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Yoshi's New Island

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Yoshi's New Island
Official North American box art
North American box art
For alternate box art, see the game's gallery.
Developer Arzest
T's Music Co., Ltd.
Nintendo SPD
Nintendo EAD
Publisher Nintendo
Platform(s) Nintendo 3DS
Release date Original Release
USA March 14, 2014[1]
Europe March 14, 2014[2]
Australia March 15, 2014[3]
Japan July 24, 2014
ROC July 24, 2014
HK July 24, 2014
South Korea December 4, 2014
Nintendo Selects
Europe October 16, 2015
USA March 11, 2016
Australia May 26, 2016
South Korea December 7, 2017
Genre Platform Game
ESRB:ESRB E.svg - Everyone
PEGI:PEGI 3.svg - Three years and older
CERO:CERO rating A - All ages
ACB:ACB G.svg - General
USK:USK 0.svg - All ages
RARS:RARS 0+.svg - All ages
GRAC:GRAC All.svg - All ages
Mode(s) Single player, multiplayer
Nintendo 3DS:
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Nintendo 3DS:

Yoshi's New Island is a 2.5D platform game developed by Arzest for the Nintendo 3DS and the third game in the Yoshi's Island series. It continues the story told from Super Mario World 2: Yoshi's Island in which the stork attempts to find Baby Mario and Baby Luigi's real parents after he learns they were delivered to the wrong couple. Mid-flight, the stork is attacked by Kamek, who captures him and Baby Luigi while Baby Mario is dropped on Egg Island, a location similar to Yoshi's Island. There, a group of Yoshis discover the baby and set out to carry him back to the stork.

The game retains many key elements from Super Mario World 2: Yoshi's Island, such as Yoshi's Flutter Jump, eating and egg-throwing abilities, and the time-based health mechanic. Many familiar objects, enemies and sceneries make a return. The highlighted features of Yoshi's New Island are two new types of eggs called Mega Eggdozers and Metal Eggdozers, which allow Yoshi to destroy rows of enemies, pipes and rocks in his path. Additionally, Yoshi's New Island introduces the Flutter Wing and Golden Flutter Wing items, which help struggling players beat levels they find too difficult, functioning similarly to the Invincibility Leaf from Super Mario 3D Land. This game is the first Yoshi's Island game to have characters and objects live-rendered with 3D models, and the game takes advantage of the Nintendo 3DS effects with gyroscopic control and stereoscopic 3D.

The game was eventually rereleased as a Nintendo Selects title in Europe, North America, Australia, and South Korea, being one of the best-selling titles on the Nintendo 3DS.



Baby Mario and Baby Luigi being delivered to the wrong couple.
The stork in shock upon realizing his mistake.

After the events of Super Mario World 2: Yoshi's Island, the couple to whom the stork delivered Baby Mario and Baby Luigi allege that the brothers are not their babies. The stork then flies away to search for the real parents, when he clashes with Kamek and his goons once more. Kamek proceeds to defeat the stork in a fight and kidnap Baby Luigi, but Baby Mario slips and falls on the nearby Egg Island. He is found by a group of Yoshis who decide to take him to his brother and defeat Baby Bowser, now that he is planning to turn Egg Island into his resort.

After Baby Bowser is defeated at his castle, Yoshi and Baby Mario head over to the stork and Baby Luigi to rescue them. However, an adult Bowser travels through space and time and disrupts the reunion, challenging Yoshi to another battle.1

After Bowser loses to Yoshi once again, Baby Luigi and the stork are rescued, and peace is restored to Egg Island. The stork then leaves the island in a spectacle of fireworks to resume its job of delivering the brothers to the right parents. After a long journey, it eventually arrives at their house and leaves the babies at the doorstep, where the couple discovers them shortly after. The cutscene fades to black and another ensues, where Mr. Pipe is seen revealing his true identity in the shadows before warping back to his time.2

1 - The adult Bowser battle only occurs if the player has cleared all of the levels without using the Flutter Wings. If the Flutter Wings were used at least once, Bowser travels through space and time and tells the player to beat all of the levels without them in order to challenge him.
2 - Similarly, the cutscene with Mr. Pipe only plays if the player has cleared all of the levels without using the Flutter Wings once.


From the game's first opening cinematic:

Narrator: This is a story that takes place a long, long time ago... Way up in the sky is a magical, cuddly land where babies come from. Storks come here to pick up infants for delivery to their soon-to-be parents. The stork has plenty of memories from his time with these special babies... Now he's off to deliver Baby Mario and Baby Luigi to their new happy home... Parents: "Huh?!"
Parent: "Excuse me, but... who are these babies?! We're not expecting any babies!"
Narrator: The couple is surprised and confused by this unexpected delivery. It seems our silly stork has delivered the babies to the wrong house!
Stork: "The wrong house?! OH NO..."
Narrator: Oh my word! We must get Baby Mario and Baby Luigi to their rightful parents! The stork rushes off in search of their true home. But then... HUH?!? WHOA!!! It''s Kamek! He's back to steal those babies once and for all! The dastardly Kamek swiftly nabs the brothers from our frantic stork.
Stork: "NOOO!!"
Narrator: What terrible luck! Baby Mario has fallen down toward the big, blue sea...

From the game's second opening cinematic:

Narrator: Welcome to Egg Island. The floating paradise was once a peaceful second home for the Yoshi clan. Until one day... Baby Bowser took over deciding the island would be an epic vacation home. The Yoshi clan searched all over but couldn't find Baby Bowser's hideaway. Now they live in fear of the evil power terrorizing their once-peaceful home. These Yoshis are all abuzz about where Baby Bowser and his castle might be. WHAT'S THIS?!? Suddenly, a baby with a red hat floats down from the sky. Thank goodness! Little Mario seems to be unharmed by the fall. Without skipping a beat, Baby Mario begins to crawl with determination... Wow! Using some kind of brotherly telepathy, Mario can sense Luigi's location! The Yoshis agree the island is too dangerous for a little baby. They decide to help by taking turns carrying the little guy on their backs. With Mario settled, the first Yoshi takes off. And so their adventure begins... Can Mario and the Yoshi clan rescue poor Luigi? Let's find out!


Screenshot showcasing basic gameplay where Green Yoshi can stick out its tongue to eat enemies.

Yoshi's New Island is a platform game which plays the same in style as its predecessors, Super Mario World 2: Yoshi's Island and Yoshi's Island DS, though the game reverts to the more traditional approach seen in Super Mario World 2: Yoshi's Island without the addition of extra babies from Yoshi's Island DS. In addition, the game does not take advantage of the Nintendo 3DS dual screen; only the top screen displays gameplay while the bottom screen is used purely for HUD elements such as keeping track of the level's collectibles, the amount of coins collected, and how many lives a Yoshi has left. The goal of the game is to best the obstacle course by running, jumping, and defeating enemies to reach the goal, represented by the Goal Ring. A Yoshi has the ability to stick its tongue to swallow enemies and turn them into eggs that Yoshis can carry up to six of. These eggs are the main projectiles Yoshis use to defeat enemies, collect items, and solve puzzles in a level. Eggs thrown bounce around, up to three times while changing color, before dropping. In addition, Yoshis can Flutter Jump to prolong their jump distance and Ground Pound posts and defeat certain enemies. Time-based health from the first two Yoshi's Island games also returns, where if a Yoshi gets hit by an enemy, Baby Mario flies off and gets encased in a bubble. A timer appears, signalling how much time left a Yoshi has to rescue Baby Mario before he gets taken away by Kamek's Toadies and therefore causing the player to lose a life. The timer gets replenished up to 10 automatically, while Yoshis can extend the amount of time by collecting stars or going through Checkpoint Rings. In Yoshi's New Island, extra lives are earned from hitting certain obstacles with eggs, collecting five Smiley Flowers, collecting 100 coins, or when Egg Medals are collected. In addition to the player losing a life if Baby Mario is taken away, players can instantly lose lives if the Yoshi comes in contact with spikes, thorns, lava, gets crushed, or falls down a pit.

Returning to the game from prior entries of the Yoshi's Island franchise is the collectible system, where players need to collect thirty stars, twenty red coins, and five Smiley Flowers. However, unlike prior entries, the game records when all of one group of items are collected; players are not required to collect them again if they aim to collect the other items. At the Goal Ring, if the timer stops on a Smiley Flower, the player earns an Egg Medal, while the number of Egg Medals obtained is dependent on the amount of Smiley Flowers collected in the level. Whirly Gates serve as the replacement for morph bubbles from the previous entries, though they transport the Yoshi to an obstacle course rather than be integrated into the main course. The Yoshi Star additionally replaces the Super Star from the earlier Yoshi's Island entries, though it functions similarly: it turns the Yoshi into Super Yoshi, where the Yoshi gains invincibility, higher speed, and the ability to walk on walls. Introduced is the Red Yoshi Star, which allows a Yoshi to blast forward and destroy walls and enemies in the process. Poochy also returns and is able to walk on hazardous obstacles as before.

Mega Eggdozers are main addition to the gameplay of Yoshi's New Island.

The main addition to gameplay is the ability to swallow extremely large enemies and turn them into colossal eggs called Mega Eggdozers, which are bigger than Giant Eggs. When thrown, they function similarly to Mega Mushrooms, wrecking everything in their path, the accumulating damage filling a meter that can provide the Yoshi with up to three extra lives. Metal Eggdozers are smaller, metallic variants of Mega Eggdozers that can be rolled on the ground, though they weigh a Yoshi down, which disables its ability to Flutter Jump but allows it to walk underwater. Another new addition to the game is a player assistance mechanic similar to the Assist Block in Super Mario 3D Land; when a Yoshi fails a level three times, Mr. Pipe can give it Flutter Wings, which enable it to flutter-fly. If the Yoshi loses four lives under the effects of the Flutter Wings, Mr. Pipe gives the Yoshi Golden Flutter Wings, which grant it invincibility. However, if the game is completed without use of the Flutter Wings, a battle with Bowser at the end of the game is encountered before rescuing Baby Luigi.


