King Clawdaddy's Sewer Castle

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King Clawdaddy's Sewer Castle
King Clawdaddy's Sewer Castle.png
Level code 3-8
Game Yoshi's New Island
Boss King Clawdaddy
Music track STAGE_BOSS_MID
2 channel variant

4 channel variant
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King Clawdaddy's Sewer Castle is the final level of World 3 found in Yoshi's New Island. The level is the overall second appearance of Clawdaddies in the game, while it also introduces Caged Ghosts, Relay Heihōs, and Woozy Guys. Despite that this level is the eighth, castle level, the background music uses STAGE_BOSS_MID from the fourth, fort levels rather than STAGE_BOSS_BIG reserved for the castle levels. It is the only one of the eighth, castle levels with this distinction. This level's playable Yoshi is the blue Yoshi.

This level is similar to Naval Piranha's Castle in Super Mario World 2: Yoshi's Island in the manner that a Caged Ghost blocks two major pathways; one at the beginning and another in the second half of the level; in this game, a Caged Ghost blocks the pathway to the boss door, and both take place in dank, sewer environments.


Blue Yoshi encountering King Clawdaddy.

Blue Yoshi starts the level quickly sliding down the water slide, following the trail of coins and immediately encountering a Caged Ghost spitting out Shy Guys. A ditch shortly after a water way that has the level's first Clawdaddy, which contains a hidden Winged Cloud containing stars. An Egg Plant can then be found with the level's second Smiley Flower and a Clawdaddy below. Just before a Warp Pipe is a hidden Winged Cloud that spawns coins and Red Coins when struck.

The Warp Pipe takes Blue Yoshi to the next area where Blue Yoshi encounters an Egg Block and Relay Heihō, Boo Guys that drop bombs below and can be interrupted with a Ground Pound. Blue Yoshi can then traverse through a narrow corridor where there are two Clawdaddies patrolling and the level's third Smiley Flower below and coins and Red Coins above. Past this is a water way that obstructs Blue Yoshi's progress as well as a Relay Heihō dropping bombs and a Cheep Cheep jumping out of the water. After Blue Yoshi slides down a water slide, a Winged Cloud can be seen that activates a bridge when hit; Blue Yoshi can then find a hidden Winged Cloud above the bridge that spawns in a Spring Ball which propels the Yoshi to a hidden, bonus area. This bonus area contains water slides, a trail of coins, and a Metal Eggdozer block, giving Blue Yoshi access underwater and the opportunity to break stone blocks to retrieve the level's fourth Smiley Flower. Past the level's second Egg Plant is a Checkpoint Ring, which is accompanied by four more Relay Heihō lines, jumping Cheep Cheeps, and a Clawdaddy; an area where the Clawdaddy is contains a hidden Winged Cloud that gives stars when struck. The end of this area has a Warp Pipe.

The Warp Pipe takes Blue Yoshi to the third area of the level, where it encounters an Egg Block and several Clawdaddies, with a hidden Winged Clouds to the far right of the bottommost corridor that reveals a trail of coins and the level's final Smiley Flower right above. The Winged Cloud on the upper left corner spawns stars on activation. Blue Yoshi then encounters the final Relay Heihō and a Caged Ghost spawning Woozy Guys which must be shrunk down in order for the player to reach the boss door where King Clawdaddy awaits, though there is a hidden Winged Cloud around the door that gives out stars on activation. After hitting him three times after his bubbles get depleted by Blue Yoshi, the level is completed.

Smiley Flowers[edit]


Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese ビッグカニスキーの 下水道
Biggu Kanisukī no Gesuidō
Big Clawdaddy's Sewer
French Antre du Roi Tournepince King clawdaddy's Den
German König Scherenschufts Schloss
Italian Castello di Re Granchiasso King Clawdaddy's Castle
Korean 거대싹둑꽃게의 하수도
Geodaessakduk'kkotge'ui Hasudo
King Clawdaddy's Sewer
Spanish (NOA) Castillo de Barbagrejo Atizador King Clawdaddy's Castle
Spanish (NOE) El Castillo de Barbagrejo Atizador King Clawdaddy's Castle