Track Attack

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Track Attack
Track Attack.png
World-Level 3-3
Game Donkey Kong Land
Music Sky
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Track Attack is the nineteenth level in the Game Boy game, Donkey Kong Land. It is also the third area in the Monkey Mountains & Chimpanzee Clouds world.

In this cloud level, the Kongs must use small platforms to get across the sky and back to the Monkey Mountains. The platforms will ride along a thin blue platform. To make things hard, though, Zingers are scattered throughout the whole level, along with Hogwashes. These foes will fly around the platforms' path and try to attack the Kongs. Since the platforms can not be controlled, the heroes will face an even tougher challenge, as the platforms can glide away when they are in the air. Other than the Zingers and Hogwashes, Gnawties and Kritters appear here to hurt the Kongs.

Level Layout[edit]

From the start of the level, the Kongs must walk into a nearby Blast Barrel. It will shoot them to another barrel, which will then shoot them to a platform. This platform will move over a blue line. As the Kongs ride on this platform, they must try to dodge all the Zingers flying by. After the third Zinger is passed, they should hop off the platform before it falls and get on a large, solid cloud. The Kongs should carry on and defeat a few Kritters to reach the second platform. This time, the platform will travel a shorter distance, while the Kongs dodge a Zinger and a Hogwash in the way. Soon, they will see a trail of bananas leading to another platform. They must jump to this platform before the one they are on collapses, and then continue to ride. After beating two Hogwashes, the heroes should make it to another cloud to journey across. Defeating more Kritters will take them to the next platform. It will carry them a short distance into a few Zinger, whom the Kongs must try to jump over. Once they see a formation of bananas creating an arrow, the group will have to hop off the platform they are on and walk across another cloud. They will find the Continue Point here.

At this point, the Kongs must hop aboard the next platform. This one will take them a rather long distance. As it moves in a wavy path, the heroes will have to dodge all the Hogwashes and Zingers that come in their way. They will soon have to leap onto a small cloud platform, which will fade away once touched. The Kongs must quickly jump off of it, and get onto a solid cloud. Here, they will need to jump up to another platform and ride along. This platform will only go so far, and after passing a single Hogwash, it will fall down. Before it falls off screen, the Kongs will have to hop to the platform to the right. This time, the platform will go a longer distance. Luckily, though, there is only one foe on the way. Eventually, the Kongs will see another platform, and they must quickly jump onto it. This one will go a very short distance. In fact, as soon as they start to move, the heroes should make a well timed jump and land on a large, solid cloud. If Donkey and Diddy Kong walk a little farther, they will find a portal. It will take them out of the level.

Bonus Area(s)[edit]

  • When the Kongs are on the second platform, they should look for the first Zinger to the right of them. If they jump off the platform and get past the Zinger, they will land into a barrel. It will shoot them into the Bonus Area, where the Kongs must hop up and grab the nearby letter O, but without bumping into the Mincer under it. Once they are done with this bonus, they can exit through the opening on the right.
  • Near the end of the level, the heroes should notice two Hogwashes flying close together. They must jump off of the platform they are on and bounce on these foes. They will have to make their way to the right in mid-air then, and land into a barrel. After it shoots them into the Bonus Area, the Kongs can collect as many bananas as they can find and also grab a Kong Token. When they are done collecting things, the Kongs should exit by taking the barrel to the right.

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese リフト・アタック
Rifuto Atakku
Lift Attack
Spanish Ataque en el sendero Attack on the track