Beware the Boo Brigade

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Beware the Boo Brigade
Beware the Boo Brigade.png
World-Level 2-4
Game Yoshi's New Island
Boss Kamek
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Beware the Boo Brigade is the fourth level of World 2 in Yoshi's New Island.


Yellow Yoshi battles Kamek.
“Silly Yoshikins. Give up the baby already, or I'll be forced to blast you sky-high!”
Kamek, Yoshi's New Island

Yoshi starts the level in a fort with an Egg Block and some enemies nearby. Entering a nearby pink door causes Yoshi to appear in an area with blue smiley face blocks which rotate in a set direction. Eventually, Yoshi reaches an area with an arrow wheel that can be used to transport him to the Checkpoint Ring.

After another arrow wheel ride, Yoshi reaches the boss door. Inside waits Kamek, who must be hit by the ceiling three times in order for Yoshi to defeat him and clear the level.


Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese 前と 後ろに ご用心
Mae to Ushiro ni Goyōjin
Be Careful in Front and Behind
Russian Берегись бригады бу!
Beregis' brigady bu!
Beware the Boo Brigade!
Korean 전방, 후방, 모두 조심!
Jeonbang, Hubang, Modu Joshim!
Front, Behind, Be Careful!