Ukiki Trouble in Clawdaddy Cove

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Ukiki Trouble in Clawdaddy Cove
Ukiki Trouble in Clawdaddy Cove.png
Level code 3-6
Game Yoshi's New Island
Music track STAGE_REGGAE
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Ukiki Trouble in Clawdaddy Cove is the sixth level of World 3 found in Yoshi's New Island and the second Ukiki-themed level. This level's playable Yoshi is the orange Yoshi, and introduces Clawdaddies, crab-like enemies that take two hits to defeat and attack the orange Yoshi by swinging and spinning their claws at them. Like Ukiki Jammin', the background in this level is based off of Japanese oil paintings.


Orange Yoshi starts the level in a jungle-like area with an Egg Block and a Cheep Cheep swimming below the water. Shortly after is the level's first Clawdaddy below and the first Smiley Flower inside a hidden Winged Cloud, Orange Yoshi can take an Ukiki and spit it into a Tulip that generates stars. Pounding the post before the tulip generates coins. Past the tulip is an area with two Winged Clouds, the first one generates the level's second Smiley Flower and the second one generates a bridge. Orange Yoshi can then ground pound through a breakable block and can instantly defeat the level's second Clawdaddy, where ground pounding the post reveals a hidden Winged Cloud that reveals a Spring Ball. The Spring Ball leads to a bonus area where a Tree Heihō rises from the ground and carries a tree away; Orange Yoshi can exit the area by taking a Warp Pipe. Past this is an area with an Ukiki on top of a row of trees and two Cheep Cheeps that jump out of the water. The Winged Cloud here contains stars, while if Orange Yoshi accesses the area on top of the trees where the Ukiki was, coins spawn below. Shortly before the next area is a Fly Guy carrying a red coin.

An arrow leads to the next area, which has a Checkpoint Ring and an Egg Block. Shortly after a Seedy Sally dropping Pokeys and a Clawdaddy is a Whirly Gate that transforms Orange Yoshi into Jackhammer Yoshi, though completing this obstacle course is optional as the exit door is shortly to the right of it; this obstacle course contains Red Coins hidden in large blocks and the level's fourth Smiley Flower. Shortly after the exit of the obstacle course is an Egg Plant and two Clawdaddies, and the Winged Cloud in between the two platforms with the two Clawdaddies contains stars. Orange Yoshi can then encounter an Ukiki and two Short Fuses dropping bombs. Further on is the level's last Clawdaddy, three more Seedy Sallies, and the Goal Ring.

Smiley Flowers[edit]


Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese さるかに合戦
Saru Kani Gassen
Monkey Crab Battle; derived from "The Crab and the Monkey," a Japanese folktale
French Singeries chez Tournepince
German Ärger in der Scherenschufthöhle
Italian Ukiki e Granchiassi Ukikis and Clawdaddies
Korean 원숭이 vs 꽃게
Wonsung'i vs Kkotge
Monkey vs Swimming Crab
Spanish (NOA) Manos arriba, pinzas abajo Hands Up, Pincers Down
Spanish (NOE) ¡Troncuis y Barbagrejos unidos! Ukikis and Clawdaddies Unite!