Port Prisma

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Port Prisma
Port Prisma Townguide.jpg
Top view of Port Prisma with all of its colors restored
How to access Available from the start
Paint Stars MiniRedPaintStarIcon.pngMiniBluePaintStarIcon.png
Colorless spots 79
Things PMCS PlungerThing.png
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“There's a Toad holding a flag near the town entrance in the red district. Maybe he'll be able to tell us something.”
Huey, Paper Mario: Color Splash

Port Prisma is at the center of Prism Island and serves as the main area in Paper Mario: Color Splash. It is split up into four districts: the Blue District, the Red District, the Yellow District, and the Harbor District. At the start of his journey, Mario arrives by boat in the harbor district.

In the square of Port Prisma is the Prisma Fountain, drained of all its color which is being carried by six Big Paint Stars that Mario must retrieve in order to restore these colors and later defeat Black Bowser and rescue Princess Peach.


Port Prisma is the main hub of Paper Mario: Color Splash. The Red District, also called the Fountain District, contains a large paint fountain that houses the Big Paint Stars. If Mario hammers one of the Big Paint Stars, it spins and generates paint in its color. To the south is the Harbor District, which has the Wringer and Know-it-All Toad. Prisma Cardware, a cafe, the waterwheel, and the post office are in the Blue District located west of the Red District. To the east is the Yellow District, where the Action Command Dojo and Prisma Museum are, along with a Rescue Squad gathering and Toad's and Princess Peach's room.

Paper Mario: Color Splash begins with Mario, Toad, and Princess Peach arriving at Port Prisma. Toad advises that they visit the Prisma Fountain, but they find that the way is blocked by a crate. Mario can jump on some boxes to find a Hammer and smash it. When Mario, Toad, and Peach arrive at the fountain, Toad runs off to a different district as a device appears in the middle of the fountain. Mario must pull a yellow flower, hit a group of bricks back into place, and hammer some protruding ground to cause the fountain to open up, revealing a paint can. Mario hits it with the hammer, and it wakes up, as it, Mario, and Peach are startled by a scream.

When they investigate, they see Toad getting his color drained by a Slurp Guy. Toad gives Mario a deck of Battle Cards, and Mario squeezes the can to get paint. It then teaches Mario how to use Battle Cards, and he is able to defeat the Shy Guys. The paint can then powers up Mario's hammer into the Paint Hammer, which can paint in colorless spots, such as Toad. Toad is revived, and Mario then paints the Prisma Cardware shopkeeper. Toad asks where the paint comes from, and the paint can explains that the Big Paint Stars generate paint, then goes to show them to Mario, Peach, and Toad. Toad finds it crying in the empty fountain, and after it spots a Big Paint Star, Peach suggests that Mario help it. The can then introduces itself as Huey, and goes with Mario.

Mario must enter the Blue District first. After painting a gate, he is ambushed by a Goomba. Once the Goomba is defeated, Huey notices that Port Prisma's waterwheel has stopped spinning. Going east, Mario eventually encounters a large roll of toilet paper that is blocking the way to the Big Paint Star. He must continue traveling east, dodging ambushes from Shy Guys. A purple Toad welcomes Peach and Toad to their guest quarters, which Mario can visit for encouragement from Toad and healing from Peach. From the roof of their guest quarters, Mario can attack a Slurp Guy who is sucking the color out of a stream of water. Once the water is repainted with the Paint Water, it starts flowing and reactivates the waterwheel. The waterwheel's spinning rolls up the toilet paper and allows Mario and Huey to reach the Big Paint Star, which is revealed to be only a Mini Paint Star. An airship with a large bucket of red paint attached flies by, and Huey suspects that the paint was stolen from Port Prisma. After collecting the Mini Paint Star, Mario unlocks access to Ruddy Road.

Once Mario has talked to the bridge builder Toad at The Crimson Tower, he returns to Port Prisma and builds a bridge in the Blue District. Mario can enter the post office, Prisma Postal Toad, and receive letters. Huey also informs Mailtoad that his sign is crooked, and he goes out to fix it. With the sign fixed, Mario can use Cutout to navigate to another Mini Paint Star. Before he is able to get it, the Card Connoisseur Toad interrupts him and asks to see his Battle Cards. Mario is then ambushed by a Slurp Guy, and Huey teaches Mario how to use Battle Spin. The Toad gives Mario his cards back and leaves. By collecting the blue Mini Paint Star, Mario gains access to Indigo Underground.

Mario returns to Port Prisma after collecting each Big Paint Star, which is followed by a dance party. The music and dance change for each Big Paint Star.



Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese イロドリタウン
Irodori Taun
Color Town
Spanish Puerto Prisma Port Prisma
French Port-Barbouille Splash Port
Dutch Kleurpoort Colorport
Portuguese Porto das Cores Color Port
Russian Цветоморск
Pun on цвет (color) and море (sea) with a -ск suffix for Russian town names