Funky Stadium

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This article is about the battle course from Mario Kart Wii. For the other uses of the word Funky, see Funky.
Funky Stadium
Funky Stadium
Appears in Mario Kart Wii (2008)
Cup(s) Battle Mode
Online play No longer available (Wii)
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Course map
The course map for Funky Stadium from Mario Kart Wii.

Funky Stadium is a Battle Course that appears in Mario Kart Wii. The course resembles a skate park, and features many Ramps. As per the name, Funky Kong's face and logos are featured throughout the stadium.

Course layout[edit]

Funky Kong competes in a Coin Runners battle at Funky Stadium, in Mario Kart Wii.
Funky Stadium during gameplay

Funky Stadium is the largest Battle Course of the game. At the start of the battle, racers are located in the far corners of the map in groups of three. They drive down a slope and boost off a series of Dash Panels before entering the main stadium.

Funky Stadium has three large Ramp structures for racers to perform tricks on. Racers can collect Item Boxes by driving through some of the ramps. A few sand pits are scattered around the stadium, each with an Item Box in the center. Funky Stadium has half-pipes surrounding the rim, with a few gaps that racers can go through to drive in a location up near the stands.

The first ramp is located at one end of Funky Stadium. It features a half-square sticking off to the side, lined with ramped Dash Panels. The Item Boxes are easier to reach because they float a little bit over the ramp. The Dash Panels boost players over a wall in the middle of the structure. The other side features a large, near-vertical ramp leading onto a flat surface, and a tight knot of Item Boxes floats above it. They can only be reached if racers perform tricks off the ramp. The other two sides feature a ramped up portion of a half-pipe, each with two floating Item Boxes above them.

The second ramp is in the center of the stadium, and is located directly under the Barrel dashboard depicting Funky Kong. It is the largest ramp in the stadium, with four identical sides that have two Dash Panels up a steep incline. Racers can race above the structure and collect a large group of floating Item Boxes arranged in an X shape and race off the opposite end. If racers do not perform a trick, they may potentially land on top of the structure, which also has some Item Boxes. They can quickly race down the slope from the Dash Panels.

The third ramp is located on the opposite side of the first one. It is a row with three lumps, with a Dash Panel on each one. Racers can perform tricks from them. The other side is a small incline with a dash panel rim going around. Unlike the previous two ramps, the third ramp only has two sides rather than four.


January 2009's 2nd tournament
Funky Kong competes on his home turf at Funky Stadium

January 2009's second tournament required players to collect 60 coins scattered throughout the course. Throughout the track there are also Item Boxes which will always contain Mushrooms. The tournament was later repeated as the second tournament of January 2011 and the first tournament of May 2012.


  • Mario Kart Wii European website: "Your starting point on a ramp high above the battle means you'll be hitting top speed when you clash with your opponents under the floodlights."


Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese ファンキースタジアム
Fankī Sutajiamu
Funky Stadium
French (NOA) Stade de Funky Kong Funky Kong's Stadium
French (NOE) Stade Funky Kong Funky Kong Stadium
German Funky-Stadion Funky Stadium
Italian Stadio funky Funky Stadium
Korean 펑키 스타디움
Peongki Seutadium
Funky Stadium
Spanish (NOA) Estadio de Funky Funky's Stadium
Spanish (NOE) Estadio Funky Funky Stadium