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“Please put your hands together for the exclusive encore performance by the legendary Pentabros!”
Pentabros, Paper Mario: Color Splash
The Pentabros from Paper Mario: Color Splash

The Pentabros are a group consisting of three Juggler Bros. and two Circus Bros. that appears in Paper Mario: Color Splash. Their name comes from the Greek prefix "penta-", meaning "five", and "Bros." They appear in Mossrock Theater, where they are found behind the second curtain in the level. The Circus Bros. stand on the ground in the background, throwing their boomerangs at Mario, while the Juggler Bros. stand on a tightrope in the background and throw their hammers. Mario can close the curtain by pulling a rope near the beginning of the area, causing the Pentabros to be unable to attack.

When Mario crosses a yellow bridge, a green Shy Guy opens up the curtains, and the Pentabros introduce themselves. They then proceed to battle Mario. When they are defeated, they tell Mario to check out the Emerald Circus before taking a bow and disappearing.

If Mario revisits Mossrock Theater after they are defeated, the Pentabros will not reappear and are replaced by stationary Juggler Bros.

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Italian Pentabros -
Portuguese Pentamanos From the prefix "penta-" (five) and "manos" (bros)
Spanish (NOA) Los legendarios hermanos Malabares y Cirqueros The Legendary Juggler and Circus Brothers