Yoshi's New Island

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Yoshi's New Island
Official North American box art
Developer Arzest
T's Music Co., Ltd.
Nintendo SPD
Nintendo EAD
Publisher Nintendo
Platforms Nintendo 3DS
Release date Original Release
USA March 14, 2014[1]
Europe March 14, 2014[2]
Australia March 15, 2014[3]
Japan July 24, 2014
ROC July 24, 2014
HK July 24, 2014
South Korea December 4, 2014
Nintendo Selects
Europe October 16, 2015
USA March 11, 2016
Australia May 26, 2016
South Korea December 7, 2017
Genre Platform Game
ESRB:ESRB E.svg - Everyone
PEGI:PEGI 3.svg - Three years and older
CERO:CERO A.png - All ages
ACB:ACB G.svg - General
USK:USK 0.svg - All ages
RARS:RARS 0+.svg - All ages
GRAC:GRAC All.svg - All ages
Mode(s) Single player, multiplayer [4]
Nintendo 3DS:
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Media DL icon.svg Digital download
Nintendo 3DS:

Yoshi's New Island is a 2.5D platform game developed by Arzest for the Nintendo 3DS and the third game in the Yoshi's Island series. It is a sequel to Super Mario World 2: Yoshi's Island in which the stork attempts to find Baby Mario and Baby Luigi's real parents after it learns they were delivered to the wrong couple. Mid-flight, the stork is attacked by Kamek, who captures it and Baby Luigi while Baby Mario is dropped on Egg Island. There, a group of Yoshis discover the baby and set out to carry him back to the stork.

The game retains many key elements from Super Mario World 2: Yoshi's Island, such as Yoshi's Flutter Jump, eating and egg-throwing abilities, and the time-based health mechanic. Many familiar objects, enemies and sceneries make a return, despite the game having an entirely new setting. The highlighted features of Yoshi's New Island are two new types of eggs called Mega Eggdozers and Metal Eggdozers, which allow Yoshi to destroy everything in the path they are thrown in. Additionally, Yoshi's New Island introduces the Flutter Wing and Golden Flutter Wing items, which help struggling players beat levels they find too difficult, functioning similarly to the Invincibility Leaf from Super Mario 3D Land. This game is the first Yoshi's Island game to have characters and objects live-rendered with 3D models, and the game takes advantage of the Nintendo 3DS effects, including gyroscopic control and stereoscopic 3D.

The game was eventually rereleased as a Nintendo Selects title in Europe, North America, Australia, and South Korea, being one of the best-selling titles on the Nintendo 3DS.



After the events of Super Mario World 2: Yoshi's Island, the couple to whom the stork delivered Baby Mario and Baby Luigi allege that the brothers are not their babies. The stork then flies away to search for the real parents, when it clashes with Kamek and his goons once more. Kamek proceeds to defeat the stork in a fight and kidnap Baby Luigi, but Baby Mario slips and falls on the nearby Egg Island. He is found by a group of Yoshis who decide to take him to his brother and defeat Baby Bowser, now that he is planning to turn Egg Island into his resort.

After Baby Bowser is defeated at his castle, Yoshi and Baby Mario head over to the stork and Baby Luigi to rescue them. However, an adult Bowser travels through space and time and disrupts the reunion, challenging Yoshi to another battle.1

After Bowser loses to Yoshi once again, Baby Luigi and the stork are rescued, and peace is restored to Egg Island. The stork then leaves the island in a spectacle of fireworks to resume its job of delivering the brothers to the right parents. After a long journey, it eventually arrives at their house and leaves the babies at the doorstep, where the couple discovers them shortly after. The cutscene fades to black and another ensues, where Mr. Pipe is seen revealing his true identity in the shadows before warping back to his time.2

1 - The adult Bowser battle only occurs if the player has cleared all of the levels without using the Flutter Wings. If the Flutter Wings were used at least once, Bowser travels through space and time and tells the player to beat all of the levels without them in order to challenge him.
2 - Similarly, the cutscene with Mr. Pipe only plays if the player has cleared all of the levels without using the Flutter Wings once.


