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This article is about the first of two tracks based on Wuhu Island in Mario Kart 7. For other uses of "Wuhu", see Wuhu.
Wuhu Loop
Wuhu Island Loop
Wuhu Loop
Appears in Mario Kart 7 (2011)
Cup(s) Flower Cup
Based on Wuhu Island (Wii Sports Resort)
Online play No longer available (3DS)
Music sample
Ryo Nagamatsu (composition)
Kenta Nagata, Satomi Terui (arrangement)

Course map
Wuhu Loop bottom screen map
Wuhu Loop
Staff ghost(s)
7 Ret★Bryan
1:44.287 Sprite of PeachPeach's Standard Kart icon in Mario Kart 7MK7 Sponge Wheels.pngPeach Parasol
7 Expert Nin★nkm
1:32.854 Sprite of PeachPink Pipe Frame from Mario Kart 7MK7 Slick.pngPeach Parasol

Wuhu Loop (known as Wuhu Island Loop in the British English version) is the first course of the Flower Cup in Mario Kart 7. This course is based off of Wuhu Island from other Nintendo games such as Wii Sports Resort. The course is one of three to be found on Wuhu Island, the other two being Maka Wuhu and Wuhu Town. Unlike most other courses, this course, along with Maka Wuhu and Rainbow Road, is split into three sections, making the racers do one lap instead of three. The music of this course and Maka Wuhu is a remix of the title theme of Wii Sports Resort.

This course goes along the main road on the island, using the same course as Wii Fit's "Free Run", and is a full-circle version of the "Around The Island" cycling route from Wii Sports Resort.

Wuhu Loop, along with its counterpart Maka Wuhu, are the only tracks from Mario Kart 7 that have yet to return as a classic course in a future Mario Kart installment. Additionally, excluding courses in Mario Kart Tour and courses which use both laps and sections, this was the only segmented race to not be placed at the end of a cup until the introduction of Tour Los Angeles Laps in Mario Kart 8 Deluxe - twelve years later.

Course layout[edit]

Start of the Wuhu Loop course in Mario Kart 7.
Start of the race

The race starts in Wuhu Town near the Wishing Fountain with several Miis. After leaving the town, the track continues onto the Red Iron Bridge, which has a ramp on the middle of it. Afterward, the track goes by the Cocoba Hotel, followed by a road divider, finishing the first section.

The second section starts in the Island Loop Tunnel #1. After exiting the tunnel, there is an alternate route away from the main road that travels through the Mysterious Ruins and ends with two Item Boxes and a glider ramp which leads racers back to the main road. When passing near the lagoon, racers can either remain on the asphalt road or jump onto a set of three columns to cut the corner. Within two turns, the second section ends.

The third section starts with a slight turn to the right. The course continues with some trick ramps and a left turn. At this point the road divides into two routes; the main road continues onwards with a second road divider, some wooden boxes, and two trick ramps. The wooden boxes are unbreakable metal boxes in Time Trials. An alternate route branches off to the Candle Lighthouse with two dash panels and a glider ramp, which takes racers back to the normal road. With a left turn, racers reenter Wuhu Town, finishing the race.

Along the track, racers will occasionally pass groups of vehicles traveling in the same direction, consisting of blue and red cars as well as yellow pickup trucks. The number and location of them can vary between races.

Likely in reference to Wii Sports Resort, the Wii logo appears on the Whale Shark in the background.


It is possible to cut through many grassy areas along the course, especially in the first section, with Mushrooms. There are also two glitch shortcuts in the track. The first one is done by driving past the tree near the end of the second section and falling into the sea, causing Lakitu to put the player near the first ramp in the third section. This messes with the lap counter - the game thinks the player is still on section 2 even though the player is on section 3. After finishing, the final lap jingle is heard alongside the finish noise. The game thinks the player finished section 3, giving it a time usually ranging from "00:00.000" to "00:00.015". The second one is performed by driving into the sea after the second Dash Panel near the Candle lighthouse, causing Lakitu to place the player in front of the finish line. The player can't use both of these shortcuts in the same Time Trial because the player will lose their Mushrooms by using the first shortcut, so the player can't use the second shortcut. However, the player can drive horizontally on the second Dash Panel and hop into the sea. In the patch version 1.1, these two shortcut exploits that existed on this track were removed in online, but are still possible to perform offline.



Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese ウーフーアイランド 1
Ūfū Airando 1
Wuhu Island 1

Chinese (simplified) 乌富岛 1
Wūfù Dǎo 1
Wuhu Island 1

Chinese (traditional) 烏富島 1
Wūfù Dǎo 1
Wuhu Island 1

Dutch Wuhu-eiland 1
Wuhu Island 1
French Littoral Wuhu
Wuhu Coastline
German Wuhu-Rundfahrt
Wuhu Tour
Italian Circuito Wuhu
Wuhu Circuit
Korean 우후 아일랜드1
Uhu Aillaend 1
Wuhu Island 1

Portuguese Ilha Wuhu
Wuhu Island
Russian Остров Вуху
Ostrov Vukhu
Wuhu Island

Spanish Circuito Wuhu
Wuhu Circuit


  • Notably, if the player goes to view the back of the Cocoba Hotel, there is no swimming pool like the one visible in Wii Sports Resort when playing table tennis. Instead, there is just a patch of grass where the pool should be. However, the pool does appear in Maka Wuhu.
  • If the player moves to the right of the Candle Lighthouse, the detailed touch screen map dissolves and disappears.