Gusty Glory

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Gusty Glory
Gusty Glory.png
Level code 2-6
Game Yoshi's New Island
Music track STAGE_FIVE

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Gusty Glory is the sixth level of World 2 found in Yoshi's New Island. This level's playable Yoshi is the orange Yoshi. The level is the overall second appearance of Gusties and is focused all around them, spawning them infinitely and allowing the orange Yoshi to reach greater heights by jumping on them. The level additionally introduces tulips, level features that spawn stars when Shy Guys are tossed into it.


Orange Yoshi starts the level in a grassy area with lots of small land patches and Gusties. Where the first Gusty spawns is in a gap where a hidden Winged Cloud lies and spawns a Spring Ball, which can propel Orange Yoshi; to the left is a tulip that Orange Yoshi can toss a Shy Guy into to generate stars. A little bit past the first Smiley Flower and Orange Yoshi can access an upper left edge that contains a hidden Winged Cloud that generates coins upon activation. Orange Yoshi needs to then navigate upward and across an area with a pit to then cross over to the next section.

The next section contains a Checkpoint Ring and some more Gusties. The first Warp Pipe in the area leads to an empty room with coins. In a pit supported by a wooden platform next to a slope is a hidden Winged Cloud that spawns a large Spring Ball, which leads to a bonus area, a Flutter Jumping practice zone. Near two Shy Guys is a Warp Pipe that leads to a cave that contains three red Flatbed Ferries that take Orange Yoshi through a trail of coins, while Orange Yoshi needs to jump over a thorn; on the way back to the Warp Pipe after Orange Yoshi rides on the Flatbed Ferries spawns rows of coins that lead back. A hidden Winged Cloud that spawns stars can be found just before Orange Yoshi collecting the fourth Smiley Flower. After a while, Yoshi reaches an area filled with Gusties and horizontally moving green Flatbed Ferries, with spikes underneath. A Warp Pipe leading to a cave contains coins and a hidden Winged Cloud that contains stars. After Orange Yoshi navigates upward, if the Yoshi collects the Smiley Flower, several Gusties spawn. A ledge directly above the Smiley Flower can be accessed by jumping on a Gusty, which contains coins, the level's last Red Coin, and a Winged Cloud containing a 1-UP, with the Goal Ring lying just ahead.

Smiley Flowers[edit]


Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese 風の如く つむじくん
Kaze no Gotoku Tsumuji-kun
Like the Wind: Gusties

French (NOA) Poissons en rafale
Gusties by Bursts
French (NOE) Glorieuses rafales
Glorious Gusts
German Tiefflug-Tornadinos
Low Flight Gusties
Italian Folini in fermento
Gusties in turmoil
Korean 바람 같은 바람도리여
Baram Gateun Baramdoriyeo
Like the Wind: Gusties

Russian Ветер и ветриль
Veter i vetril'
Wind and Gusty

Spanish (NOA) ¡A esquivar fantáfagos!
Dodge the Gusties!
Spanish (NOE) ¡A esquivar Fantáfagos!
Dodge the Gusties!