Returning from the previous Yoshi's Island installments is the two control schemes: patient and hasty, with patient being the default control style. When throwing an egg, patient requires the player to push the egg throwing button again to throw the egg while hasty control schemes allow the Yoshi to throw an egg when the button is released. A third control scheme, Gyro, is introduced, which takes advantage of Nintendo 3DS gyro capabilities to line up the cursor rather than the cursor moving being automatic back and forth; in this control scheme, players need to tap the button again as in patient to throw the egg.

There are two control styles, A style and B style. A style is the default style used for the game and in the game manuals.

Action Input(s)
Move +Control Pad
Jump A Button (hold to Flutter Jump)
Ground Pound A Button + +Control Pad down
Eat, spit out B Button (press to eat, press again to spit out)
Flick tongue upward B Button + +Control Pad up
Crouch, swallow +Control Pad down
Aim/throw egg Patient: X Button / R Button (press to aim, press again to throw)
Hasty: X Button / R Button (hold to aim, release to throw)
Lock target reticule Y Button / L Button (while aiming)
Look up +Control Pad up (hold to pan camera up)
Pause menu Start Button
Level options Select Button

Worlds and levels

There are six worlds with eight regular levels each, the same amount as in Super Mario World 2: Yoshi's Island. Special levels are unlocked when a player collects all items in every level of each respective world; these levels tend to be much shorter and more difficult than the other levels. When players collect thirty Egg Medals, they unlock an extra level based on a transformation where a Yoshi can partake in to obtain extra lives. Each world has a theme to theme as indicated by the setting in the world map, such as World 3 taking place in a jungle while World 5 has snow. As the player progresses through Worlds, extra instruments get layered on top of the theme piece that plays. This game additionally is the first game in the Yoshi's Island series to not use designated level icons to represent its levels, though the general layout, animation effects, and sound effects used when a level is selected mirrors that of the preceding installments. Unlike Super Mario World 2: Yoshi's Island, Yoshi's New Island employs fewer autoscrolling levels, where the only level in the game to have an autoscrolling element is Hotfoot Hurdle.

Many of the levels' and worlds' theming heavily alludes to Super Mario World 2: Yoshi's Island. For example, Koopa Canyon alludes to Visit Koopa And Para-Koopa as both are the first levels of World 2, while World 5 in both games are snow-themed and feature Bumpties, riding ski lifts, riding Goonies, levels that take place in the clouds, and encountering Ravens. In addition, the settings in the game follow a drawing and painting aesthetic, such as Ukiki Jammin' and Ukiki Trouble in Clawdaddy Cove using a Japanese oil painting art style while Hidey-Hole Hooligans has its sky with visible brush strokes to denote gradients. While the characters and some items are live-rendered with 3D graphics and use shaders to imitate the hand-crafted art style, the environments remain as 2D assets.

If the player is in World 6 and waits there for five minutes, Totaka's Song plays. If they are in any other world, the music does not play though players hear a pause in music.

World 1
World1 YNI.png
# Level Type of level
World 1-1 Little Eggs, Big Eggs Plains
World 1-2 Chomp Rock 'n' Roll Plains
World 1-3 Cave of the Nipper Plants Plains/Cavern
World 1-4 Fort Bucket Booby Trap Fort
World 1-5 Heads Up, Hop Up Plains
World 1-6 Bouncy Beanstalk Walk Sky
World 1-7 Ground Pound Rebound Plains
World 1-8 Big Beanie's Castle Castle
World 1-S Diagonal Valley Rally Cavern
World 2
World2 YNI.png
# Level Type of level
World 2-1 Koopa Canyon Plains
World 2-2 Inside the Outside Forest
World 2-3 Seesaw Scramble Sky
World 2-4 Beware the Boo Brigade Fort
World 2-5 Lantern Ghost Grotto Plains/Cavern
World 2-6 Gusty Glory Plains
World 2-7 Hidey-Hole Hooligans Forest
World 2-8 Count Fang's Castle Castle
World 2-S All Aboard the Terrain Train Cavern
World 3
World3 YNI.png
# Level Type of level
World 3-1 Rise of the Nasty Nep-Enuts Jungle
World 3-2 Ukiki Jammin' Jungle
World 3-3 Harry Hedgehog's Labyrinth Jungle/Cavern
World 3-4 Slime Drop Drama Fort
World 3-5 Don't Fear the Spear Forest
World 3-6 Ukiki Trouble in Clawdaddy Cove Jungle
World 3-7 Lose the Lunge Fish Jungle
World 3-8 King Clawdaddy's Sewer Castle Castle
World 3-S Ride the Blarggwich Jungle
World 4
World4 YNI.png
# Level Type of level
World 4-1 Hop 'n' Pop Till You Drop Desert
World 4-2 Underground Pokey Patrol Cavern
World 4-3 Spin-Lift Drift Sky
World 4-4 Fort Key Calamity Fort
World 4-5 Metal Eggdozers on a Roll Desert
World 4-6 Chomp Shark Chase Lava
World 4-7 Flatbed Ferry Freefall Desert/Sky
World 4-8 Furious Fred de Fillet's Castle Castle
World 4-S See Poochy Run! Castle
World 5
World5 YNI.png
# Level Type of level
World 5-1 Brave the Bumpty Blizzard Snow
World 5-2 Fine Feathered Friends or Foes? Forest/Sky
World 5-3 Ski Lift Leap Snow
World 5-4 Ready, Steady, Go! Fort
World 5-5 Cruise the Clouds Sky
World 5-6 Fire Watermelon Wonderland Snow
World 5-7 Eggstraordinary Terrain Sky
World 5-8 Punkey the Pokey Prince's Castle Castle
World 5-S Snow Go Mountain Snow
World 6
World6 YNI.png
# Level Type of level
World 6-1 Chomp Rock Challenge Lava
World 6-2 Bandit Valley Valley
World 6-3 Gargantua Blargg Attacks! Lava
World 6-4 Spray Day Mayday Fort
World 6-5 Hotfoot Hurdle Lava
World 6-6 Pyro Guy Peak Valley
World 6-7 Crumble Rock Rumble Lava
World 6-8 Bowser's Castle Break-In Castle
World 6-World Bowser icon from Super Mario 3D World. Make Way for King Bowser! Castle
World 6-S Leapin' Lava Meltdown Lava


The Yoshi species are the primary playable characters in Yoshi's New Island, where they relay Baby Mario to each other every time a level is completed, and they all play identically. The game's use of Yoshis primarily reverts to Super Mario World 2: Yoshi's Island where Green Yoshi is used for the special levels, omitting Black and White Yoshi in Yoshi's Island DS, though Brown Yoshi has been replaced by Orange Yoshi as of Yoshi's Island DS. In the game's multiplayer mode, the host uses a Green Yoshi while the second player or the downloaded play player uses a Pink Yoshi. The Stork and Baby Luigi are seen only in the game's opening and ending, where both require assistance from the Yoshis. Unlike Super Mario World 2: Yoshi's Island, Baby Mario's role is entirely passive, as Superstar Mario, being the only time players directly control him in the preceding installments, is replaced with Super Yoshi.

Mr. Pipe is the only introduced helper character in Yoshi's New Island, where he can give a Yoshi Flutter Wings if they are struggling with a level, as well as giving out helpful items prior to boss fights. The only helper characters and species to have returned are Poochy and Blarggwich, both which reprise their role from Super Mario World 2: Yoshi's Island, and both make limited appearances in specific levels designed after their abilities.

Playable characters

Image Name Playable levels
Green Yoshi from Yoshi's New Island Green Yoshi First and special levels, Bowser's Castle Break-In, Make Way for King Bowser!
Pink Yoshi from Yoshi's New Island Pink Yoshi Second levels
Light-Blue Yoshi from Yoshi's New Island Light Blue Yoshi Third levels
Yellow Yoshi from Yoshi's New Island Yellow Yoshi Forts (fourth levels)
Purple Yoshi from Yoshi's New Island Purple Yoshi Fifth levels
Orange Yoshi from Yoshi's New Island Orange Yoshi Sixth levels
Red Yoshi from Yoshi's New Island Red Yoshi Seventh levels
Blue Yoshi from Yoshi's New Island Blue Yoshi Castles (eighth levels), excluding Bowser's Castle Break-In

Supporting characters

Image Name Description
Baby Mario from Yoshi's New Island Baby Mario Mario as an infant who reprises his role. If he gets knocked off a Yoshi, he gets encased in a bubble, crying, and a timer starts counting down. If the timer reaches zero, he gets taken away and the player loses a life.
Baby Luigi from Yoshi's New Island Baby Luigi Luigi as an infant. He reprises his general role in the Yoshi's Island series where he is taken by Kamek and requires to be rescued.
Stork in Yoshi's New Island Stork The bird who delivered Baby Mario and Baby Luigi to the wrong parents. He gets ambushed by Kamek and his Toadies, which causes him to drop the babies.
Mr Pipe.png Mr. Pipe A character with an initial ambiguous identity. He helps Yoshis struggling through levels by giving them helpful items as well as assisting them before boss fights. He is revealed to be Mario if the player clears the game without using the Flutter Wings once.
Poochy in Yoshi's New Island Poochy A dog-like creature that helps Yoshis cross dangerous terrain such as spikes. He can move in the same directions the Yoshis face and run through enemies.
A Blarggwich in Yoshi's New Island Blarggwich Ghost-like Blarggs that raise and carry Flatbed Ferries on their head. Blarggwiches in between yellow Flatbed Ferries are stationary while those with red Flatbed Ferries move in a set path. Blarggwiches with green Flatbed Ferries take a Yoshi through a level.


