Make Way for King Bowser!

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Make Way for King Bowser!
Bowserbattle YNI.png
Level code 6-World Bowser icon from Super Mario 3D World.
Game Yoshi's New Island
Boss Bowser
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Make Way for King Bowser! is the final level of World 6 in Yoshi's New Island, and by extension, the game. It can only be accessed after the player has completed all of the main levels without using the Flutter Wings power-up. Like the previous level, the player controls the green Yoshi instead of the blue Yoshi.


Green Yoshi starts the level from a platform on the lava, near Bowser. He frequently summons Metal Guys that Yoshi must swallow and throw at Bowser. Repeating this process three times will defeat Bowser, but suddenly, Kamek appears, growing Bowser to giant size. The player must then combat with Giant Bowser in a battle similar to the one with Big Baby Bowser from the previous level, but more difficult. Once Yoshi throws Mega Eggdozers to Bowser's mouth three times, he will finally be defeated. Yoshi then can find Baby Luigi by walking to the right, and the ending rolls.



Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese 大魔王クッパ あらわる!
Daimaō Kuppa Arawaru!
The Great Demon King Bowser Appears!
French (NOA) Place au roi Bowser!
French (NOE) Place au roi Bowser !
Italian Re Bowser è Qui! King Bowser is Here
Spanish (NOA) ¡Ábranle paso al rey Bowser! Make Way for King Bowser!
Spanish (NOE) ¡Abrid paso al Rey Bowser! Make Way for King Bowser!


  • If the player exits this level, the flag will be on the top of the volcano, but the "6" seems more pinkish. If this is done, the player will have to complete the previous level again in order to enter this level, as it cannot be played freely from the World Map.