Hidey-Hole Hooligans

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Hidey-Hole Hooligans
Hidey-Hole Hooligans.png
Level code 2-7
Game Yoshi's New Island
Music track STAGE_BOSSA
2 channel variant

4 channel variant
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Hidey-Hole Hooligans is the seventh level of World 2 found in Yoshi's New Island. This level's playable Yoshi is the red Yoshi, and introduces Wall Lakitus, Lakitus that inhabit in the background to throw projectiles at the red Yoshi. The level also debuts the Helicopter transformation. This level is the third overall appearance of the Mega Eggdozer and the only appearance of the Mega Eggdozer in World 2.


Red Yoshi starts the level in a jungle-like area surrounded by breakable blocks and an Egg Block just above. Red Yoshi encounters the first Wall Lakitus surrounded by breakable blocks, who can destroy the blocks when throwing a Spiny Egg at them. In a second area surrounded by breakable blocks and unbreakable stone blocks is a Wall Lakitu and a Winged Cloud that gives out stars. In the first Warp Pipe surrounded by three Wall Lakitus is a room containing coins and a Winged Cloud that contains stars. Defeating the two Wall Lakitus next to the Warp Pipe spawns coins. Red Yoshi can ground pound through breakable blocks to use a Spring Ball, in which it can then swallow the Mega Guy to create a Mega Eggdozer. If Red Yoshi aims the Mega Eggdozer right, it activates the Winged Cloud that gives a 1-UP, bounces off the wall, and destroys all blocks in the path Red Yoshi was in, allowing Red Yoshi to access areas it previously couldn't, such as a Winged Cloud containing stars.

The blue door on the right of the course leads to the Checkpoint Ring and a set of green Flatbed Ferries. The series of Flatbed Ferries take Red Yoshi through the level while a Wall Lakitu throws Spiny Eggs. Past the level's second Smiley Flower are a Fly Guy holding a Red Coin, breakable blocks, and a moving Winged Cloud that gives a 1-UP when hit. At the end of the green Flatbed Ferry segment, Red Yoshi can navigate above and platform across purple Flatbed Ferries, which move against it. Several more Wall Lakitus and breakable blocks are prevalent in this segment. Near the end is a Rock Block which Red Yoshi can break with eggs that houses coins and Red Coins behind it. Nearby is a Whirly Gate which allows Red Yoshi transforms to transform into a helicopter and go through an obstacle course to reach another area. Here waits another Checkpoint Ring and a level segment which requires Red Yoshi to run across breakable blocks that Wall Lakitus below can break through and large Donut Blocks that collapse when Red Yoshi stays on it too long. Red Yoshi encounters a Shy Guy surrounded by breakable blocks, which has a hidden Winged Cloud that spawns coins in the middle of the surroundings. The second Donut Block area has more Wall Lakitus as well as Donut Blocks, breakable blocks, and Rock Blocks, where the Goal Ring lies ahead.

Smiley Flowers[edit]


Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese 壁穴から こんにちは
Kabe Ana kara Konnichiwa
Hello from the Holes in the Wall

French Tanière des mutins
Mutineers' Lair
German Hinterhalt aus dem Hintergrund
Ambush from the Background
Italian Bulli nei buchi
Bullies in the holes
Korean 벽구멍에서 안녕~!
Byeokgumeong'eseo Annyeong~!
Hello from the Hole in the Wall

Russian Лакиту на подаче
Lakitu na podache
Lakitu on a Serve

Spanish (NOA) Lakitus atrincherados
Entrenched Lakitus
Spanish (NOE) ¡Lakitus, gamberros!
Lakitus, You Hooligans!