Ride the Blarggwich

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Ride the Blarggwich
Ride the Blarggwich.png
World-Level 3-S
Game Yoshi's New Island
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Ride the Blarggwich is the special level of World 3 found in Yoshi's New Island.


Yoshi starts the level in a forest with a Blarggwich nearby which he has to ride throughout the level. Occasionally, the Blarggwich will stop and raise itself, allowing Yoshi to explore one of the many rooms in the course.

At the start, there is a room that Yoshi can reach by jumping off the Blarggwitch, which contains coins and a single Cloud Drop. Next to this room is the first Smiley Flower and another room, which contains 4 Yoshi Eggs and a Winged Cloud which contains 5 Stars. Next to this room is an area blocked by 2 walls that Yoshi can break to receive 5 Coins. Next to this is a single Flutter with an arc of coins over it, and a few vines with Ukikis that throw bombs. After these vines is a series of platforms with one Shy Guy on each of them that lead to another Winged Cloud that gives 5 Stars. After this, the next Smiley Flower can be found by breaking 2 more walls, along with 4 more Yoshi Eggs. Following this, a series of trees and vines with Watermelon-eating Ukikis can be found, along with the next Smiley Flower. Using a Watermelon found on one of the trees, Yoshi can access an area made up of breakable walls which contain the last two Smiley Flowers. After this is a group of Flutters that Yoshi needs to avoid, as well as a series of platforms leading to a bunch of Yoshi Eggs and 2 Winged Clouds. One Winged Cloud contains 5 Stars, while the other contains a Spring Ball which Yoshi can use to access a secret area containing a string of coins that move around in a set path. After this, Yoshi reaches the Goal Ring and the level ends.


Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese ウンババリフトに 乗って
Unbaba Rifuto ni Notte
Ride the Blarggwich
Italian Cavalcata su Blargg Sandwich Ride on Blarggwich
Korean 짜자잔리프트를 타고
Jjajajanripeuteureul Tago
Riding the Blarggwich
Spanish (NOA) Paseo en blargüich Ride on Blarggwich
Spanish (NOE) ¡Súbete al blarggcordeón! Ride the Blarggwich!