Mustard Café Chef

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Mustard Café Chef
MustardCafeChef PMCS.png
Species Toad
First appearance Paper Mario: Color Splash (2016)

The Mustard Café Chef is a green Toad who wears sunglasses that appears in Paper Mario: Color Splash. He is famous, and he owns the Mustard Café, although he is lazy, causing the waiting list for the café to be long.

Mario first finds him on a lawn chair over a large colorless spot, where he is being fanned by a member of the Yellow Rescue Squad. The chef will tell Mario that he has no seats for him at the café. He tells Mario that he will not make an exception for him, and that he has a Thwomp massage scheduled for that day.

When Mario collects the purple Big Paint Star, the colorless spot under the chef is repainted. It becomes a large hole, and the chef falls into it.

Mario finds him resting on his umbrella in the hole. He lets Mario onto the umbrella, saying that it can hold two people on it. The umbrella breaks and sinks when Huey comes out, and the chef follows Mario over to land. Even though he says that Mario ruined the umbrella, he agrees to allow Mario into the café when they get out of the hole. He follows Mario through the level, though he stays behind as Mario repaints several spots on a Warp Pipe, as he says he is allergic to Pokeys. At the end of the cave, the chef spots an orange Warp Pipe that leads to the café. When they cross the quicksand to reach the pipe, Snifits grab the chef, Mario, and Huey and drag them into the sand.

In the Snifit Undersand Hideout, he can be found in a jail cell, trying to bribe a Whistle Snifit to let him out. After Mario defeats the Snifit, he uses the Snifit's Card Key to unlock the cell. The chef says that he enjoyed the peace in the cell, though he decides to leave and go back to the café. When Mario finds the key to the café, the chef tells him to hold onto it, as he does not trust himself anymore after losing it.

When they get back to the café, he opens the café. He reveals the orange Mini Paint Star that was inside of a barrel. Mario can buy a Mustard Latte for 70 coins, and Mustard Juice for 120 coins.