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Baby Mario on his Magikruiser
Size Class Small
Strong stats Speed, Accleration, Handling, Off-Road
Weak stats Weight, Drift
Appearances Mario Kart Wii

The Magikruiser is a small-sized bike in Mario Kart Wii. The Magikruiser resembles a Magikoopa lying out with wheels on its arms and legs. Specifically, it is likely a reference to the character, as the bike's engine and exhaust pipe resemble a broom and it is designed for lightweight characters, including babies. The Magikruiser is unlocked by completing 8 different time trials or by playing 900 races.

The kart counterpart for this bike is the Tiny Titan.

According to its concept art, it was originally called the 「スーパーカメック」 (Sūpā Kamekku), translated to "Super Kamek" or "Super Magikoopa".


Speed: 43/80
Weight: 24/80
Acceleration: 45/80
Handling: 45/80
Drift: 32/80
Off-road: 67/80
Mini-turbo: 43/80
Vehicle Type:

The Magikruiser has the best off-road stat in the game, enabling it to take shortcuts without losing too much speed. However, its drift is rather low, although its inside drift type helps keep that a minor issue; though it is the second fastest small bike in the game. Additionally, it is very light (its weight is tied with the Bullet Bike and Cheep Charger), which makes it easy for the vehicle to be pushed around by heavier vehicles. Its other stats range from average to moderately high. Its acceleration is tied with the Zip Zip. Its speed is tied with the Phantom. Additionally, Toadette's Magikrusier has the best off-road stat in the game.

Color schemes[edit]

  • Baby Mario - Blue cloak, orange with white lines, red shoes and tires.
  • Baby Luigi - Dark green cloak, orange with white lines, brown shoes, blue tires.
  • Baby Peach - Pink cloak, red with white lines, hot pink shoes and tires.
  • Baby Daisy - Orange cloak, red with white lines, red shoes and tires.
  • Toad - Red cloak, white with yellow lines, brown shoes and tires.
  • Toadette - Magenta cloak, orange with white lines, brown shoes, purple tires.
  • Koopa Troopa - Bright green cloak, blue with white lines, green shoes, dark green tires.
  • Dry Bones - Black cloak, white with red lines, bluish-gray shoes, black tires.
  • Male Mii - Blue cloak, white with blue lines, brown shoes, blue tires.
  • Female Mii - Light pink cloak, red with white lines, brown shoes, hot pink tires.

Trading Card info[edit]

Trading Card

"Maybe Magikoopa misfired on a spell and turned himself into a Bike? Whatever the case, the Magikruiser is a good choice for Time Trials because of its balanced stat characteristics and great Off-Road capabilities."


* - Baby Mario's Magikruiser has the color scheme of Magikoopa. All other drivers have different color schemes of their own.

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese ライド・オン・カメック
Raido on Kamekku
Ride on Kamek
Spanish Magiciclo Pun of Magikoopa and triciclo (tricycle)
French Kamekroiseur From Kamek and croiseur (cruiser)
Italian Kamekruiser From Kamek and cruiser
Korean 마귀라이더
From Kamek and ride