Monkey Mountains is clear.

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Italian Seabed Snowdown[sic][2]


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