From the first cinematic of Yoshi's New Island:

Narrator: This is a story that takes place a long, long time ago... Way up in the sky is a magical, cuddly land where babies come from. Storks come here to pick up infants for delivery to their soon-to-be parents. The stork has plenty of memories from his time with these special babies... Now he's off to deliver Baby Mario and Baby Luigi to their new happy home... Parents: "Huh?!"
Parent: "Excuse me, but... who are these babies?! We're not expecting any babies!"
Narrator: The couple is surprised and confused by this unexpected delivery. It seems our silly stork has delivered the babies to the wrong house!
Stork: "The wrong house?! OH NO..."
Narrator: Oh my word! We must get Baby Mario and Baby Luigi to their rightful parents! The stork rushes off in search of their true home. But then... HUH?!? WHOA!!! It's...it's Kamek! He's back to steal those babies once and for all! The dastardly Kamek swiftly nabs the brothers from our frantic stork.
Stork: "NOOO!!"
Narrator: What terrible luck! Baby Mario has fallen down toward the big, blue sea...

From the second cinematic of Yoshi's New Island:

Narrator: Welcome to Egg Island. The floating paradise was once a peaceful second home for the Yoshi clan. Until one day... Baby Bowser took over deciding the island would be an epic vacation home. The Yoshi clan searched all over but couldn't find Baby Bowser's hideaway. Now they live in fear of the evil power terrorizing their once-peaceful home. These Yoshis are all abuzz about where Baby Bowser and his castle might be. WHAT'S THIS?!? Suddenly, a baby with a red hat floats down from the sky. Thank goodness! Little Mario seems to be unharmed by the fall. Without skipping a beat, Baby Mario begins to crawl with determination... Wow! Using some kind of brotherly telepathy, Mario can sense Luigi's location! The Yoshis agree the island is too dangerous for a little baby. They decide to help by taking turns carrying the little guy on their backs. With Mario settled, the first Yoshi takes off. And so their adventure begins... Can Mario and the Yoshi clan rescue poor Luigi? Let's find out!


Yoshi's New Island is a platform game which plays the same in style as its predecessors, Super Mario World 2: Yoshi's Island and Yoshi's Island DS. Much of the scenery and moves from the game are similar, as well.

The main addition to gameplay is the ability to swallow extremely large enemies and turn them into colossal eggs called Mega Eggdozers, which are bigger than Giant Eggs. When thrown, they function similarly to Mega Mushrooms, wrecking everything in their path, the accumulating damage filling a meter that can provide Yoshi with up to three extra lives. Poochy is also present and is able to walk on hazardous obstacles as before.




Upon entering a Whirly Gate, the Yoshi is led to a course and transforms into different things. Once he is transformed, he must go through a small course that uses the new ability, while watching out for the timer and collecting clocks to replenish it. At the end of the section, there is one or more rings that, if touched, Yoshi turns back to normal and leaves the place. The following are the forms Yoshi can take in the game:

Helicopter Yoshi Jackhammer Yoshi Hot-Air Balloon Yoshi Submarine Yoshi Mine-Cart Yoshi Bobsled Yoshi
Yoshi's New Island - Yoshi Helicopter.png
Yoshi Jackhammer Artwork - Yoshi's New Island.png
Yoshi Balloon Artwork.png
Yoshi Submarine Artwork - Yoshi's New Island.png
Yoshi Minecart Artwork - Yoshi's New Island.png
Yoshi Bobsled Artwork.png
Allows Yoshi to fly around. Allows Yoshi to shatter Rock Blocks with ease. Allows Yoshi to float up. Allows Yoshi to move around underwater and fire torpedoes. Allows Yoshi to move quickly across land. Allows Yoshi to move quickly across snow sections.


