Tiny Tug

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Tiny Tug
Tiny Tug
The Tiny Tug
Strong stats Weight, Off-Road
Weak stats Speed
Appears in Mario Kart 7

The Tiny Tug is a kart part that players can unlock in Mario Kart 7. This kart part is shaped like a boat, with a large smokestack on the back acting as an exhaust pipe. The emblem is located on the back and sides of the kart. It offers a weight boost, and an off-road boost; however, it hinders speed. It is one of the only five karts to increase the off-road stat, with the other four being the Bolt Buggy, Bumble V, Cact-X, and Pipe Frame.

The Tiny Tug has one of the lowest speed stats in the game (being tied with the Birthday Girl and Cloud 9), but it has the best sea speed (tied with the Egg 1) and sea handling (tied with the Cloud 9) of all kart bodies. Like the Barrel Train, it appears to have a low-revving diesel engine and its sound is derived from an actual tugboat. When bumped into, the kart’s horn sounds like an actual boat horn.

This is the only kart that originated in Mario Kart 7 to not appear in Mario Kart Tour.

Stat boosts[edit]

  • Speed: -0.5
  • Sea Speed: +1.5
  • Air Speed: -0.25
  • Acceleration: 0
  • Weight: +0.25
  • Handling: 0
  • Sea Handling: +0.5
  • Air Handling: 0
  • Off-Road: +0.25
  • Mini-Turbo: -0.5
  • Stability: 0
  • Drift: -0.25


Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese レトロまる
S.S. Retro ("maru" is a suffix for ship names)
Chinese 老爷船 (Simplified)
老爺船 (Traditional)
Vintage Ship (Derived from 老爷车/老爺車 Lǎoyéchē, Retro/Classic/Vintage Car.)
Dutch Scheurschip Race Ship (Scheuren is a synonym for racing)
French Remorqueur Tug
German Turbokutter Turbo Cutter
Italian Kartoscafo From "kart" and "motoscafo" (motorboat)
Portuguese Barcomóvel Boatmobile
Russian Буксир
Spanish Barquiauto Pun on barquito (little boat) and auto (car)