RMX Rainbow Road 2

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This article is about the race course in Mario Kart Tour. For the Rainbow Road course in Super Mario Kart, see SNES Rainbow Road.
RMX Rainbow Road 2
RMX Rainbow Road 2 in Mario Kart Tour
Appears in Mario Kart Tour (2020)
Based on SNES Rainbow Road
Music sample
Course map
Map of RMX Rainbow Road 2 from Mario Kart Tour

RMX Rainbow Road 2 is a race course in Mario Kart Tour. Like RMX Rainbow Road 1, it is a remix version of the Rainbow Road course from Super Mario Kart that debuted in the New Year's 2021 Tour. The course's R/T variant debuts in the 2021 Space Tour, though it was previously leaked in promotional pictures for the New Year's 2021 Tour and the 2021 Paris Tour. The course is a favorite of Green Toad (Pit Crew), Peach (Wedding), Peach (Halloween), Cat Peach, Pauline (Rose), Mario (Racing), Mario (Satellaview), Dr. Peach, Bowser (Santa), Lakitu (Party Time), Meowser, and the Gold and Purple Mii Racing Suits. It is also a favorite of Cat Rosalina if she reaches level 3, Mario (Tuxedo) if he reaches level 6, and Pauline (Party Time) and Peach (Happi) if they reach level 8.

Like RMX Rainbow Road 1, it shares its music with SNES Rainbow Road, using the arrangement from Mario Kart 7.

Course layout[edit]

The course uses the same aesthetics as Rainbow Road from Super Mario Kart, but has a different layout. After the starting line, there is a right turn leading to a split path where the Mushroom Trampolines from 3DS Rainbow Road appear. After another right turn and then a left turn, there is a straightaway with 2 Star Thwomps. After another right turn, the track angles upwards and racers bounce off of four Mushroom Trampolines in a row. This then leads to a wider section after a left turn that then leads into a blue Mushroom Trampoline that activates gliding. After passing one last Thwomp, racers reach the finish line. In both the trick variant and reverse and trick variant, Jump Boost fields are added to the course. In the reverse and trick variant, the Jump Boost fields will also allow the player to reach Star Rings.

The course also appears as RMX Rainbow Road 2R (reverse variant), RMX Rainbow Road 2T (trick variant) and RMX Rainbow Road 2R/T (reverse and trick variant).


For a list of this course's tour appearances, see List of RMX Rainbow Road 2 tour appearances in Mario Kart Tour.


Course icons[edit]


Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese RMX レインボーロード2
RMX Reinbō Rōdo 2
RMX Rainbow Road 2
Chinese RMX 彩虹之路 2
RMX Cǎihóng zhī Lù 2
RMX Rainbow Road 2
French RMX Route Arc-en-ciel 2 RMX Rainbow Road 2
German RMX Regenbogen-Boulevard 2 RMX Rainbow Boulevard 2
Italian RMX Pista Arcobaleno 2 RMX Rainbow Track 2
Korean RMX 무지개 로드 2
RMX Mujigae Rodeu 2
RMX Raindow Road 2
Portuguese RMX Avenida Arco-íris 2 RMX Rainbow Avenue 2
Spanish RMX Senda Arco Iris 2 RMX Rainbow Road 2