3DS Wario Shipyard

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Wario Shipyard
Wario's Galleon
Wario Shipyard
Appears in Mario Kart 7 (2011)
Mario Kart Tour (2022)
Cup(s) Star Cup
Online play Available (3DS)
Music sample
Mario Kart 7 / Mario Kart Tour


Mario Kart 7

Course map
Mario Kart 7
Wario Shipyard bottom screen map
Wario Shipyard
Mario Kart Tour
Map of 3DS Wario Shipyard from Mario Kart Tour
Staff ghost(s)
7 Nin★Miyamo
2:26.268 Sprite of WarioBolt BuggyMonster tiresWario's Super Glider in Mario Kart 7
7 Expert Nin★syun1
2:12.313 Sprite of WarioBruiser, also known as Growlster.Slim tiresBeast Glider, also known as Ghastly Glider.

Wario Shipyard (known as Wario's Galleon in the British English version) is the second course of the Star Cup in Mario Kart 7. The course takes place around a Wario-branded sunken pirate ship in stormy weather.

The course features several references to previous courses and games. Minecarts filled with gold appear when the player boards the ship, which likely references Wario's Gold Mine. The music track of this course also incorporates the introduction of the main theme from Wario Land: Super Mario Land 3. The course is possibly an homage, as the game features a pirate theme, and Bull Wario (a form from that game) can be seen above the Glide Ramp. A rearranged excerpt of the Mario Kart 7 battle theme can also be heard just before the song loops.

The course later returns in Mario Kart Tour starting from the Wario vs. Waluigi Tour.

Mario Kart 7[edit]

Course layout[edit]

The starting line of the course

The course starts in a dry chamber. After a short straight path there is a left turn leading the player to an underwater area divided into two roads, one rising out of the water. After some ramps, the racers enter a short tunnel styled after a giant Fish Bone, and some Fish Bones swim through it on the second lap. On the other side of the tunnel, there are water currents coming out of Warp Pipes. A huge pipe blows the karts up to the next area of the circuit.

The next road features a mud pit, complete with ship masts and a Barrel, which releases either a Banana, a Mushroom, a Green Shell, and rarely, a Star upon contact. A swinging anchor is found just before a shipwreck. The road splits into two short paths. As they merge again, racers must avoid two Sidesteppers and barrels.

A Glide Ramp takes the racers to a big area above the lake, where they must avoid hitting topsails and anchors. This area is followed by two roads: the higher one contains coins and Dash Panels, while the lower one is empty. The finish line is set a right turn after both roads merge into one.

When playing local or online multiplayer, the Sidesteppers, the Barrels, the coins near the Warp Pipes, all but one Fish Bones and one swinging anchor are removed.


  • By using a Mushroom the player can cut through the mud before the split paths.
  • An unintended shortcut can be performed near the end of the course by gliding hard right and using a Mushroom to land just before the finish line, skipping the final turn.[1]
  • An extremely difficult shortcut can be performed using the air-blowing pipe. By leaning back off the edge to gain an upwards angle, using a Mushroom and then using another in the air, it is possible to skip the entire shipwreck and land on the other side.[2]

Mario Kart Tour[edit]

The course in Mario Kart Tour

Wario Shipyard makes its classic course debut in Mario Kart Tour starting with the Wario vs. Waluigi Tour. The artwork of Bull Wario is now found at the entrance of the sunken ship instead of at the exit and there is no longer lightning in the sky. The corner shortcut at the end of the course on the right side and the patch of mud before gliding from the shipwreck have also been removed. The anchors on the course swing slightly faster than in the original and the rightside-up pipe that blows a current is no longer visible on the course map. The current blown out from the giant pipe now allows the player to perform a Jump Boost.

Like most other courses, Wario Shipyard has a reverse variant referred to as Wario Shipyard R, a trick variant known as Wario Shipyard T, and a reverse and trick variant known as Wario Shipyard R/T, which debuted in the Samurai Tour. Water Geysers are added in the final section of the trick variant. The reverse and reverse/trick variants have gliding ramps after leaving the tunnel. This course is a favorite of Mario (Halloween), Penguin Mario, Yoshi (Kangaroo), Mario (Satellaview), Penguin Toadette, Luigi (Knight), Wario (Cowboy), Chargin' Chuck, Dr. Bowser, and the King Boo, Wario and White Mii Racing Suits. It can also be a favorite of Peach (Yukata) if she reaches level 3, Mario (Samurai) and the King Bob-omb Mii Racing Suit if they reach level 6, and Daisy (Swimwear) if she reaches level 8.

For this course's tour appearances, see List of 3DS Wario Shipyard tour appearances in Mario Kart Tour.



Mario Kart 7[edit]

Mario Kart Tour[edit]

Course icons[edit]


Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese ワリオシップ
Wario Shippu
Wario Ship
Chinese (Simplified) 瓦力欧之船
Wǎlìōu zhī Chuán
Wario's Ship
Chinese (Traditional) 瓦利歐之船
Wǎlìōu zhī Chuán
Wario's Ship
Dutch Wario's Wrak Wario's Wreck
French Galion de Wario Wario's Galleon
German Warios Galeonenwrack Wario's Galleon Wreck
Italian Galeone di Wario Wario's Galleon
Korean 와리오 침몰선
Wario Chimmolseon
Wario Sunken Ship
Portuguese (NOA) Naufrágio Wario Wario Shipwreck
Portuguese (NOE) Galeão do Wario Wario's Galleon
Russian Галеон Варио
Galeon Vario
Wario's Galleon
Spanish Galeón de Wario Wario's Galleon