Worlds and Levels

World 1

World 2

World 3

World 4

World 5

World 6







Yoshi's New Island has garnered mixed or average reception. Critics praised the visual style, but were heavily divided on whether the overreliance on its predecessor's gameplay aspect made the game itself successful or unoriginal and outdated. It currently holds a 64 average based on 72 reviews in Metacritic[5] and a 65.80% based on 49 reviews on GameRankings.[6]

Jose Otero of IGN praised the solid gameplay, but criticized the game for reusing ideas from the original and its soundtrack, while its new ideas do not stand out. He ended with, "Yoshi's New Island's inconsistent art and tacked-on new ideas are all layered on top of the same strong platforming and level design that made the original great.", giving the game a 7.9 out of 10.[7] Edge lambasted the game, giving it a 4 out of 10, heavily criticizing the game's reliance on throwback to the original Yoshi's Island.[8] Susan Arendt of Joystiq gave the game a 4 out of 5 stars, praising the solid gameplay.[9] Jim Sterling of The Escapist says the game "boasts some charm and is certainly inoffensive, it's just not all that exciting." He praised the solid gameplay but criticized the tedium and difficulty. He gave the game 3 out of 5 stars.[10] Dave Letcavage of Nintendo Life gave the game a 5 out of 10. He also criticized the game for being not being necessarily bad, but being "dull" and "unimpressive". He stated that the game is playable but is mostly filler.[11] GameXplain gave it 4 out of 5 stars, saying it was more of the same but that that was a good thing while stating that the soundtrack was often subpar.[12]

Release Reviewer, Publication Score Comment
Nintendo 3DS Peter Willington,
Pocket Gamer
8/10 "A fun, if curiously uninspired, entry in the Yoshi's Island series, featuring superb art and sound, but very few new gameplay ideas."
Nintendo 3DS Jose Otero, IGN 7.9/10 "Yoshi’s New Island’s inconsistent art and tacked-on new ideas are all layered on top of the same strong platforming and level design that made the original great. This deep understanding of pacing and flow helps Yoshi’s latest adventure stand out as the best iteration on Yoshi since the SNES original. Even if I wanted to play with the sound turned off."
Nintendo 3DS Danielle Riendeau, Polygon 7.5/10 "Yoshi's New Island won me over early, and it kept me going even when I started to suffer from a touch of platformer fatigue. Its sense of humor and experimental streak keep the game fresh throughout, and allow Yoshi to stand apart, even in a crowded season for Nintendo's core properties."
Nintendo 3DS Dan Ryckert,
Game Informer
7/10 "I’ve wanted a solid follow-up to Yoshi’s Island for years, and this game is the third in a trilogy of follow-ups that range from half-baked to decent. Considering how unimpressed and apathetic I was towards most of Yoshi’s New Island, it might be time to just be happy with my Super Nintendo memories when it comes to this series."
Nintendo 3DS Chris Carter, Destructoid 7/10 "As you can probably tell from my time with it, Yoshi's New Island isn't a "must have," but that doesn't mean it's a bad game. It's very much by the books based on any genre standard, and there's pretty much nothing new here that you'll need to run out to experience. But even so, fans of the genre will still dig it."
Nintendo 3DS Sean Engemann,
Cheat Code Central
3.1/5 "Yoshi has had some grand adventures of his own, but sadly this is not one of them."
Nintendo 3DS Patrick Klepek,
Giant Bomb
3/5 "At its core, Yoshi's New Island is not a bad game. This is an acceptable, middle-of-the-road platformer, and one that I had an OK time with. But it's not particularly memorable until it's ready to say goodbye, and you're given a fleeting, tantalizing glimpse into the game that might have been."
Nintendo 3DS Jim Sterling,
The Escapist
3/5 "Yoshi's New Island is a solid little platformer, but it struggles to be much more than that. It will, at least, kill a few hours of time, even if that time will hardly be remembered afterwards."
Nintendo 3DS David Jenkins,
Metro News
4/10 "About as new as a fossilised dinosaur egg and just about as fast and exciting, this is a depressingly poor degradation of a once great original."
Nintendo 3DS Chris Schilling, Eurogamer 4/10 "It might look a little like Yoshi's Island, then, but it's a worse game in every regard. 19 years on from the original, its design has been denuded of almost everything that made it great: a series once fecund with ideas is now coasting on past glories."
Compiler Platform / Score
Metacritic 64
GameRankings 65.80%

References in later games

Pre-release and unused content

Main article: List of Yoshi's New Island pre-release and unused content
The early logo (left) compared to the final version of the logo (right), where the most noticeable change is the cloth-like texture added to the final logo.
The early logo (left) compared to the final version of the logo (right), where the most noticeable change is the cloth-like texture added to the final logo.
The early logo (left) compared to the final version of the logo (right), where the most noticeable change is the cloth-like texture added to the final logo.

