Diagonal Valley Rally

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Diagonal Valley Rally
Diagonal Valley Rally.png
Level code 1-S
Game Yoshi's New Island
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Diagonal Valley Rally is the special level of World 1 in Yoshi's New Island. Throughout the level, Yoshi has to traverse a series of Flatbed Ferries that move on diagonal tracks, as the level's name indicates. Some Flatbed Ferries move on circuits, which enclose items such as coins and Smiley Flowers that Yoshi can collect by traveling around these circuits. Like every other special level, this level's playable Yoshi is the green Yoshi.


From the start of the level, Yoshi must take two lifts until he reaches a platform with an Egg Plant. From there on, he must take another lift to the bottom right, then traverse several other moving lifts while avoiding Bullet Bills and Fly Guys. A series of magenta lifts follow, which lead Yoshi towards a platform with a Shy Guy. The level continues with several more lifts, where Yoshi must avoid Gusties and Blow Hards, followed by the Goal Ring.

Smiley Flowers[edit]


Name Count
Gusty 3
Fly Guy 5
Bill Blaster 6
Shy Guy 1
Blow Hard 2

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese ナナメリフトの 谷
Naname Rifuto no Tani
Diagonal Lift Valley
French (NOA) Diagonales pas banales
German Schräg durchs Tal
Italian Convergenze diagonali Diagonal convergences
Korean 사선리프트 계곡
Saseonripeuteu Gyegok
Diagonal Lift Valley
Spanish Diagonales cruzadas Crossed Diagonals