List of Paper Mario: Color Splash glitches

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This is a list of glitches from the game Paper Mario: Color Splash.

Out of Bounds

Mustard Café Sign Sneakaround

Near the entrance to Mustard Café, if Mario jumps onto the crate to the left of the green warp pipe, he can jump behind the sign and end up behind it, glitching into the wall. If the player continues to move Mario to the right, the player will unexpectedly receive a Game Over.[1]

Daffodil Peak Yellow Pipe Excavation

At Daffodil Peak, to the right of the platform with the red Mini Paint Star, by continually pressing +Control Pad up and +Control Pad left, Mario can walk behind the platform. The player will get a Game Over once Mario reaches the yellow warp pipe.[1]


Floating in Dark Bloo Inn

In Dark Bloo Inn, if Mario speaks to a Ghost Toad while standing on a table, he will walk over to the left side of the Ghost Toad, floating above the ground at the level of the table. When the conversation with the Ghost Toad ends, Mario will fall to the ground.


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