Arctic Barrel Arsenal

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Arctic Barrel Arsenal
Arctic Barrel Arsenal.png
World-Level 1-9
Game Donkey Kong Land
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Arctic Barrel Arsenal is the ninth level in the Game Boy Donkey Kong Land. It is also the ninth and final area in Gangplank Galleon Ahoy!, the game's first world.

In this snow level, the Kongs will find many, many Blast Barrels. These barrels are found throughout the whole entire level and must be used to cross several wide pits. The Kongs should be careful, though, as they will have to keep careful aim, as one wrong move can send them plummeting into a pit. To make the stage even harder, the heroes will have to face several enemies throughout their journey. These enemies include Zingers, Gnawties, Kritters, and Klaptraps.

Level Layout[edit]

Normal Exit[edit]

From the start of the level, the Kongs must walk into a barrel and shoot to a DK Barrel, then travel east. As they walk down this path, they will have to defeat a few Kritters and come up to another barrel. This one will shoot them across an abyss. On the other side, the heroes must drop down a few small ledges to reach another barrel. When they get in this barrel, it will move to the right, where the Kongs must shoot to another barrel. They must continue to shoot to more barrels until they make it to the other end of the wide pit below them. Once they area across this pit, they must make their way to the next barrel and shoot to more barrels to, again, cross a wide gap. On the other side of this gap, the heroes will have to defeat a few enemies, such as Kritters, and find another barrel. This one will shoot them up to the level's Continue Point.

At this point, the group should jump into a nearby barrel and shoot across another wide abyss with the help of several other barrels. On the last barrel, they must shoot diagonally back to solid ground and walk down a short pathway to find another barrel. Once in this, they will have to blast through several more barrels to cross yet another abyss. This time, they will encounter a few Zingers and soon end up in a spinning barrel. With good aim, they should shoot from this barrel and follow the banana trail to a platform with a tire. They must bounce off of the tire to get over a lone Zinger and slide down a small slope to make it in the next barrel. Again, they will need to shoot barrel-to-barrel, getting over a wide gap, as well as trying not to hit any enemies. When they are passed this gap, the heroes must jump over a very small pit and walk to the right to soon find a portal. It will take them out of this level.

Secret Exit[edit]

When the Kongs begin the level, they should jump over the first barrel they see and travel down the path to the next barrel. Normally, they would jump into this to shoot to other areas of the level, but instead, the Kongs should jump over it and move slightly to the left in mid-air. If done correctly, they will land in a portal, which will take them to the next level much faster than the other portal.



KONG Letters[edit]

The letter "K"
  • K: After being launched over a gap, the "K" is hovering right before a Klaptrap.
  • O: Between two Barrel Cannons.
  • N: In the second bonus room.
  • G: The "G" is obtained by going into the last barrel cannon near the end.

Bonus Areas[edit]

  • At the very beginning of the level, the Kongs should jump into the first barrel they see and shoot upwards. Instead of following the banana trail to the right, they should fall to the left. If done correctly, they will land in a barrel, which will shoot them to the Bonus Area. There, the Kongs can cash their Kong Tokens that they collected before for an Extra Life, done by hitting a nearby button. Once they are out of coins, the heroes will automatically be taken out of the bonus.
  • To find the second Bonus Area in the stage, the Kongs must shoot through some of the barrels over the first abyss from the Continue Point. On the last barrel, they should notice a lone banana at the bottom of the screen. If the Kongs blast themselves to the banana, they will land in a barrel. Once it shoots them to the Bonus Area, they must walk across a construction site and grab many bananas, forming together to spell "KONG". When the heroes are done with this, they can exit the area by jumping into a nearby barrel.

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese 雪山のタル置場
Yukiyama no taru okiba
Snow mountain of barrel yard
Spanish Bodega en las montañas