In the announcement of the game during the Nintendo Direct of April 17th, 2013, coins and Red Coins were slightly bigger and had a different design. A level that is designed similarly to Make Eggs, Throw Eggs appeared in the footage. In the E3 2013 trailer build, the logo and the title screen were much simpler, as the final logo features a texture pattern as opposed to the simple gradient of the first logo.


Main article: List of Yoshi's New Island glitches

NOTE: Unless otherwise noted, all names are conjectural.

Fall Through Platform

If Yoshi goes to Bouncy Beanstalk Walk and enters a pipe that infinite Shy Guys come out of, they have to jump to the right side or the left side along while touching the ceiling, Yoshi will fall through the platform.

Inside Smiley Blocks

This glitch is only found on Beware the Boo Brigade. If the player jumps when a smiley block is about to crush him, Yoshi will go inside the smiley blocks.

Fall Out of the Stage

The player must do the Inside Smiley Blocks glitch and jump while they're in. Yoshi will fall out of the stage.

In the Wall

If Yoshi goes to Beware the Boo Brigade and stands on an edge of a smiley block, sometimes he might go through the wall.


Main article: List of Yoshi's New Island staff

Yoshi's New Island was developed by Arzest, the successor company of Artoon, along with some of staff for Nintendo. The game was directed by Masahide Kobayashi and programmed leading by Yuki Hatakeyama, music composed by CHAMY.Ishi and sound directed by Kazumi Totaka, and was produced by Naoto Oshima and Takashi Tezuka.

Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS trophy

Name Image NTSC-U Description PAL Description
Yoshi's New Island MegaEggdozerTrophy3DS.png One day, Baby Mario came floating down from the sky, dropped by the stork carrying him. But what happened to Baby Luigi? Does this whole affair sound familiar? Looks like it's up to the Yoshi clan to help Baby Mario out! It won't be easy, though—not with Baby Bowser involved. One day, Baby Mario came floating down from the sky, dropped by the stork carrying him. But what happened to Baby Luigi? And why does this whole affair sound so familiar? Looks like it's up to the Yoshi clan to help Baby Mario out! With that little scamp Baby Bowser involved, though, it's not going to be easy...

Nintendo eShop description

NA Version

Yoshi™ is back and he's bustin' out the big eggs. Crush your surroundings and create paths with his new Mega and Metal Eggdozers in a brand-new platforming adventure! It'll take more than egg tosses and flutter jumps to lead fledgling Mario™ through a dangerous new island littered with inventive power-ups. Can you save poor Luigi™?

Guide Yoshi and a young Mario through all-new stages, from slippery slopes to watery wonderlands. New transformations turn Yoshi into Helicopters, Mine Carts, Jackhammers, and more—all steerable with gyro controls. There's even a special multiplayer mode where you face off with friends in six fast, fun competitions.

But as Yoshi fans know, it's all about the collectibles and they're more enticing than ever to find. You'll need the new Metal and Mega Eggdozers to beat puzzling platforming moments and locate every collectible and surprise. They're hiding—are you seeking?

EU Version

Yoshi's New Island is the first instalment in this series since Yoshi's Island DS was created in 2006.

Yoshi's good old Flutter Jump, Ground Pound and egg-throwing return, along with new abilities and challenges that take advantage of the features of the Nintendo 3DS. You can use massive eggs called Mega-Eggs to destroy blocks and pipes, revealing secrets such as coins and hidden keys. The more things you destroy, the higher the Mega-Egg gauge goes, netting you extra lives in the process!

The beautiful art is based on many classic styles, such as oil painting, watercolours and crayon drawings.


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