Fort Cobalt

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Fort Cobalt
PMCS FortCobalt01.png

Mario standing in front of a troop of Shy Guys training.

How to access Obtain the blue Mini Paint Star from Cobalt Base
Paint Stars Blue Big Paint Star.png
Things PMCS BasinThing.png
Boss Ludwig von Koopa
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Fort Cobalt is a location from Paper Mario: Color Splash. The path leading here is unlocked after getting the Blue Mini Paint Star in Cobalt Base, and when the Blue Big Paint Star in here is rescued, it will color in the entire ocean at Violet Passage. Ludwig is the boss of this area. The Basin Thing can be found here.



Required Thing(s)[edit]

  • Balloons (to lift the Ludsub into attacking distance)


Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese コバルトドック
Kobaruto Dokku
Cobalt Dock
Spanish Base Cobalto Cobalt Base
French Fort Cobalt Cobalt Fort
German Kobalt-Kai Cobalt Dock
Russian Кобальтовая база
Kobal'tovaya baza
Cobalt Base