Snifit Undersand Hideout

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Mustard Café
Mario and Huey are jailed on floor B1 of the Snifit Undersand Hideout.

The Snifit Undersand Hideout is an area in Paper Mario: Color Splash located beneath the Mustard Café. It has four floors and is navigated through using an elevator and falling through quicksand.


As Mario and the Mustard Café Chef are about to reach the Warp Pipe leading back to the café, they are grabbed by Snifits and placed in jail cells in the Snifit Undersand Hideout. Mario must escape the jail cell by sinking through quicksand, recover the Snifit's Card Key and the Café Key, then rescue the chef. After this, they have to take the elevator to reach the exit pipe.


  • B1: Floor B1 is the first floor of the Snifit Undersand Hideout. It contains two crates with a Pokey and Green Pokey card, and a jail cell in which Mario is imprisoned. The elevator on this floor has Bowser Tape stuck on it, and the Café Key is hanging on a hook near the cell.
  • B2: Floor B2 has multiple weak spots in the ground, which contain either a heart, coins, or spikes.
  • B3: Floor B3's cell contains a Spinning-Door. There are two ropes, with one leading to an entrance to B4 while the other reveals a ? Block containing a random Replica Thing.
  • B4: The Mustard Café chef is imprisoned on floor B4. The floor has an office-like room that contains the Snifit's Card Key. After the chef is freed, going to his cell leads to a secret passageway with a Heart and Battle Cards for each Snifit color.

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Russian Подземное логово шмыг
Podzemnoye logovo shmyg
Snifits underground lair
Spanish (NOA) Escondite arenoso de Olfiti Snifit's Sandy Hideout