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Funky Kong flying over the slope in Rainbow Road.
Funky Kong soaring over the slope in Rainbow Road.

This is a list of glitches in the game Mario Kart Wii.


NOTE: Unless otherwise noted, all names are conjectural.

13 Players Online

Rarely, when a player finishes a race and leaves the results screen, the top left corner will say, "The next match might have 13 players",[1] although it should say 12. It is also possible, although unlikely, to say more than 13 players (i.e. "The next match might have 14 players"). The next match will never have more than 12 players, though.

Bigger Opponent Icons

Map before playing Time-TrialMap After playing Time-Trial
A map of Cookie Land before playing Time Trials (shown left) and after (shown right)

Character opponent icons in the map get noticeably larger after the player has played Time Trials. This is due to how the game sets the size of the opponents' icons; when the game initially starts up the icons are set to the size that they normally are in races. Once a Time Trial has been started, the opponents' icons are resized to be the same as the player's icon due to there only being a maximum of one opponent in Time Trials, which is the Ghost, but it is not reset after exiting Time Trial mode. The only way to reset the icons to the correct size is by restarting the game.

Blue Fake Item Boxes in a Solo Race

The blue Fake Item Box, normally restricted to team races, can appear in solo races due to a glitch.
Mario holding a blue Fake Item Box

This glitch works in all modes, but is easier if done in multiplayer mode, due to the selection of teams. The first player needs to start a team race. When going to the Review Teams screen, the player needs to be on the Blue Team. Afterwards, the player should go back and start a Solo Race. During this solo race, some racers' fake item boxes will be blue rather than red.[2] However, as with the normal red item boxes, anybody can trip on these blue fake items in a solo race.

Bowser's Castle Shortcut Glitch

Funky Kong clips through the wall in Bowser's Castle.
Funky Kong clips through the wall

On the split paths of Bowser's Castle, it is possible to boost up the sides of the half-pipes and go through a wall with no collision detection onto the higher road as a shortcut. This is easiest with a Mushroom on the right side of the right split path.

Cacti Pokey

A glitch from Mario Kart Wii.
The Pokey trapped between the cacti

In the Thwomp Desert tournament, if the Pokey head is rolling around the area, it may occasionally get jammed between three cacti, making it unable to roll around. When this happens, it will shake in place. This glitch makes the Pokey an easy target.

Coconut Mall Parking Lot Lap Glitch

Coconut Mall's parking lot accessed via a glitch.
Daisy in the parking lot

In Coconut Mall, if the player jumps off a ramp/escalator in a certain manner, they will fly off the main track. They can then travel into the parking lot, where, if they drive in a certain manner, they can make laps count. There are five known ways to do this glitch. This was later fixed in Mario Kart 7.

Ghost Valley 2 Shortcut Glitch

Funky Kong flying over the void in Ghost Valley 2.
Funky Kong skipping a portion of the track

This glitch is performed on SNES Ghost Valley 2. If the player boosts with a Mushroom into the pole to the right of the finishing line, the vehicle may clip the pole and fly over the bottomless pit, skipping part of the course. The alignment needs to be on the left side of the pole.

Grumble Volcano Rock Lap Glitch

Grumble Volcano
The glitch being performed

If the player manages to get on top of the large rock to the left of the starting line in Grumble Volcano, each time they drive around it, the game will act as if the player completed a lap. This was later fixed in Mario Kart 8 because of the better collision detection and the modified shape of the rock.

Incorrect Music

In Dry Dry Ruins or Koopa Cape, right when the player leaves the ruins or tunnel, they should get hit by a Spiny Shell. If done correctly, the music from the ruins/tunnel will be playing throughout the entire course. If the player is on lap one, the music will keep playing until they exit the ruins/tunnel again. If they are on the second or third lap, the music will return to normal when they cross the finish or enter the final lap.

Jittery Topman

In the second Spiky Topmen tournament, if the player pushes a Topman while it is angled as if it is going to land on its side, and it stops on one of the gaps that separate one of the outer rings, it will be in a fast, jittering, frozen animation. This glitch can also happen if one Topman pushes the other, but both of these glitches are hard to do and are rare to see.

Lap Counter Overflow by Driving Backwards

If the player were to drive backwards in a race for 32,768 laps (this can be done the quickest on SNES Ghost Valley 2 due it being the shortest race track in the game), the lap counter would go above the limit of 3 laps, which can cause Lakitu to show normally unused lap graphics.[3]

Maple Treeway Out of Bounds

Funky Kong clipping the fence and boosting in Maple Treeway.
The player boosting out of bounds, attempting to land over the fence

In Maple Treeway, the player can jump over the fence on the left side of the finish line, going onto the grass out of bounds. If they drive too far on the grass, they will fall into the abyss because there is no collision detection. However, they can boost using a Mushroom to go over the cliff to clip another wall and get back on the course.