Much of the enemies from Super Mario World 2: Yoshi's Island have returned to this title, while none of the introduced enemies from Yoshi's Island DS make an appearance. All the introduced enemies with the exception of Mame-san are variations of older enemies, though Mega Guys have been repurposed to give a Yoshi a source of Mega Eggdozers. Enemies are primarily introduced in a few levels designated after them; the only appearance of Boo varieties in the game are found in Beware the Boo Brigade, alongside some other themed ghost enemies such as Boo Blahs and Grim Leechers also being in the level. All enemies in the game are live-rendered with 3D models, with many of the Yoshi's Island series exclusive enemies having their debut as live-rendered 3D models.

Most enemies can be defeated when a Yoshi grabs them with their tongue, with a few exceptions; the exceptions tend to be spiked, ghosts, fiery, and large enemies. Yoshis cannot eat underwater enemies, requiring them to either stomp on them or hit them with the Metal Eggdozer. Another common way of dealing with enemies that cannot be eaten are throwing eggs at them, though some enemies are additionally impervious to eggs. Ground pounding most stompable enemies instantly defeats them, such as Bandits and Zeus Guys. Some enemies get defeated when Yoshi spits them out with their tongue, used as projectiles, while other enemies continue their behavior. Only a few enemies drop items when they are defeated, such as Bandits dropping coins or being able to use Lakitu's Cloud after defeating the Lakitu riding it. Some enemies cannot be defeated, though they can be thrown with eggs to either stun them or retract to allow a Yoshi to pass.

Bosses in this game use the same concept from the game's predecessors; the bosses tend to be large variants of enemies powered up by Kamek's magical hammer, and their levels primarily feature the regular variants of them. Unlike the game's predecessors, however, Kamek is the mid-boss of the forts; all bosses are found in castles at the end of each world. Bosses typically require eggs being thrown at them three times while they are vulnerable, and all bosses, when hit, have an invincible phase where they attempt to hit a Yoshi, usually attacking more times the more times it has been struck. When a boss is defeated, it leaves a large key behind, allowing access to the next world.


Image Name Description
A Door Heihō in Yoshi's New Island Door Heihō Shy Guys that carry doors and run away from a Yoshi. The doors they carry lead to bonus areas.
Fake Yoshi as a Shy GuyFake Yoshi from Yoshi's New Island Fake Yoshi Shy Guys masquerading as a Yoshi, who copies a Yoshi's moves. They are summoned by activating a Winged Cloud, and they are required to be led to spikes.
Fire Wanwan Dosun from Yoshi's New Island Fire Wanwan Dosun Fiery Incoming Chomps that approach from the background and slam into breakable terrain. A Yoshi loses a life if it touches the enemy.
A Mame-san from Yoshi's New Island Mame-san Bean-like enemies that slowly hop around. Big Beanie additionally spits them out to attack Blue Yoshi.
Metal Guy from Yoshi's New Island Metal Guy Giant metallic Shy Guys that spawn from giant, metal pipes. A Yoshi can swallow them by repeatedly tapping A Button to turn them into Metal Eggdozers.
Big Lantern Ghost YNI.png Mega Kantera Gigantic Lantern Ghosts that can be swallowed to be turned into Mega Eggdozer, as a Mega Guy.
Slave Basa from Yoshi's New Island Slave Basa Purple variants of Fang that appear next to Count Fang. They circle Count Fang to protect him from eggs.
Metal Lantern Ghost YNI.png Tetu Kantera Giant, metallic Lantern Ghosts that can be swallowed to be turned into a Metal Eggdozer, similar to a Metal Guy.
A Tree Heihō in Yoshi's New Island Tree Heihō Tree-carrying Shy Guys. If approached by a Yoshi, the Shy Guy pops out and moves away from the Yoshi.


