Honeybee Hive

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Honeybee Hive
Honeybee House
Honey Bee House.png
Honeybee Hive, from Mario Kart 7
Appears in Mario Kart 7 (2011)
Cup(s) Battle Mode
Wi-Fi Available (3DS)
Music sample
Course map
Honeybee Hive bottom screen map

Honeybee Hive (known as Honeybee House in the British English version) is a battle stage in Mario Kart 7. It takes place in a bee hive with Honeycomb Walls filled with honey and some paths to go through. This hive has some open ceilings letting sunlight and other areas closed in. There are honey drops on the floor, which slow down the racer if they drive over them. There are a couple of circular small flowerbeds and bushes as well as Item Boxes scattered around the stage. On the center of the honey hive, there is a pipe that shoots strong air out, making the drivers fly to a different part of the hive. The stage also has a few dead ends, and is the only nitro stage where it is possible to drive off the stage. The place has a swarm of Stingbies that fly around which will hurt the player if they make contact. The stage could be considered Honey Queen's personal stage, due to the Honeyhive Galaxy-esque elements such as the Honeycomb Walls.


Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese ハニービーハウス
Hanībī Hausu
Honeybee House
Chinese 蜜蜂屋
Mìfēng Wū
Bee House
Dutch Honinghuis Honey House
French (NOA) Mielodrome Pun on "miel" (honey) and "autodrome"
French (NOE) Ruche Grabuge Mayhem Hive
German Honighallen Honey Halls
Italian Mielodromo Pun on "miele" (honey) and "autodromo" (autodrome)
Korean 허니비 하우스
Heonibi Hauseu
Honeybee House
Portuguese Casa da Abelha-Rainha Queen Bee's House
Russian Медодром
Pun on "мёд" (honey) and "автодром" (autodrome)
Spanish Melódromo Pun on "miel" (honey) and "velódromo" (velodrome)