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This article is about the tires used in the Mario Kart series. For the object in the Donkey Kong Country series, see Tire (object). For the item from Mario's Time Machine, see Tire (item).

Tires are vehicle parts that appears in all the Mario Kart installments, but are only customizable in Mario Kart 7, Mario Kart 8 and Mario Kart 8 Deluxe. Tires alter the speed, acceleration, and weight stats. The tires have changed constantly throughout the two games, varying in size and features.


Mario Kart 7[edit]

The tire customization first appears in Mario Kart 7. Each tire affects the speed and weight of the vehicle.

Mario Kart 8 / Mario Kart 8 Deluxe[edit]

Tire customization returns in Mario Kart 8 and Mario Kart 8 Deluxe. The stats have not changed much from the previous game, but in anti-gravity the speed and handling are affected. In addition to the new tires, every customizable tire from Mario Kart 7 excluding Mushroom and Red Monster reappears in this game.

Mario Kart Tour[edit]

In Mario Kart Tour, tires cannot be customized unlike previous entries. However, the tires of a kart are not a part of each kart's model, but instead their own models loaded for each specific kart. The names of each tire is the internal file name.

Tire Karts using
MKT Model Bicycle Black.png
MKT Icon WhiteRoyale.pngMKT Icon Quickshaw.png
MKT Model BigB Blue.png
MKT Icon PipeBuggy.pngMKT Icon IcebluePoltergust.png
MKT Model Block Black.png
MKT Icon FlameFlyer.pngMKT Icon BarrelTrain.pngMKT Icon GhostRide.pngMKT Icon BlueBadwagon.png
Block_Green MKT Icon DasherII.png
MKT Model Block Gold.png
MKT Icon GoldTrain.png
MKT Model Block White.png
MKT Icon Badwagon.png
Lemon_Yellow MKT Icon TeaCoupe.png
MKT Model Macaron Pink.png
MKT Icon Macharon.png
Rainbow_Rainbow MKT Icon GlamBruiser.png
MKT Model Ring7 Black.png
MKT Icon Bruiser.pngMKT Icon YellowTaxi.pngMKT Icon PlatinumTaxi.png
MKT Model Ring8 Black.png
MKT Icon Landship.pngMKT Icon Mach8.png
MKT Model SKinoko Pink.png
MKT Icon PinkMushmellow.png
MKT Model SKinoko Red.png
MKT Icon Cheermellow.png
MKT Model Slick Black.png
MKT Icon CircuitSpecial.pngMKT Icon BlackCircuit.pngMKT Icon CarrotKart.png
MKT Model Slick Purple.png
MKT Icon DarkClown.pngMKT Icon RadishRider.pngMKT Icon Trickster.png
MKT Model Small Black.png
MKT Icon BirthdayGirl.pngMKT Icon BulletBlaster.pngMKT Icon BirthdayGirlRosalina.pngMKT Icon BullsEyeBanzai.png
MKT Model SmallR Red.png
MKT Icon RibbonRider.png
MKT Model Sponge Orange.png
MKT Icon CheepCharger.pngMKT Icon GreenCheepCharger.pngMKT Icon SodaJet.pngMKT Icon Cloud9.pngMKT Icon QueenBee.png
MKT Model Std Black.png
MKT Icon Biddybuggy.pngMKT Icon BlueBiddybuggy.pngMKT Icon GreenKiddieKart.pngMKT Icon RedKiddieKart.pngMKT Icon Royale.pngMKT Icon Poltergust4000.pngMKT Icon Streamliner.pngMKT Icon KoopaClown.pngMKT Icon RedStreamliner.pngMKT Icon BlueSeven.pngMKT Icon WildWing.pngMKT Icon DoubleDecker.pngMKT Icon SnowSkimmer.png
MKT Model Std Gold.png
MKT Icon GoldStandard.png
MKT Model StdB Blue.png
MKT Icon JingleBells.png
MKT Model StdSFC Black.png
MKT Icon PipeFrameRed.pngMKT Icon Mushmellow.pngMKT Icon SuperBlooper.pngMKT Icon Zucchini.pngMKT Icon BDasher.pngMKT Icon BumbleV.pngMKT Icon RedBDasher.pngMKT Icon BlackBDasher.pngMKT Icon SwiftJack.pngMKT Icon KabukiDasher.pngMKT Icon WildfireFlyer.png
MKT Model StdSFC Gold.png
MKT Icon GoldBlooper.png
MKT Model Wood7 Brown.png
MKT Icon DKJumbo.pngMKT Icon AppleKart.png
MKT Model Wood8 Brown.png
MKT Icon Daytripper.pngMKT Icon ChromeDKJumbo.png
Wood8_Gray MKT Icon Warship.pngMKT Icon GildedPrancer.png
MKT Model Yoshi Black.png
MKT Icon KoopaDasher.pngMKT Icon TurboYoshi.pngMKT Icon RedTurboYoshi.pngMKT Icon ParaWing.pngMKT Icon TurboBirdo.pngMKT Icon LightblueTurboBirdo.png
Other MKT Icon Super1.pngMKT Icon PWing.pngMKT Icon CometTail.png (Blue Standard tires from Mario Kart 8 and Mario Kart 8 Deluxe)