Phantom (bike)

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King Boo's Phantom
King Boo on his Phantom
Size class Large
Strong stats Weight, Off-Road
Average stats Speed, Acceleration, Handling, Mini-Turbo
Weak stats Drift
Appears in Mario Kart Wii

The Phantom is a large Off-Road-type outside drifting bike that appears in Mario Kart Wii. It resembles a modified Harley Davidson Road King with fin attachments. The Phantom is one of seven vehicles in Mario Kart Wii to go through a design change other than a palette-swap, the others being the Booster Seat, Bit Bike, Flame Runner, Wario Bike, Shooting Star, and Spear. In this case, Rosalina's Phantom has its foot pedestals positioned further, and its center is slightly thinner in appearance. Also, Bowser's and Dry Bowser's Phantom have their handles positioned lower than the others.

This bike does not have a kart counterpart. Except for the Offroader with its drift stat, no other kart has stats similar to this bike's stats, but its medium counterpart is the Zip Zip. It is one of six vehicles that does not have a counterpart for its size class, the other five being the Blue Falcon, Jet Bubble, Classic Dragster, Piranha Prowler, and Zip Zip.

The Phantom can be unlocked by winning the Mirror Special Cup or by playing 4,050 races. This and the Offroader are the only vehicles in the game with a drift stat of less than twenty.


Speed: 43/80
Weight: 51/80
Acceleration: 43/80
Handling: 48/80
Drift: 17/80
Off-Road: 56/80
Mini-Turbo: 40/80
Vehicle type:

The Phantom features exactly average Mini-Turbo. Its best stat is the off-road stat, which is both the best of all large vehicles, as well as the same as that of the Dolphin Dasher (its indirect group counterpart) and Bit Bike, making it the only large vehicle besides Dry Bowser riding the Wario Bike that can drift off-road. Its handling and weight are also good, while its speed and acceleration are both average. However, the bike suffers from the worst drifting in the game and drifts outwards, making it hard to take sharp corners. The Phantom has a stat total of 298 points.

Compared to the Zip Zip, the Phantom is slightly faster and heavier, but it has slightly worse handling, acceleration, offroad, mini-turbo, and drift. The Phantom is also the second lightest large vehicle in the game, as it is only heavier than the Shooting Star, and its weight is tied with the medium-sized Wild Wing kart. It is also the third slowest large vehicle in the game; it is only faster than the Wario Bike and the Offroader, and having its speed tied with the Magikruiser and the Standard Bike M.

If Waluigi rides the Phantom, it will exceed the drift stat of the Super Blooper and Wario Bike by one point.

Color schemes[edit]

Character Color scheme Image Character Color scheme Image
Wario Yellow body and headlight, purple stripes and fins Wario's Phantom Waluigi Blue body, yellow stripes, headlight, and fins Waluigi's Phantom
Donkey Kong Dark brown body, lime green stripes and fins, white headlight Donkey Kong's Phantom Bowser Dark green body, orange stripes and fins, yellow headlight Bowser's Phantom
King Boo Black body, hot pink stripes and fins, white headlight King Boo's Phantom Rosalina Cyan body, light yellow stripes and fins, white headlight Rosalina's Phantom
Funky Kong Red body, white stripes and fins, orange headlight Funky Kong's Phantom Dry Bowser Tan body, dark brown stripes and fins, white headlight Dry Bowser's Phantom
Male Mii White body and headlight, blue stripes and fins Phantom from Mario Kart Wii Female Mii Pink-magenta body, light pink stripes and fins, light yellow headlight Phantom from Mario Kart Wii

Trading Card info[edit]

The Phantom card from the Mario Kart Wii trading cards
Trading Card

"Most of the Phantom's stat categories are in the winning column. When you can hold your own in a Kart mash-up and pull away quickly with Mini-Turbos & Acceleration power, you've got a strong winner!"


Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese ファントム
French (NOA) Spectre Wraith
French (NOE) Propulsor Propulsor
German Phantom
Italian Motorazzo Rocketbike
Korean 팬텀
Spanish Fantasma Phantom