Image Name Description
Bandit from Yoshi's New Island Bandit Quick-moving thieves that attempt to take Baby Mario away from Yoshi. If they are stuck below a Yoshi, they continuously jump. It takes six eggs, three jumps or a Ground Pound to defeat them.
Big Boo from Yoshi's New Island Big Boo Bigger Boos that have a similar attack pattern to a Boo, where they stop if a Yoshi looks at them and move if a Yoshi looks away. A Yoshi can defeat it with an egg that has bounced off a wall if they are facing away from them.
A two-sided Bill Blaster from Yoshi's New IslandA one-sided Bill Blaster from Yoshi's New IslandBouncing Bill Blaster from Yoshi's New Island Bill Blaster Cannons that emit Bullet Bills. There are variants of Bill Blasters that have cannons on only one side. Green variants emit Bouncing Bullet Bills and they point to their cannons to a Yoshi's position.
A Blooper from Yoshi's New Island Blooper Enemies that appear in Submarine Yoshi sections, where they drift down slowly and move diagonally left and right. Submarine Yoshi can defeat it with a torpedo. If Submarine Yoshi gets hit by them, they ink the screen.
A Blow Hard from Yoshi's New Island Blow Hard Cactus enemies that aim and shoot Needlenoses at a Yoshi. They can be temporarily stunned with eggs or by ground pounding while they are on-screen.
Boo from Yoshi's New Island Boo Circular ghost enemies that follow a Yoshi when a Yoshi has turned away from them, and stop when a Yoshi faces them. They can be defeated when Yoshi bounces an egg towards them while the Yoshi is facing away.
Boo Blah from Yoshi's New Island Boo Blah Ghost enemies that slowly pace back and forth on floors and ceilings. They stretch themselves periodically, which damage a Yoshi. Boo Blahs cannot be defeated, though if they are concealed, they do not harm a Yoshi.
Boo Guy from Yoshi's New Island Boo Guy Shy Guy ghosts that slowly hover around. They additionally appear to operate traps in fort and castle levels.
Bouncing Bullet Bill from Yoshi's New Island Bouncing Bullet Bill Green Bullet Bills that bounce off surfaces. If they hit another Bouncing Bullet Bill, they both get defeated.
Bowling Goonie from Yoshi's New Island Bowling Goonie Wingless Hefty Goonies that roll along the ground. Yoshis can defeat them with a ground pound.
A Bubble Dayzee from Yoshi's New Island Bubble Dayzee Purple Crazy Dayzees that emit bubbles.
Bumpty from Yoshi's New Island Bumpty Penguins that bounce Yoshis around when they are touched. Yoshis can grab them with their tongues but they cannot eat them.
A Bullet Bill from Yoshi's New Island Bullet Bill Bullets fired from Bill Blasters. They travel in a straight line and go through walls.
A Caged Ghost from Yoshi's New IslandA tunnel-based Caged Ghost from Yoshi's New Island Caged Ghost Two variants of ghosts found in King Clawdaddy's Sewer Castle. One of them serves as a large, amorphous mound while another moves through tunnels. Caged Ghosts emit green Shy Guys or Woozy Guys at a Yoshi when they are at their largest size. They shrink when eggs are tossed at them, though they slowly regenerate over time.
Chain Chomp from Yoshi's New Island Chain Chomp Spherical metal balls that are attached to a post. Ground pounding the post defeats them.
Cheep Cheep from Yoshi's New IslandA "Flopsy Fish" Cheep Cheep from Yoshi's New IslandA Deep Cheep/Green Cheep Cheep acting as a Piscatory Pete from Yoshi's New Island Cheep Cheep Fish that appear in underwater segments, where they swim back and forth. Some variants leap out of water. They can be stomped on to be defeated. Green varieties occur that swim in a wavy pattern and are found in Submarine Yoshi segments.
Chomp Shark from Yoshi's New Island Chomp Shark Giant Chain Chomps that give chase to a Yoshi. A Yoshi needs to outrun them until they hit a rock, where their teeth breaks and they get defeated.
A Clawdaddy from Yoshi's New Island Clawdaddy Foaming crabs that turn angry and chase after a Yoshi if they see them. The foam on its body can be eaten to expose its body underneath where they can be defeated with an egg or a stomp. Ground pounding them defeats them instantly. They attack by spinning their claws; if they have no foam, they pound the ground with their claws.
A Cloud Drop from Yoshi's New Island Cloud Drop Flying enemies that float back and forth, either vertically or horizontally.
A Coin Bandit from in Yoshi's New Island Coin Bandit Red Bandits that carry a coin who attempt to flee from a Yoshi. They act as regular Bandits when the coin they are holding is taken.
Crazee Dayzee from Yoshi's New Island Crazee Dayzee Flower enemies that slowly skip around. Projectiles such as eggs or other enemies pierce through them.
A pink Dancing Spear Guy from Yoshi's New Island Dancing Spear Guy Spear Guys who hold their spear upward that dance around. They have longer spears than Spear Guys.
A Dangling Ghost from Yoshi's New Island Dangling Ghost Ghosts that dangle about from the ceiling. Shooting an egg or enemy at them causes them to temporarily stop in place.
A Fooly Flower from Yoshi's New Island Dizzy Dandy Angry flowers that masquerade themselves as the collectable Smiley Flower. They drop down and quickly roll towards a Yoshi when they are approached.
Dr. Freezegood from Yoshi's New Island Dr. Freezegood Skiiing snowmen that occupy ski lifts and push a Yoshi around. Their heads can be stepped on to obtain coins and defeat them.
An Eggo-Dil from Yoshi's New Island Eggo-Dil Smiling flower enemies that shoot their ball-shaped petal projectiles at a Yoshi. If a Yoshi ground pounds nearby, they drop all of their petals. They regenerate their projectiles after a set period of time.
A Fang from Yoshi's New Island Fang Bat-like enemies that swoop down and fly in a wavy pattern when a Yoshi approaches.
A Fishin' Lakitu from Yoshi's New Island Fishin' Lakitu Lakitus that steal Baby Mario off Yoshi's back with their fishing rods.
Flightless Goonie from Yoshi's New Island Flightless Goonie Goonies that do not have wings or when a Goonie has its wings removed by a Yoshi. They move around and fall off platforms.
A Flightless Skeleton Goonie from Yoshi's New Island Flightless Skeleton Goonie Skeletal Flightless Goonies that behave identically to their flesh counterparts.
Flutter from Yoshi's New Island Flutter Butterflies that fly in an up and down motion. Jumping on them or throwing an egg at them angers them, where they attempt to chase after a Yoshi.
Fly Guy from Yoshi's New Island Fly Guy Propeller-equipped Shy Guys that fly around. Some carry items such as 1UPs, Winged Clouds, coins, and red coins. Some Fly Guys appear with a red coin, fly around, and then escape.
Gargantua Blargg from Yoshi's New Island Gargantua Blargg Lava-dwelling Blarggs that pop up, following a Yoshi. A Yoshi can throw eggs at it to cause it to temporarily retract into lava.
Giant Nep-Enut from Yoshi's New Island Giant Nep-Enut Blarggs that are found in jungles and dwell in water. When it emerges, it gives chase to a Yoshi. A Yoshi needs to throw three eggs at it to cause it to temporarily retract into the water.
Goomba from Yoshi's New Island Goomba Small, brown, mushroom-shaped enemies that slowly walk back and forth. When stomped, they can still move around and do not fall off ledges; they can carry a Yoshi. They revert to their original shape after time has passed or if they reach a ledge.
Goonie from Yoshi's New Island Goonie Gull-like enemies that fly in a straight line. They can give a ride to a Yoshi if they are jumped on. Eating them and spitting them out turns them into Flightless Goonies.
Grim Leecher from Yoshi's New Island Grim Leecher Zombie-like enemies that attach themselves on a Yoshi's back, reversing the controls. It colors a Yoshi purple when they are latched onto a Yoshi.
A Grunt from Yoshi's New IslandA helmetless Grunt from Yoshi's New Island Grunt Enemies that walk around on a platform. They cannot be jumped on due to their spikes. If a Yoshi hits the enemy with its tongue, the helmet falls off, and they frantically run away from the Yoshi. Yoshis cannot swallow them when they are eaten.
Gusty from Yoshi's New Island Gusty Ghost-like enemies that fly in a straight line.
A Harry Hedgehog from Yoshi's New Island.A Harry Hedgehog defending itself in Yoshi's New Island. Harry Hedgehog Purple hedgehogs that move quickly. They swell to a large size when they are approached and cannot be eaten.
Hefty Goonie from Yoshi's New Island Hefty Goonie Large Goonies that struggle to fly and instead bounce. They turn into Bowling Goonies when eaten and spat out or if hit by an egg.
A Propeller Piranha from Yoshi's New Island Hootie the Blue Fish Piranha Plants that patrol a set path. They are temporarily stunned when they are hit by an egg.
Hot Lips from Yoshi's New Island Hot Lips Lava-dwelling creatures that spit lava. If a Yoshi gets touched by the lava, Baby Mario falls off its back. They can be temporarily stunned when an egg is thrown at them.
Itsunomanika Heihō from Yoshi's New Island Itsunomanika Heihō A Shy Guy that appears when a Yoshi runs through its hiding spot. A Bandit appears to take Baby Mario away while it appears in his spot.
A Jean de Fillet from Yoshi's New Island Jean de Fillet Bony fish enemies that stick their heads out of lava and jump after a Yoshi. They can be defeated with a projectile such as eggs or other enemies.
Kaboomba from Yoshi's New Island Kaboomba Anthropomorphic cannon enemies that shoot cannonball that fall to the ground and explode after a few seconds.
Toady in Yoshi's New Island Kamek's Toadies Kamek's minions that appear to take Baby Mario away when the timer reaches zero.
Koopa Paratroopa from Yoshi's New IslandKoopa Paratroopa from Yoshi's New Island Koopa Paratroopa Flying Koopa Troopas that have wings. They lose their wings when stomped on. Red Koopa Paratroopas fly in a set pattern while green Koopa Paratroopas bounce.
Koopa Troopa from Yoshi's New IslandKoopa Troopa from Yoshi's New Island Koopa Troopa Turtle-like enemies that walk on the platform they are on. When eaten, they can be spat out as shells. They additionally turn into shells when stomped on or when an egg is thrown at them. Red Koopa Troopas turn around facing a ledge while green Koopa Troopas fall off.
Lakitu from Yoshi's New Island Lakitu Cloud-riding turtles that chase and throw Spiny Eggs at a Yoshi. If a Yoshi defeats the Lakitu itself, it can ride its cloud.
Lantern Ghost from Yoshi's New Island Lantern Ghost Lantern-carrying enemies that behave similarly to Shy Guys.
Lava Drop from Yoshi's New Island Lava Drop Fiery Cloud Drops that move back and forth, either horizontally or vertically. Unlike Cloud Drops, they cannot be defeated.
Little Mouser from Yoshi's New Island Little Mouser Mice that can steal eggs from a Yoshi. They can spawn from holes on walls.
Little Skull Mouser from Yoshi's New Island Little Skull Mouser Little Mousers that wear skull helmets and do not steal eggs; they mostly hop about. When they are jumped on or if an egg is thrown at them, their skull helmet gets destroyed and turns them into a Little Mouser.
A Loch Nestor from Yoshi's New Island Loch Nestor Pufferfish-like enemies that appear in Submarine Yoshi segments. When hit by a torpedo, the Loch Nestor grows bigger and chases after Yoshi. They are defeated when struck by a torpedo twice.
Lunge Fish from Yoshi's New Island Lunge Fish Large lungfish-like enemies that wait for a Yoshi to approach close by. They leap out of a water in an attempt to a Yoshi, causing an instant life loss.
Mace Guy from Yoshi's New Island Mace Guy Shy Guys that haul a mace. If a Yoshi eats the Shy Guy and spits it out, it becomes a normal Shy Guy.
Mega Guy from Yoshi's New Island Mega Guy Gigantic Shy Guys that give Yoshi a Mega Eggdozer when eaten. Some spawn out of Warp Pipes.
A Milde from Yoshi's New Island Milde Circular pink creatures that pop when jumped on. When they are popped, they push back nearby enemies.
A green Needlenose from Yoshi's New IslandA yellow Needlenose from Yoshi's New Island Needlenose Projectiles that are emitted by various enemies, such as Blow Hards or Sanbo Flowers. Green Needlenoses are seen bouncing on top of green variants of Pokeys.
Nipper Plant from Yoshi's New Island Nipper Plant White plants that hop around back and forth. Some of them hatch from Nipper Spores that have touched the ground.
Nipper Spore from Yoshi's New Island Nipper Spore Seeds that float to the ground and spawn Nipper Plants when they reach the ground. Eating them does not produce eggs.
A Petal Guy from Yoshi's New Island Petal Guy Shy Guys that are dressed in flowers. They hide as a flower bed, and get up to move around when a Yoshi approaches.
A Piranha Plant from Yoshi's New Island Piranha Plant Biting plants that can eat Yoshi and cause Baby Mario to drop off his back. They require eggs or enemies as projectiles to be defeated. Some Piranha Plants appear out of Warp Pipes.
A fiery Piro Dangle Piro Dangle Balls of fire that circle a platform and light up dark areas. They are harmless when they are doused.
A "Heading" Pokey Pokey (heading) Green Pokeys that bounce a Needlenose. When the Needlenose is eaten, they slouch down.
A Pokey from Yoshi's New IslandA white Pokey from Yoshi's New Island Pokey Yellow, cactus-like enemies that come in segments. Yoshis can eat its segments or its head to defeat it. White varieties hang on ceilings.
Preying Mantas from Yoshi's New Island Preying Mantas Jellyfish-like enemies that float up and down underwater. They can be stomped on to be defeated.
A Puchipuchi L from Yoshi's New Island Puchipuchi L Large Mildes which require a ground pound to defeat it. It splits into four Mildes when defeated.
Pyro Guy from Yoshi's New Island Pyro Guy Fiery Shy Guys that are inedible. A Yoshi can defeat them by throwing an egg at them.
A Raven from Yoshi's New Island Raven Black birds that are stationed on circular platforms. Yoshis can defeat them by throwing eggs at them.
A Raven chick from Yoshi's New Island Raven chick Smaller variants of ravens that quickly run across a circular platform. They come in groups. When a Yoshi eats one, it automatically turns it into an egg.
Raphael the Raven from Yoshi's New Island Raphael the Raven A solo, large raven that is stationed on a platform on top of a beanstalk and acts similarly to the level's other Ravens.
A Red Blargg from Yoshi's New Island Red Blargg Blarggs that leap out of lava when a Yoshi approaches them.
Six Relay Heihō from Yoshi's New Island Relay Heihō A line of Boo Guys that relay a single purple bomb and drops when a Yoshi approaches them. A Yoshi can ground pound to force them to drop the bomb.
Seedy Sally from Yoshi's New Island Seedy Sally Ukikis that drop Needlenoses.
Short Fuse from Yoshi's New Island Short Fuse Ukikis that drop bombs.
Shy Guy from Yoshi's New IslandShy Guy from Yoshi's New IslandShy Guy from Yoshi's New IslandShy Guy from Yoshi's New Island Shy Guy The most common enemy in the game that are typically are found walking around or spawning from Warp Pipes.
Skeleton Goonie from Yoshi's New Island Skeleton Goonie Skeletal Goonies that occasionally drop bombs and lose their wings when stepped on. They otherwise behave the same as their flesh counterparts.
A Slime from Yoshi's New Island Slime Gooey creatures that transform from blocks and push a Yoshi around when touched. They get progressively smaller when they are hit with eggs.
Slime Drop from Yoshi's New Island Slime Drop Gooey drops that fall from ceilings.
A Sluggy from Yoshi's New Island Sluggy Slug-like creatures that can drop onto Yoshi from ceilings. When stomped on, they flatten and get defeated similar to Slime Drops and Mildes.
A Solo Toady in Yoshi's New Island. Solo Toady Toadies that appear to hold a separated Baby Mario away from a Yoshi.
A Spear Guy from Yoshi's New Island Spear Guy Jungle-dwelling Shy Guys that are equipped with a spear and shield. Their spear protects them from above while their shield blocks attacks from the front. A Yoshi can defeat them by attacking them on the back.
A Spray Fish from Yoshi's New Island Spray Fish Fish that sprays water at a Yoshi. The spray blocks a Yoshi from progressing. Yoshis can temporarily stun them by throwing eggs at them.
Snifit from Yoshi's New Island Snifit Shy Guy-like enemies that can shoot bullets. Some are stationary while others walk in place.
Stilt Guy from Yoshi's New IslandStilt Guy from Yoshi's New Island Stilt Guy Shy Guy that use stilts. Yoshis can push them back with their tongue or if an egg is thrown at them. Stilt Guys lose their stilts when stomped on and become normal Shy Guys.
Tap-Tap from Yoshi's New Island Tap-Tap Spiky enemies that slowly walk back and forth on a platform. Some Tap-Taps jump in place. Yoshis can push them off with their tongue or with eggs. They are impervious to most attacks, though if they collide with another Tap-Tap, they get defeated.
Tap-Tap the Golden from Yoshi's New Island Tap-Tap the Golden A large, impervious Tap-Tap that moves slowly forward. Eggs stun and push it back.
A Boo Guy operating a Tekkyū Dosun from Yoshi's New Island Tekkyū Dosun Boo Guys that operate a spiked ball on a chain. They send the spiked ball falling down and slowly lifting it in a set pattern.
Thunder Lakitu from Yoshi's New Island Thunder Lakitu Lakitus that shoot out balls of energy, setting the ground on fire. The fire moves in a disappearing wave shape.
Ukiki from Yoshi's New Island Ukiki Monkeys that eat watermelons to shoot at Yoshi. They can additionally be seen jumping around and climbing vines. Ukikis cannot be eaten, but they can still be held in Yoshi's mouths. Ukikis first get stunned when hit by an egg or jumped on, and a Yoshi can run into them again to defeat them.
Wall Lakitu from Yoshi's New Island Wall Lakitu Lakitus that hide in walls to throw Spiny Eggs at a Yoshi.
Whirly Fly Guy from Yoshi's New Island Whirly Fly Guy White, flashing Fly Guys that take off when a Yoshi approaches. A Yoshi can hit them with eggs to earn extra lives.
A Woozy Guy from Yoshi's New Island Woozy Guy Shy Guys that move by flipping around.
Zeus Guy from Yoshi's New Island Zeus Guy Relatives of Bandits that fire balls of energy at a Yoshi. If a Yoshi gets too close, they attempt to kick or punch it. Zeus Guys cannot be swallowed and eggs and stomps stun them temporarily. They can be defeated with a ground pound.