Mario Circuit Tree Clip

In Mario Circuit, the player must clip the second tree behind the finish line, using a Mushroom. They will fly over part of the course and land just after the circuit's tunnel. The player must then drive backwards to the middle of the tunnel. After doing so, they have to travel forward. This glitch is also possible on one of the trees on the right before the finish line.

Mushroom Gorge Lap Glitch

Daisy grinding on the mountain in Mushroom Gorge.
Daisy grinding on the mountain

In Mushroom Gorge, if the player tricks off one of the two Mushroom Trampolines at the beginning of the course, they can grind around the mountain while alternating the control stick down-left and down-right if using another controller other than the Wii Remote, and gain a lap. This bug was removed in Mario Kart 7, alongside the Mushroom Trampolines used to perform the glitch. In Mario Kart 8 Deluxe, the first shortcut returns, but attempting the glitch will result in Lakitu bringing in the player back to where they last were on the track.

Mushroom Gorge Off-road Glitch

In Mushroom Gorge, there are special ramps leading up to Mushroom Trampolines that lock the driver's speed, preventing it from increasing or decreasing. This status is removed after bouncing off a Mushroom Trampoline. This glitch can be used to avoid the loss of speed that occurs in off-road segments by avoiding touching a Mushroom Trampoline after using a Dash Panel on a ramp.

The glitch is most often used to cut the off-road corner inside the cavern by using the first Dash Panel ramp on the course and using a Mushroom to bypass the Mushroom Trampoline found after. The glitch can also be achieved by using a Bullet Bill after passing the Dash Panel inside the cavern. After reaching the end of the cave, the speed lock will be active, allowing the off-road corner at the end of the track to be cut.[4]

Music Volume Turned Down

During a Wi-Fi match, if the batteries are taken out of the Wii Remote (or the GameCube controller is unplugged) right after the course is selected, and the batteries are put back in (or the GameCube controller is plugged back in) before the countdown to start the match, the volume of the music will be decreased.

Peach Beach Tree Clip

Near the end of GCN Peach Beach, the player can clip one of the trees and go over to the other side of the course near the Cataquacks. This will count the lap.

Selecting the Same Character

Cloning glitch
The same character glitch
Kartless Diddy Kong glitch in Mario Kart Wii.
The invisible kart with the second player

This glitch only works in multiplayer modes. Each player has to select the character, then de-select them and move the cursor off. Then, the players should press B to go back one screen. When returning to the characters screen, the ring around the selected character will be flashing 2-4 colors, allowing it to be selected by more than one player. If the players observe what happens when one player actually selects the character, all the other players have the same animation.

Somewhere Over The Rainbow

This glitch is in Rainbow Road. To successfully do it, the player needs to use a Mushroom to get a speed boost just before the slope after the finish line. If done right, the character will soar over the slope. The player should aim for the track below the upcoming ramp. If the player is lucky enough, they will land on it and skip some of the track. This is not useful, however, because the lap will not count. This can also be performed by Slipstreaming at the correct time rather than using a Mushroom, most easily right at the start of a race and starting in the bottom six so all the players are already lined up, however the timing on the jump is a lot more strict and is not recommended to be used as an alternative.

Through the half-pipe in DK Mountain

In GCN DK Mountain, the player should go to the area near the base of the volcano and use a Mushroom to clip through the edge of the fence and the halfpipe. If done correctly, the player should fly through the halfpipe and land on the other side. Tricking on the halfpipe while doing this usually results in the player going into a black area counted as out of bounds.

Upside-down in DK Summit

In DK Summit, the player must go after the first 180° turn and see a pit before the second: they must go with the vehicle right before the pit (at its left) and not fall in it. The player must then accelerate very slowly, ending up near the fence at the right of the second 180° turn: occasionally, the player will flip up. In this state, the vehicle cannot be controlled and will soon fall to a pit to the left, returning normal in the process. The glitch has only been known to occur while using Bowser in the Piranha Prowler.

Wario's Gold Mine Lap Skip

On Wario's Gold Mine, the player must go forward to the right just after the starting line. Then, they should face the pipe below the bridge at the end of the track and use a Mushroom. The player must bounce off the pipe below, then pass through the wooden bridge just to the right of the metal fence. They must then drive into the tunnel section, then turn back around to complete the lap. The first part of the skip can also be done by respawning due to touching the pipe.

Wrong Animation

Sometimes, when the player is watching a live Wi-Fi race, the player in first place who is already past the finish line will start doing the sixth place and below animation while/or a racer(s) in sixth place or below will start doing the fifth place and above animation. However, it is more likely for the player in first place to do the wrong animation.

Wrong Clothing

Players should do the "Selecting the Same Character" glitch, and choose either Peach, Daisy, or Rosalina. One player should choose a kart, while the other chooses a bike. One player has to get 3rd place or above, and the other take 4th place or below. At the victory ceremony, if one player keeps an eye on the princess in 4th place or below, she will be wearing her dress, while the other is wearing her biker suit, or vice versa.


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