Tangerino Grill

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Tangerino Grill
Tangerino Grill from Paper Mario: Color Splash
Mario preparing to serve the Mamma Mia Pizza to the Toads
How to access Obtain the orange Mini Paint Star from Toad Trainworks
Paint Stars Orange Mini Paint Star icon from the Paper Mario: Color Splash World Map
Colorless spots 8
Things Magnifying Glass icon from Paper Mario: Color Splash
Boss Steak
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“I guess this is a one-star restaurant now. I forget... Is that bad or good?”
Huey, Paper Mario: Color Splash

Tangerino Grill is a location from Paper Mario: Color Splash. The path leading here is unlocked after getting the Orange Mini Paint Star from Toad Trainworks, and unlocks a path leading to Sunset Express. The Magnifying Glass Thing can be found here, frozen in a block of ice that must be melted with the Hair Dryer Thing found in Redpepper Crater.


When Mario first enters the restaurant, it is quiet and only has one customer, being Toad #23 of the blue Rescue Squad. Mario is informed that the staff are waiting for customers who have made a reservation, and their train is stuck at Kiwano Temple.

After the train tracks at Kiwano Temple have been repaired, the train moves to Toad Trainworks and then Tangerino Grill. If Mario returns to the restaurant, he notices that the Toads from the train have been getting impatient waiting for their meals. The chef explains that there is a problem in the kitchen, and Mario and Huey can agree to investigate. The chefs are being attacked by Shy Guys, including a Slurp Guy and a Shunned Guy, and Mario must defeat all of them. Once the Shy Guys are gone, a crumpled Toad reveals that he is the head chef, and can not cook due to his injury. He gives Mario the job of head chef, and tells him that the diners will be served "Mamma Mia Pizza." The Toad explains the steps to make the pizza: spread out the dough, cut the onions, cook the toppings in a frying pan, and put the pizza in the oven.

To spread out the pizza dough, Mario must get an Excellent rating using a hammer attack, and gets five tries to do so. Next, Mario has to jump on a knife 20 times in a row to cut the onions. In order to fry the toppings, Mario must hammer the pans when they start smoking. The toppings will be sufficiently fried once 20 seconds have passed. Finally, Mario must put the pizza in the oven and cook it for 10 seconds. If all the tasks have gone well, the pizza is served to the customers. Otherwise, Mario may buy improved ingredients from the Peddler Toad. Everyone enjoys the pizza, and the head chef fully heals after eating it. However, a VIP customer in the next room shouts that they have been waiting too long for food, and Mario is tasked with making them a delicious meal.

When Mario enters the VIP's room, the customer tells Mario to cook a steak and throws one from behind a curtain. To cook the steak correctly, Mario must tenderize it with a hammer, season it with the Salt and Pepper Thing, grill it with a Fire Flower or the Charcoal Grill Thing, and squeeze juice on it with the Lemon Thing. If Mario serves the steak to the customer, they say that it is the best steak they have ever eaten and leave Mario with an orange Mini Paint Star as thanks. Once Mario collects the Mini Paint Star, he can move on to Sunset Express.

Mario must return to Tangerino Grill after getting the Hair Dryer Thing from Redpepper Crater. Here, he can thaw out the Magnifying Glass Thing from the freezer. With the freezer empty, the head chef uses it to store a leftover slice of Mamma Mia Pizza.



Required Thing(s)[edit]

  • Hair Dryer (to thaw out the Magnifying Glass Thing)
  • Salt and Pepper (required for the steak battle)
  • Charcoal Grill (required for the steak battle)
  • Lemon (required for the steak battle)

Colorless spots[edit]

Tangerino Grill
In the first area, on the ground. Tangerino Grill
In the first area, on the window. An invisible path must be painted in to reach this spot. Tangerino Grill
In the first area, on the wall. Tangerino Grill
In the first area, on a rock. Tangerino Grill
In the first area, on some grass. Tangerino Grill
In the first area, on the ground. Tangerino Grill
In the first area, on the wall. Tangerino Grill
In the VIP room, on the wall and ground. Tangerino Grill


Level Location Reward Hint Image
Tangerino Grill In the kitchen, on the freezer. The Hair Dryer Thing must be inserted. Required for completion None Tangerino Grill


Audio.svg Tangerino Grill - Plays at Tangerino Grill
File infoMedia:PMCS Tangerino Grill.oga
Audio.svg Kitchen Stadium - Plays as Mario is taught how to make the Mamma Mia Pizza
File infoMedia:PMCS Kitchen Stadium.oga
Audio.svg Cooking with Mario - Plays while the kitchen is attacked by Shy Guys
File infoMedia:PMCS Cooking with Mario.oga
Audio.svg Thing: Magnifying Glass - Plays while using the Magnifying Glass Thing
File infoMedia:PMCS Thing Magnifying Glass.oga
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Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese レストラン オレンジーノ
Resutoran Orenjīno
French name of "restaurant" + "orange" and "-ino" (Italian suffix used for indicating an ethnic or geographical origin)
Dutch Restaurant De Vergulde Peen Gilded Carrot Restaurant
French Resto Clémentine Clementine Restaurant
German Paprikaterie Pepperteria
Italian Trattoria Clementina Clementine Resturant
Portuguese Tasquinha Açafrão Saffron Tavern
Russian Ресторан "Оранж" "Orange" restaurant
Spanish Mesón Mandarina Tangerine Mesón; "mesón" is a term for a rustic restaurant