Image Name Description
Kamek from Yoshi's New Island Kamek Kamek serves as the boss of all forts. He attacks by either directly using his magical projectiles or manipulating the scenery to attack Yellow Yoshi. Yellow Yoshi cannot directly attack him as he teleports when the Yoshi attempts to stomp or throw an egg at him; it has to use traps and obstacles to damage Kamek three times.


Image Name World Location Description
Big Beanie from Yoshi's New Island Big Beanie World 1 Big Beanie's Castle A giant Mame-san who primarily attacks by sending out Mame-sans. When he is hit with an egg, he protects himself with a thorny beanstalks and thrusts spiked beanstalks from below to attack Blue Yoshi. After he is done attacking, he protects himself with more vines, increasing after the first and second hits.
Fang Boss.png Count Fang World 2 Count Fang's Castle A giant Fang who protects himself with Slave Basas. When he is hit with an egg, he falls to the floor and starts sliding around, increasing in frequency after he is hit again.
King Clawdaddy from Yoshi's New Island King Clawdaddy World 3 King Clawdaddy's Sewer Castle A giant Clawdaddy who emits bubbles. He attacks by spinning his claw around and charging at Blue Yoshi. Blue Yoshi can expose King Clawdaddy's weak point by eating his foam or hitting him with eggs; once exposed, Blue Yoshi can get hit him with an egg. When hit, he charges around the room, where Blue Yoshi can avoid him by jumping on the Donut Blocks, increasing how many times he charges the first and second times he is hit.
Furious Fred de Fillet from Yoshi's New Island Furious Fred de Fillet World 4 Furious Fred de Fillet's Castle A giant, armored Jean de Fillet who attacks by emerging out of the lava and using lava waves, as well as spawning Flightless Skeletal Goonies. Blue Yoshi can ground pound his switch on the top, which removes his armor; once Furious Fred de Fillet emerges out of the lava, Blue Yoshi can hit him with an egg. Once hit, he jumps out of lava, aiming at Blue Yoshi, increasing how many times he jumps after he gets hit again.
Punkey the Pokey Prince from Yoshi's New Island Punkey the Pokey Prince World 5 Punkey the Pokey Prince's Castle A giant, white Pokey who attacks by spawning Needlenoses and jumps after Blue Yoshi. Blue Yoshi needs to aim at his head when his spikes are retracted. Once hit, Punkey the Pokey Prince digs into the ground and springing out to attack Blue Yoshi. Once he emerges again, he unleashes spikes at Blue Yoshi by spinning his segments around; he repeats this attack pattern more on the first and second hits. During later phases, he gets taller, though Blue Yoshi can take segments off of him by throwing eggs while their spikes are retracted.
Baby Bowser from Yoshi's New Island Baby Bowser World 6 Bowser's Castle Break-In Bowser as an infant and the second primary antagonist of the game. In the first phase of the fight, he attacks by ground-pounding the floor and spawning shockwaves and Shy Guys that must be jumped over. When he is hit with an egg, he spits fireballs at Green Yoshi, jumping if he is hit a second time. He is defeated when he is hit with an egg three times.
Baby Bowser's Castle Break-In4.png Mega Baby Bowser World 6 Bowser's Castle Break-In Baby Bowser powered up by Kamek's hammer, taking place in the second phase of the fight. He primarily attacks by spawning Mega Guys, where Green Yoshi can eat them and throw them at him. After he is hit, he ground pounds, causing the platforms to rise and fall. After he gets hit twice, he spits out fireballs that rain down. he is defeated when he is hit by a Mega Eggdozer three times.
Bowser from Yoshi's New Island
Bowserbattle2 YNI.png
Bowser World 6 Bowser's Castle Break-In / Make Way for King Bowser! Bowser appears as a surprise final boss if players clear all levels without using the Flutter Wings power-up. In the first phase, he attacks by pounding the ground, sending Rock Blocks down and breathing fire at Green Yoshi. Occasionally, Metal Guys fall on the left and right platforms, where Green Yoshi needs to use them to hit Bowser. When Bowser is hit, he pounds the ground, causing the left and right platforms to rise and fall, and he breathes a giant fireball at Green Yoshi. He breathes more fireballs after the first and second hits.

In the second phase, Bowser gets powered up by Kamek's magical hammer, where his boss fight is similar to Mega Baby Bowser's. He attacks by spawning Mega Guys, where Green Yoshi can use them to attack him if he is not shielding himself, and sending fireballs down to Green Yoshi. After he is hit, he ground pounds, causing platforms to rise and fall, with some platforms falling into the lava. After he is hit once, Kamek comes and occasionally blasts magic at Green Yoshi. He is defeated after three Mega Eggdozers hit him.


Whirly Gate

Whirly Gates replace Morph Bubbles from previous entries. Upon entering a Whirly Gate, the Yoshi is led to a course and transforms into vehicles indicated by the icon on the Whirly Gate. Unlike previous entries, all vehicle entries are sectioned into a mini course separate from the main level, and some are used to progress through the level while others take a Yoshi back to the same room. In the course, the Yoshi needs to navigate through enemies and obstacles within a timer, where a Yoshi can collect clocks to replenish time. Enemies and obstacles stop a Yoshi when collided with. All vehicles use the Nintendo 3DS gyroscope capabilities to navigate. At the end of the section, there are rainbow rings a Yoshi must reach; when reached, the Yoshi turns back to normal and leaves the place. These rings replace the Yoshi Blocks from prior entries. If a Yoshi does not make it to the goal in time, it is taken back to the entrance of the Whirly Gate, though a Yoshi keeps all items that are collected in these segments.

