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Big Paint Star
Orange Big Paint Star.png
Official artwork of the orange Big Paint Star from Paper Mario: Color Splash

First appearance

Paper Mario: Color Splash (2016)

The Big Paint Stars are the source of color that appear in Paper Mario: Color Splash and are housed at Prisma Fountain. They are larger versions of the Mini Paint Stars. There are six of them in the game, each one being a different color: red, yellow, blue, purple, orange, and green. Each one is guarded by a Koopaling (except for Roy). Collecting all six restores color to Prism Island and allows Mario and Huey to go to Rainbow Road to face Black Bowser and rescue Princess Peach at Black Bowser's Castle.

Bowser, possessed by the black paint, threw them far away from Port Prisma. Each Big Paint Star, when rescued from the Koopalings, repaints big areas which can't be painted by Mario's hammer normally and tells a little part of the game's story, although disordered. Finally, when the last one is obtained, it reveals what actually happened to Bowser. The red star repaints the Scarlet Gate in Sunglow Ridge, the yellow star repaints a giant coin in Mondo Woods, the blue star repaints the entire sea in Violet Passage, the purple star repaints the gigantic sinkhole in Mustard Cafe along with the entire rest of the world map's sea, the orange star repaints the Draggadon fossil in Marmalade Valley, which results in it transforming into the real monster, and the green star repaints Luigi's kart somewhere else on Prism Island.

List of Big Paint Stars[edit]

# Image Color World Guarded by Paints Memory
1 Red Big Paint Star.png Red PMCS TheCrimsonTowerIcon.png The Crimson Tower PMCS Morton Idle.png Morton Koopa Jr. PMCS TheCrimsonTower03.png Gate in Sunglow Ridge Bowser is seen throwing each Big Paint Star out of Port Prisma.
2 Yellow Big Paint Star.png Yellow PMCS TheGoldenColiseumIcon.png The Golden Coliseum PMCS Iggy Idle.png Iggy Koopa PMCS TheGoldenColiseum01.png Coin in Mondo Woods Shy Guys start to drain Toads of their colors. A Toad is then sent to Peach by Kamek and the little bridge is destroyed by Bob-ombs.
3 Blue Big Paint Star.png Blue PMCS FortCobaltIconA.png Fort Cobalt PMCS Ludwig Idle.png Ludwig von Koopa PMCS FortCobalt02.png Sea in Violet Passage Shy Guys are seen stealing paint of their respective colors and pouring it in giant buckets attached to airships.
4 Purple Big Paint Star.png Purple PMCS FortuneIslandIcon.png Fortune Island PMCS Wendy Idle.png Wendy O. Koopa PMCS FortuneIsland02.png Sinkhole in Mustard Café Bowser's minions start to invade Port Prisma and steal the paint from the environment and its inhabitants.
5 Orange Big Paint Star v2.png Orange PMCS SunsetExpressIcon.png Sunset Express PMCS Larry Idle.png Larry Koopa PMCS SunsetExpress02.png Draggadon fossil in Marmalade Valley Scared Toads witness Bowser being absorbed by black paint. Meanwhile, airships arrive and Shy Guys fall from them, starting the invasion.
6 Green Big Paint Star.png Green PMCS TheEmeraldCircusIcon.png The Emerald Circus PMCS Lemmy Idle.png Lemmy Koopa PMCS TheEmeraldCircus01.png Luigi's Kart offscreen Bowser watches Toads having fun with paint. After watching the fountain, Bowser then has an idea of having a multicolored shell. After jumping in it, he mixes all of the paint to his shell, unaware of the process of creating black paint. Bowser is then possessed by it.


Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese ペンキスター
Biggu Penki Sutā
Big Paint Star
Spanish (NOA) Macroestrella cromática Big chromatic star
Spanish (NOE) Maxiestrella iris Big Rainbow Star
French (NOA) Grande Étoile peinte Big paint Star
French (NOE) Grande étoile de couleur Big color star
Dutch Grote verfster Big paint star
German Großer Farbstern Big Paint Star
Italian Mega Vernistella Mega and a portmanteau of vernice (paint) and stella (star)
Portuguese (NOE) Megaestrela de Tinta Mega Paint Star
Russian Мегазвезда краски
Megazvezda kraski
Mega Paint Star