All Aboard the Terrain Train

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All Aboard the Terrain Train
All Aboard the Terrain Train.png
World-Level 2-S
Game Yoshi's New Island
Notes This level features moving terrain.
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All Aboard the Terrain Train is the special level of World 2 found in Yoshi's New Island.


Yoshi starts the level in a cave-like area with a network of moving terrain, with enemies and obstacles along the way. A key can also be found midway through the path, also when the moving terrain starts moving vertically, and then horizontally once again. Eventually, Yoshi must jump on a grassy land mass and make his way to the Goal Ring.


Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese 動く地形が あちこちいっぱい
Ugoku Chikei ga Achikochi Ippai
Lots of Moving Terrain Here and There