Image Icon Name Description
Artwork of a Yoshi minecart transformation, from Yoshi's New Island. Icon for Mine-Cart Yoshi from Yoshi's New Island Mine-Cart Yoshi Allows a Yoshi to move quickly across land. Pressing A Button allows a Yoshi to jump.
Hot-Air Balloon Yoshi from Yoshi's New Island Icon for Hot-Air Balloon Yoshi from Yoshi's New Island Hot-Air Balloon Yoshi Allows a Yoshi to float up. Pressing and holding A Button slows the Yoshi's ascent.
Artwork of Jackhammer Yoshi, from Yoshi's New Island. Icon for Jackhammer Yoshi from Yoshi's New Island Jackhammer Yoshi Allows a Yoshi to shatter Rock Blocks with ease, with the A Button button.
Artwork of Helicopter Yoshi from Yoshi's New Island. Icon for Helicopter Yoshi from Yoshi's New Island Helicopter Yoshi Allows a Yoshi to fly around.
Artwork of Submarine Yoshi, from Yoshi's New Island. Icon for Submarine Yoshi from Yoshi's New Island Submarine Yoshi Allows a Yoshi to move around underwater and fire torpedoes with A Button.
Bobsled Yoshi from Yoshi's New Island Icon for Bobsled Yoshi from Yoshi's New Island Bobsled Yoshi Allows a Yoshi to move quickly across snow sections. Pressing A Button allows a Yoshi to jump.

Other transformations

Image Name Description
Artwork of Red Yoshi running up a hill with Baby Mario, from Yoshi's New Island. Super Yoshi Collecting a Yoshi Star temporarily turns a Yoshi into Super Yoshi, which allows it to run very quickly and scale up walls and ceilings. If Super Yoshi grabs a Red Yoshi Star, it gets the ability to blast through enemies and walls in a straight line.
Artwork of Yellow Yoshi using the Flutter Wings, from Yoshi's New Island. Winged Yoshi If a Yoshi loses too many lives in a level, Mr. Pipe can give out the Flutter Wings which turn a Yoshi into Winged Yoshi. Winged Yoshi can hover to halt the fall. If Winged Yoshi loses too many lives, the Yoshi can get the Golden Flutter Wings, which additionally grants it invincibility. If all levels in the game are completed without a Winged Yoshi, players can fight Bowser and see Mr. Pipe's identity as Mario.

Items and objects

Much of the items, objects, and obstacles from Super Mario World 2: Yoshi's Island return in Yoshi's New Island, behaving as they did, with some items that have not been in Yoshi's Island DS making a return, such as the watermelons. The only new objects that are introduced in the game are the Binoculars, Conveyor Belts, Flutter Wings, and Tatami Block, while the Whirly Gate and Yoshi Star replace objects from prior installments. The objects are a blend of 2D and 3D graphics, though most of the objects that use 3D graphics are modeled only from one side, and much of these objects are modeled and animated in 3D to imitate the predecessor game's reliance on sprite transformations. Examples of objects that use 2D graphics are the Yoshi Eggs and keys, while examples of objects that use 3D models are Countdown Platforms and Chomp Rocks.

