Yoshi Park 1

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Yoshi Park 1
Yoshi Park 1 from Mario Kart Arcade GP 2
Appears in Mario Kart Arcade GP 2 (2007)
Cup(s) Yoshi Cup
Music sample
Course map
Map of Yoshi Park 1 from Mario Kart Arcade GP 2

Yoshi Park 1 is a track in Mario Kart Arcade GP 2. It is a large and hilly course designed to appear like an amusement park in popup book. It has a lot of Item Boxes, and is a simple course which is in a straight line that warps back to the beginning after one lap. Baby Mario and Baby Luigi appear in the background. The background is lavishly decorated with pictures from the Yoshi's Island and Yoshi's Story games. This course has three laps (four in 150cc).

Yoshi Park 1 and Yoshi Park 2, as well as Stadium Arena and Waluigi Stadium, are the only courses in the game that were not introduced in Mario Kart Arcade GP. Yoshi Park 1's map would later be re-used in Mario Kart Arcade GP DX, as Peach Castle.

Course layout[edit]

Yoshi Park 1 starts off with a short upward slope which leads to a building with two entrances, the track leads to the entrance on the right, though. Inside the entire interior is filled with Yoshi's Island styled decorations. Cardboard cut-outs of Yoshi Eggs quickly open up making cardboard cut-out Yoshis jump out in front of the racers, only to quickly jump back in again. Baby Mario and Baby Luigi jump out in the second lap, and various enemies jump out in the final lap. Throughout the first area, hot-air balloons featuring the heads of some of the playable characters in the game can be seen floating around the skyline.

After coming back out into the open the racers drive on a wooden bridge which goes past a Swing Ride with giant cracked Eggs that Toads, Toadette, Jr. Pac-Man, Koopas, Paratroopas, Baby Mario and Baby Luigi ride in rather than chairs. A blue Ferris Wheel can be seen in the background here. The track then leads into a building called the Castle of Cake.

As the name implies, the entire interior is filled with different kind of cakes and candy, and pictures involving the like, including a picture of Yoshi snatching a Cupcake out of Toad's hand, and Baby Mario and Baby Luigi eating chocolate doughnuts. The player doesn't last long in here, as after a downward slope and a turn to the left, the player is warped back to the starting line.



Character cameo art[edit]

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese ヨッシーパークコース1
Yosshī Pāku Kōsu 1
Yoshi Park Course 1