Metal Guy

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Metal Guy
Screenshot of Yoshi's New Island.
First appearance Yoshi's New Island (2014)
Variant of Mega Guy
Tetu Kantera

Metal Guys[1] are metallic Mega Guys that appear in Yoshi's New Island.

Metal Guys spawn via giant metal pipes. Yoshi can swallow Metal Guys by rapidly pressing the A Button button to turn them into Metal Eggdozers, which can be used to destroy otherwise indestructible obstacles underwater.


  • Shogakukan guide: 体が鉄でできた、大きなヘイホー。舌を伸ばしてボタンを連打すると、テツタマゴを作ることが可能だ。テツどかんから出現することが多い。[2](A large Shy Guy with a body made of steel. By extending your tongue and repeatedly pressing the button, it is possible to create a Metal Eggdozer. They often appear from metal pipes.)

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese テツヘイホー[2]
Tetsu Heihō
Tetuho[3] (internal)
Portmanteau of「鉄」(tetsu, iron) and「メガヘイホー」(Mega Heihō, Mega Guy)
Italian Tipo Metallico Metallic Guy
Russian Металлоскромняга
Metal Shy Guy


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