Galaxy Colosseum

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Galaxy Colosseum
Galaxy Arena
Topman MKWii.jpg
Appearance(s) Mario Kart Wii (2008)
Cup(s) it Appears in Online Tournaments
Based Upon Super Mario Galaxy
Wi-Fi No longer available (Wii)
Course Map
The course banner.
Galaxy Colosseum (Galaxy Arena in Europe) was a battle stage that appeared in Mario Kart Wii during online tournaments. It was essentially a round platform situated in outer space, specifically a Super Mario Galaxy or Rainbow Road-themed setting. Three tournaments took place on the arena.

In the tournament which took place between June 1-10, 2008, players had to compete for the fastest time by knocking a total of four giant Spiky Topman off of the arena's edge using only Triple Mushrooms. Players could knock them away with a Mushroom boost.

Also, in the 2nd June tournament on June 15-25, 2009, it was the same, except the outer rings of the arena broke off, and players had to send six Spiky Topmen off of the stage.

For the 3rd tournament during March 2010, the player had to do the same as the 2nd June tournament of 2009 but with an exception: some Topmen could run away, and for this tournament, the player could use any Kart, Bike, or control scheme. Again, six was the required number to win.

According to the map of the stage, the size of this stage differs in each boss battle.

Due to the ending of the Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection service, and with it the Competition Mode, it is impossible to play on this course without using cheat codes or porting the course into other battle tracks.

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese ギャラクシーコロシアム
Gyarakushī Koroshiamu
Galaxy Colosseum
Spanish Coliseo Galáctico Galactic Colosseum
French (NOA) Colisée Galactique Galactic Colosseum
French (NOE) Galaxie Circulaire Circular Galaxy
German Galaxis-Arena Galaxy Arena
Italian Arena Galaxy Galaxy Arena
Korean 갤럭시 콜로세움
Gaelleogsi Kolloseum
Galaxy Colosseum


  • If the player fell off the track during the June 2009 tournament, they could see a misplaced Item Box located at the very bottom of the course.