Image Name Description
! Block in Yoshi's New Island ! Block Dotted-Line Blocks that are temporarily transformed solid when a switch is pressed on.
Extra life in Yoshi's New Island 1UP Items that give Yoshi an extra life when collected.
Arrow Cloud in Yoshi's New IslandArrow Cloud in Yoshi's New Island Arrow Cloud Colorful clouds in the shape of arrows that direct an egg into the direction it is pointing. Purple ones rotate while green ones are stationary.
Arrow wheel in Yoshi's New Island Arrow Lift Spinning wheels that move in the direction it is pointing when a Yoshi steps on it, and it continues spinning if a Yoshi steps off. They can be carried around in a Yoshi's mouth. When an Arrow Lift hits a wall or a ceiling, it bounces to the opposite direction. Arrow Lifts respawn in their original spot if a Yoshi falls off and cannot reach them.
Balloon in Yoshi's New Island Balloon Rising objects a Yoshi can ride on. If stepped on, its ascent slows.
Binoculars in Yoshi's New Island Binoculars Peripherals that allow a Yoshi to see through the level. A timer is shown for how long a Yoshi can look around the level, though a Yoshi can reuse the binoculars any time.
Blue watermelon in Yoshi's New Island Blue watermelon Watermelons that allow a Yoshi to blast ice. Frozen enemies can slide along the ground.
Bomb in Yoshi's New Island Bomb Harmful projectiles dropped by a variety of enemies. Yoshis cannot eat them.
Bubble in Yoshi's New Island Bubble Objects that can carry various features such as coins or Shy Guys. When popped when a coin inside, a Yoshi can retrieve the coin. Other items such as Binoculars or Flutter Wings are encased in a bubble. Baby Mario also goes into a bubble when he falls off a Yoshi's back.
Bucket in Yoshi's New IslandBucket in Yoshi's New Island Bucket Objects can release a various of items such as coins, stars, or Spring Balls if they are hit from the side with an egg. Buckets fall down if they are hit from directly below, not dropping any items. Golden varieties do not fall down and are required to be hit for level progression.
Cascading Stone in Yoshi's New Island Cascading Stone Rocks that fall when a Yoshi steps on it. Yoshis can instantly be defeated if crushed by it.
Checkpoint Ring in Yoshi's New Island Checkpoint Ring Sparkling rings that serve as a checkpoint for a Yoshi; they respawn near the ring if they lose a life. Passing through a ring also increases a Yoshi's Countdown Timer by ten and turns all on-screen enemies into stars.
Chain Gate in Yoshi's New Island Chain Gate Spiky logs on chains that require hitting a crank marked with a ? with eggs to raise it. It slams to the ground if enough time has passed.
Chomp Rock in Yoshi's New IslandChomp Rock in Yoshi's New Island Chomp Rock Rolling boulders in the shape of a Chain Chomp that destroy most objects in their path. A Yoshi can also stand on its sides to move it.
Clock in Yoshi's New Island Clock Items that increase the amount of time a Yoshi has left in a Whirly Gate transformation segment.
Coin in Yoshi's New Island Coin Yellow coins that serve as collectibles and level markers; some appear when a Yoshi goes to a particular area. They are additionally spawned if enemies are hit with a Yellow Egg. Some of them are red coins in disguise. If a Yoshi collects 100 coins, it earns an extra life. Red coins turn into coins that are worth more if they are all collected when a level is completed.
Conveyor Belt in Yoshi's New Island Conveyor Belt Platforms that push a Yoshi in a direction indicated by the arrow.
Countdown Platform in Yoshi's New Island Countdown Platform Platforms that indicate how many times a Yoshi can step on it before it disappears.
Crate in Yoshi's New Island Crate Blocks containing items such as coins, stars, or keys that can be pushed a Yoshi. They are broken if a Yoshi ground-pounds into them.
Donut Block in Yoshi's New IslandDonut Block in Yoshi's New Island Donut Block Platforms that slowly fall if a Yoshi steps on one too long. They change to red to indicate they are stood on. A large variation of the Donut Block additionally appears.
Door in Yoshi's New IslandDoor in Yoshi's New Island Door Objects that take Yoshi to another part of the level. Some doors are locked and require a key to enter. Some doors cannot be re-entered, indicated by wooden, X-shaped planks over them.
Dotted-Line Block in Yoshi's New Island Dotted-Line Block Invisible blocks that temporarily turn into solid ! Blocks when a switch is stepped on.
Egg Block in Yoshi's New Island Egg Block Blocks that contain Yoshi Eggs. They mostly shoot out green eggs, though yellow and red eggs can spawn. It stops spawning eggs when a Yoshi has six eggs.
Egg Medal in Yoshi's New Island Egg Medal Medals that are earned when a level is completed, dependent on the number of flowers a Yoshi has obtained. 10 Egg Medals give Yoshi a 1-UP, 20 Egg Medals give Yoshi three 1-UPs, and 30 Egg Medals give unlocks a vehicle challenge, an extra level based on a transformation which a Yoshi can complete to obtain extra lives.
Egg Plant in Yoshi's New Island Egg Plant Plants that shoot out eggs if a Yoshi has less than the maximum amount of eggs. If a Yoshi ground pounds near one, they spew out several at once. A variety of the Egg Plant that appears in Slime Drop Drama in Kamek's boss battle called the Sanbo Flower spits out Needlenoses.
Expansion Block in Yoshi's New Island Expansion Block Pink Egg Blocks that temporarily grow larger when hit from below.
Flashing Egg in Yoshi's New Island Flashing Egg Eggs that release red coins when they hit an enemy.
Flatbed Ferry in Yoshi's New Island Flatbed Ferry Platforms that move along the path of a track. The color of the platform indicates how fast it will go, with green being the slowest, yellow being middle, and red being the fastest. Some move automatically while others require to be stepped on to activate.
Flipper in Yoshi's New Island Flipper One-way objects found in tight corridors. Once a Yoshi travels through one, it cannot backtrack. Eggs can travel through them.
Flutter Wings in Yoshi's New Island Flutter Wings Wings given out by Mr. Pipe if a player loses three consecutive lives in a level, which allows a Yoshi to hover. A golden variant called the Golden Flutter Wings can be used if a Yoshi loses a life with the Flutter Wings, which adds invincibility as well.
Goal Ring in Yoshi's New Island Goal Ring A ring that marks the end of a level. If Smiley Flowers are collected, they populate the ring. When run through, the roulette stops either on a Smiley Flower if it has been collected or a purple dot. When landed on a Smiley Flower, Egg Medals are rewarded to the player.
Hammer in Yoshi's New Island Hammer Obstacles that send a Yoshi to the screen, breaking the fourth wall and causing it to lose a life.
Hidden Coin in Yoshi's New Island Hidden Coin Invisible coins that are marked with dotted lines. They appear when passed through.
Ice Block in Yoshi's New Island Ice Block Slippery blocks of ice that melt when a Yoshi breathes fire into them.
Icicle in Yoshi's New Island Icicle Falling shards of ice that can hurt a Yoshi on contact. Yoshis can destroy them with eggs.
Item Balloon in Yoshi's New Island Item Balloon Balloons that carry both helpful and harmful objects. Some come in multiples to drop heavier items such as crates or Spring Balls. Item Balloons that drop harmful objects wait until a Yoshi is near to drop them. Some Item Balloons move towards a Yoshi, others are stationary.
Key in Yoshi's New Island Key Objects that unlock locked doors. When obtained, they take up a slot in Yoshi's egg supply.
Koopa Shell in Yoshi's New IslandKoopa Shell in Yoshi's New Island Koopa Shell Shells from Koopa Troopas that act as projectiles, traveling in a straight line, destroying certain obstacles, and collecting items for a Yoshi.
Lakitu's Cloud in Yoshi's New Island Lakitu's Cloud Clouds from a defeated Lakitu that can take Yoshi to greater heights when ridden on.
Mega Eggdozer in Yoshi's New Island Mega Eggdozer Gigantic eggs that are either spawned from a large Egg Block or from eating a Mega Guy or a Mega Kantera. When thrown, they break through many obstacles and defeat enemies and certain bosses. As regular eggs, they change color to indicate how many times they have bounced. They remove all of a Yoshi's eggs when obtained and disable Flutter Jumping, while they cannot be taken into tight spaces due to their size.
Metal Eggdozer in Yoshi's New Island Metal Eggdozer Giant, metallic eggs that are spawned from a Yoshi swallowing a Metal Guy or a Tetu Kantera. When thrown, they roll along the ground, destroying many obstacles in its path. Having a Metal Eggdozer in an inventory also allows a Yoshi to walk underwater, though it disables a Yoshi's Flutter Jump and impedes its jumping height. As regular eggs, they change color to indicate how many times they have bounced.
Message Block in Yoshi's New Island Message Block Blocks that give a Yoshi tips and hints when struck from below.
Paddle Platform in Yoshi's New Island Paddle Platform Platforms composing of Flatbed Ferries that rotate. Some of them rotate automatically while others require a Yoshi to step on them to traverse through a track.
Post in Yoshi's New Island Post Obstacles that can be ground pounded and come in many colors. Some pairs of posts act as seesaws in that pounding one raises the other.
POW Block in Yoshi's New Island POW Block Large blocks that turn all onscreen enemies into stars (or coins if a Yoshi has a max Countdown Timer).
Red coin in Yoshi's New Island Red coin Coins that serve as a collectible item in a level. There are twenty to be found in each level; almost all red coins are hidden as regular coins. When all red coins are collected in a level and the level is completed, they are turned into regular coins that are worth more.
Red Egg in Yoshi's New Island Red Egg Eggs that release stars if they come in contact with an enemy. They do not bounce when thrown. Egg-emitting objects can occasionally spawn red eggs.
Red watermelon in Yoshi's New Island Red watermelon Watermelons that can cause a Yoshi to emit fire and defeat enemies and melt Ice Blocks.
Red Yoshi Star in Yoshi's New Island Red Yoshi Star Stars that are obtained at the end of Super Yoshi segments. They cause a Yoshi to quickly blast straight, through enemies and blocks.
Rock Block in Yoshi's New IslandRock Block in Yoshi's New Island Rock Block Destructible rock platform that take two to three eggs to destroy depending on how damaged it is.
Seesaw in Yoshi's New Island Seesaw Platforms that wobble back and forth. Two variants appear: one of them is a log on an unstable pike which falls off if a Yoshi steps on one side. The pike can damage a Yoshi if it touches it. The other is a metallic variant that can cause an incline depending on where a Yoshi stands, but does not cause a Yoshi to fall off.
Smiley Flower in Yoshi's New Island Smiley Flower Collectible flowers that go towards completion of a stage; there are five Smiley Flowers to collect for each stage. Collecting them completes the Goal Ring and awards the player with Egg Medals if the roulette stops on them.
Snowball in Yoshi's New Island Snowball Balls of snow that Yoshi can roll to defeat enemies, similar to a Chomp Rock. It gets bigger the more it is rolled.
Spike Trap in Yoshi's New Island Spike Obstacles that instantly defeat a Yoshi if touched.
Spinner in Yoshi's New Island Spinner Spinning obstacles that have a spiked ball in the end, entirely covered with spikes. Some of them are operated by Boo Guys. They can be destroyed with Metal Eggdozers.
Spring Ball in Yoshi's New Island Spring Ball Balls that propel a Yoshi upward. Bigger ones send a Yoshi further.
Star in Yoshi's New Island Star Bouncing, small collectibles that fill the Countdown Timer up. Red eggs emit two of them if they hit an enemy. They are replaced with coins if the Countdown Timer is at its max which is 30 seconds.
Switch in Yoshi's New Island Switch Switches that can cause a variety of objects to temporarily appear, such as arrows, coins or turning Dotted-Line Blocks into ! Blocks. A timer can be heard indicating how much time a Yoshi has left before it disappears.
Tatami Block in Yoshi's New Island Tatami Block A block with a switch. When a Yoshi ground pounds one, it causes more blocks to spawn in a direction.
Thorn from Yoshi's New Island Thorn Spikes that can cause Yoshi to immediately lose a life when touched. Yoshis can destroy them with eggs or Chomp Rocks.
Tulip in Yoshi's New Island Tulip Flowers that emit stars when an enemy is thrown into it.
Warp Pipe in Yoshi's New Island Warp Pipe Pipes that can take a Yoshi to another part of the level by ducking, walking, or jumping into one. Some pipes emit Shy Guys until a Yoshi has the max amount of eggs. Mr. Pipe also masquerades as a pipe near Checkpoint Rings.
Watermelon in Yoshi's New IslandWatermelon in Yoshi's New Island Watermelon Fruit that can make Yoshi spit out seeds as projectiles. Ukikis can be seen eating them and spitting seeds as well. Watermelons that have a bite mark in them have three seeds while whole watermelons have five.
Whirly Gate.png Whirly Gate Gates that transform a Yoshi into a vehicle depicted by the icon into a sub-section of the level, replacing the Morph Bubble from prior installments. If a Yoshi does not complete the minigame in time, they are warped back to the Whirly Gate.
Winged Cloud in Yoshi's New Island Winged Cloud Versatile cloud obstacles that require a projectile to be activated such as a spat out enemy or an egg. They perform a variety of actions, such as dropping helpful items such as stars (coins are dropped when a Yoshi has the max amount of seconds in the Countdown Timer), and activating switches and platforms. Some are invisible and require a Yoshi to be over them to reveal them. Some move around while others are stationary.
Wobble Rock in Yoshi's New Island Wobble Rock Platforms that, when stood on, weigh down on the side that a Yoshi stands on them, eventually falling.
Yellow Egg in Yoshi's New Island Yellow Egg Eggs that release coins when they strike an enemy. They bounce once and turn into red eggs. Egg-emitting objects can occasionally spawn yellow eggs.
Yoshi Egg in Yoshi's New Island Yoshi Egg Objects that are the primary projectile from Yoshi and are used for many different purposes, including defeating certain enemies, activating obstacles, and collecting coins. Yoshi Eggs start out green, turn yellow when they are bounced once, turn red when they are bounced again, and then get destroyed if it bounces again. If a Yoshi licks an egg while it is bouncing, it can retrieve the egg and its current color. Eggs can be emitted from Egg Blocks, Egg Plants, or simply found on the ground.
Yoshi Star in Yoshi's New Island Yoshi Star Stars that transform Yoshi into Super Yoshi, giving it high speed and the ability to run up walls. It is invincible and can run through enemies. The end of these phases include a Red Yoshi Star that causes a Yoshi to fly in a straight line and through obstacles and enemies.


Minigames are competitive, two-player games, featuring Green Yoshi as player one and Pink Yoshi as player two. They replace the Mini Battles from Super Mario World 2: Yoshi's Island and appear only in the main menu of the game. They can be played with either local wireless or Download Play. More minigames are unlocked as the single-player adventure is played through.

Image Name Description
Ground-Pound Pop Ground-Pound Pop Players need to pop as many of a selected balloon's color as possible in a minute. The target color is displayed on the bottom screen, as well as the next color that needs to be popped, and the color changes at set intervals.
Tulip Toss Tulip Toss Players need to toss Koopa Troopas into the tulips to obtain stars in a minute. Warp Pipes spawn Koopa Troopas at a random interval. In addition, tulips come in different colors, which spawn a different amount of stars depending on their color.
Flutter Fortune Flutter Fortune Players need to Flutter Jump to collect as many coins as possible in a minute. Bubbles also appear to help a Yoshi reach the coins.
Enemy Eat-Off Enemy Eat-Off Players need to eat and turn as many enemies into eggs as possible in a minute. A POW Block can appear and destroys all enemies on-screen when struck.
Eggy Pop Eggy Pop Players need to pop as many balloons as possible in a minute, with balloons worth an amount of points depending on what color they are.
Flutter Finish Flutter Finish Players need to Flutter Jump as far as possible in a minute, with coins contributing to points.

Message Block hints

Main article: List of Yoshi's New Island Message Block hints

Various Message Blocks can be struck in the game to reveal tips and hints instructing players about features and various obstacles. Some tips change depending on the control settings used, whether players opt to use traditional button and control stick for aiming their eggs or if they opt to use gyro to aim.


