Underground Pokey Patrol

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Underground Pokey Patrol
Underground Pokey Patrol.png
Level code 4-2
Game Yoshi's New Island
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Underground Pokey Patrol is the second level of World 4 found in Yoshi's New Island. The level is primarily centered around various Pokey species, such as regular Pokeys, green Pokeys that bounce Pokey projectiles, and Blow Hards. This level's playable Yoshi is the pink Yoshi.


Pink Yoshi starts the level in a cave next to an inaccessible pipe, where there is a Pokey in a hole and a Blow Hard with a post and a Winged Cloud, which gives out stars. Past the green Pokey, Pink Yoshi encounters breakable blocks where a Winged Cloud and Blow Hard is visible alongside some red coins; this Winged Cloud also gives out stars. When ground pounding before the second Pokey, a block of hidden coins appear. Before they fall into the flipper, past a green Pokey with a Pokey ball, there is a hidden Winged Cloud that causes coins to appear. They also have to fall through a flipper, which leads to a horizontal section with Blow Hards, with the coins indicating the safe passage to fall through. Near the ground, Pink Yoshi may shoot the Winged Cloud above to activate door which grants it access to a bonus area where it can collect a Yoshi Star to become Super Yoshi, allowing it to run through many loops. Past the loops is a Red Yoshi Star that causes Pink Yoshi to fly through obstacles, defeat Piranha Plants, and collect coins.

There is also a pipe next to the bonus door leading to the Checkpoint Ring. A Fooly Flower, yellow Pokey, Grunt, and a green Pokey on a moving platform are encountered. In between the horizontally moving platforms with green Pokeys on them is a pipe; inside the pipe is a room with two Blow Hards and a post. Ground pounding the post reveals a hidden Winged Cloud, which causes coins and a red coin. Around the part with a Blow Hard is a hidden Winged Cloud; hitting it causes a large Spring Ball to spawn, propelling Pink Yoshi to a bonus area. In this area, Pink Yoshi must activate a ! Switch and run across in time; the second Winged Cloud in the area contains stars. Past this is a Fooly Flower and a Fly Guy holding a red coin. At the end is a pipe that leads to an area with three green Pokeys with Pokey balls where the last red coins are. Another pipe that takes Pink Yoshi to the short area that contains Goal Ring, with a Grunt and a tulip right before it.

Smiley Flowers[edit]


Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese 地下の サンボ軍団
Chika no Sanbo Gundan
Underground Pokey Corps
French (NOA) Pokey en patrouille
French (NOE) Patrouille souterraine Subterrain Patrol
German Pokey-Patrouille
Italian Sottosuolo dei Marghibruchi Underground of the Pokeys
Korean 지하의 선인 군단
Jiha'ui Seonin Gundan
Underground Pokey Corps
Spanish (NOA) Patrulla pokey Pokey Patrol
Spanish (NOE) Patrulla de Pokeys Pokey Patrol