Red Yoshi Star

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Red Yoshi Star artwork
A Red Yoshi Star
Red Yoshi Star in Yoshi's New Island

A Red Yoshi Star[1][2] is an item that appears in Yoshi's New Island. Unlike with its yellow counterpart, when a Yoshi collects it, he turns into Super Yoshi and is able to blast through enemies and walls. The effects wear off after a short while, though the Yoshi can maintain them by collecting more Red Yoshi Stars.

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese 赤色のヨッシースター[2]
Akairo no Yosshī Sutā
Red Yoshi Star
Dutch Rode Yoshi-ster[2] Red Yoshi star
French Étoile Yoshi rouge[2] Red Yoshi star
German Rote Yoshi-Sterne[2] Red Yoshi star
Italian Yoshistella rossa[2] Red Yoshi star
Portuguese Estrela Yoshi verlmelha[2] Red Yoshi star
Russian Красная звезда Йоши[2]
Krasnaya zvezda Yoshi
Red Yoshi star
Spanish Yoshiestrella roja[2] Red Yoshi star


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