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Audio.svg Yoshi's New Island - Theme as heard in the E3 2013 trailer
File infoMedia:E3 Trailer Theme - Yoshi's New Island.oga
Audio.svg Title screen music (TITTLE TITTLE) - Music that plays in the title screen and main menu.
File infoMedia:TITTLE TITTLE.dspadpcm.oga
Audio.svg STAGE CHILDISH - The most common stage music, plays in Little Eggs, Big Eggs, Chomp Rock 'n' Roll, Heads Up, Hop Up, Ground Pound Rebound, Lantern Ghost Grotto, Metal Eggdozers on a Roll, Eggstraordinary Terrain, and Crumble Rock Rumble. This is the variant of the piece with all four channels.
File infoMedia:STAGE CHILDISH 2.oga
Audio.svg World 6 - World 6 theme, featuring "Totaka's Song"
File infoMedia:YNI World 6.oga
Help:MediaHaving trouble playing?


Main article: List of Yoshi's New Island staff

Yoshi's New Island was developed by Arzest, the successor company of Artoon, along with some of staff for Nintendo. The game was directed by Masahide Kobayashi and programmed leading by Yuki Hatakeyama, music composed by CHAMY.Ishi and sound directed by Kazumi Totaka, and was produced by Naoto Oshima and Takashi Tezuka.

Pre-release and unused content

Main article: List of Yoshi's New Island pre-release and unused content
The early logo (left) compared to the final version of the logo (right), where the most noticeable change is the cloth-like texture added to the final logo.
The early logo (left) compared to the final version of the logo (right), where the most noticeable change is the cloth-like texture added to the final logo.
The early logo (left) compared to the final version of the logo (right), where the most noticeable change is the cloth-like texture added to the final logo.

In the announcement of the game during the Nintendo Direct of April 17th, 2013, coins and red coins were slightly bigger and had a different design. A level that is designed similarly to Make Eggs, Throw Eggs appeared in the footage. In the E3 2013 trailer build, the logo and the title screen were much simpler, as the final logo features a texture pattern as opposed to the simple gradient of the first logo.


Main article: List of Yoshi's New Island glitches

NOTE: Unless otherwise noted, all names are conjectural.

Fall Through Platform

If Yoshi goes to Bouncy Beanstalk Walk and enters a pipe that infinite Shy Guys come out of, they have to jump to the right side or the left side along while touching the ceiling, Yoshi will fall through the platform.

Inside Smiley Blocks

This glitch is only found on Beware the Boo Brigade. If the player jumps when a smiley block is about to crush him, Yoshi will go inside the smiley blocks.

Fall Out of the Stage

The player must do the Inside Smiley Blocks glitch and jump while they're in. Yoshi will fall out of the stage.

In the Wall

If Yoshi goes to Beware the Boo Brigade and stands on an edge of a smiley block, sometimes he might go through the wall.


Yoshi's New Island has garnered mixed or average reception. Critics praised the visual style, but were heavily divided on whether the overreliance on its predecessor's gameplay aspect made the game itself successful or unoriginal and outdated. It currently holds a 64 average based on 72 reviews in Metacritic[4] and a 65.80% based on 49 reviews on GameRankings.[5]

Jose Otero of IGN praised the solid gameplay, but criticized the game for reusing ideas from the original and its soundtrack, while its new ideas do not stand out. He ended with, "Yoshi's New Island's inconsistent art and tacked-on new ideas are all layered on top of the same strong platforming and level design that made the original great.", giving the game a 7.9 out of 10.[6] Edge lambasted the game, giving it a 4 out of 10, heavily criticizing the game's reliance on throwback to the original Yoshi's Island.[7] Susan Arendt of Joystiq gave the game a 4 out of 5 stars, praising the solid gameplay.[8] Jim Sterling of The Escapist says the game "boasts some charm and is certainly inoffensive, it's just not all that exciting." He praised the solid gameplay but criticized the tedium and difficulty. He gave the game 3 out of 5 stars.[9] Dave Letcavage of Nintendo Life gave the game a 5 out of 10. He also criticized the game for being not being necessarily bad, but being "dull" and "unimpressive". He stated that the game is playable but is mostly filler.[10] GameXplain gave it 4 out of 5 stars, saying it was more of the same but that that was a good thing while stating that the soundtrack was often subpar.[11]

Release Reviewer, Publication Score Comment
Nintendo 3DS Peter Willington,
Pocket Gamer
8/10 "A fun, if curiously uninspired, entry in the Yoshi's Island series, featuring superb art and sound, but very few new gameplay ideas."
Nintendo 3DS Jose Otero, IGN 7.9/10 "Yoshi’s New Island’s inconsistent art and tacked-on new ideas are all layered on top of the same strong platforming and level design that made the original great. This deep understanding of pacing and flow helps Yoshi’s latest adventure stand out as the best iteration on Yoshi since the SNES original. Even if I wanted to play with the sound turned off."
Nintendo 3DS Danielle Riendeau, Polygon 7.5/10 "Yoshi's New Island won me over early, and it kept me going even when I started to suffer from a touch of platformer fatigue. Its sense of humor and experimental streak keep the game fresh throughout, and allow Yoshi to stand apart, even in a crowded season for Nintendo's core properties."
Nintendo 3DS Dan Ryckert,
Game Informer
7/10 "I’ve wanted a solid follow-up to Yoshi’s Island for years, and this game is the third in a trilogy of follow-ups that range from half-baked to decent. Considering how unimpressed and apathetic I was towards most of Yoshi’s New Island, it might be time to just be happy with my Super Nintendo memories when it comes to this series."
Nintendo 3DS Chris Carter, Destructoid 7/10 "As you can probably tell from my time with it, Yoshi's New Island isn't a "must have," but that doesn't mean it's a bad game. It's very much by the books based on any genre standard, and there's pretty much nothing new here that you'll need to run out to experience. But even so, fans of the genre will still dig it."
Nintendo 3DS Sean Engemann,
Cheat Code Central
3.1/5 "Yoshi has had some grand adventures of his own, but sadly this is not one of them."
Nintendo 3DS Patrick Klepek,
Giant Bomb
3/5 "At its core, Yoshi's New Island is not a bad game. This is an acceptable, middle-of-the-road platformer, and one that I had an OK time with. But it's not particularly memorable until it's ready to say goodbye, and you're given a fleeting, tantalizing glimpse into the game that might have been."
Nintendo 3DS Jim Sterling,
The Escapist
3/5 "Yoshi's New Island is a solid little platformer, but it struggles to be much more than that. It will, at least, kill a few hours of time, even if that time will hardly be remembered afterwards."
Nintendo 3DS David Jenkins,
Metro News
4/10 "About as new as a fossilised dinosaur egg and just about as fast and exciting, this is a depressingly poor degradation of a once great original."
Nintendo 3DS Chris Schilling, Eurogamer 4/10 "It might look a little like Yoshi's Island, then, but it's a worse game in every regard. 19 years on from the original, its design has been denuded of almost everything that made it great: a series once fecund with ideas is now coasting on past glories."
Compiler Platform / Score
Metacritic 64
GameRankings 65.80%

Play Nintendo

The game led to the release of a Play Nintendo game in 2014 called Yoshi's New Island Match-Up. The game is a match-up web-browser game where players are required to match up artwork of various characters and objects from the game with each other in varying difficulty levels. A trivia challenge themed after the game called Are you an expert Yoshi-ologist? asks players themed questions from the game.

References in later games

Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS trophy

Name Image NTSC-U Description PAL Description
Yoshi's New Island MegaEggdozerTrophy3DS.png One day, Baby Mario came floating down from the sky, dropped by the stork carrying him. But what happened to Baby Luigi? Does this whole affair sound familiar? Looks like it's up to the Yoshi clan to help Baby Mario out! It won't be easy, though—not with Baby Bowser involved. One day, Baby Mario came floating down from the sky, dropped by the stork carrying him. But what happened to Baby Luigi? And why does this whole affair sound so familiar? Looks like it's up to the Yoshi clan to help Baby Mario out! With that little scamp Baby Bowser involved, though, it's not going to be easy...

Nintendo eShop description

NA Version

Yoshi™ is back and he's bustin' out the big eggs. Crush your surroundings and create paths with his new Mega and Metal Eggdozers in a brand-new platforming adventure! It'll take more than egg tosses and flutter jumps to lead fledgling Mario™ through a dangerous new island littered with inventive power-ups. Can you save poor Luigi™?

Guide Yoshi and a young Mario through all-new stages, from slippery slopes to watery wonderlands. New transformations turn Yoshi into Helicopters, Mine Carts, Jackhammers, and more—all steerable with gyro controls. There's even a special multiplayer mode where you face off with friends in six fast, fun competitions.

But as Yoshi fans know, it's all about the collectibles and they're more enticing than ever to find. You'll need the new Metal and Mega Eggdozers to beat puzzling platforming moments and locate every collectible and surprise. They're hiding—are you seeking?

EU Version

Yoshi's New Island is the first instalment in this series since Yoshi's Island DS was created in 2006.

Yoshi's good old Flutter Jump, Ground Pound and egg-throwing return, along with new abilities and challenges that take advantage of the features of the Nintendo 3DS. You can use massive eggs called Mega-Eggs to destroy blocks and pipes, revealing secrets such as coins and hidden keys. The more things you destroy, the higher the Mega-Egg gauge goes, netting you extra lives in the process!

The beautiful art is based on many classic styles, such as oil painting, watercolours and crayon drawings.


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Names in other languages

Language Name Meaning
Japanese ヨッシー New アイランド
Yosshī New Airando
Yoshi New Island
Chinese (Traditional) 耀西新島[12]
Yàoxī Xīn Dǎo
Yoshi New Island

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