Bowser's Castle Break-In

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Bowser's Castle Break-In
Baby Bowser's Castle Break-In.png
Level code 6-8
Game Yoshi's New Island
Boss Baby Bowser
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Bowser's Castle Break-In (known as Baby Bowser's Castle Break-In in the British English version) is the eighth level of World 6 found in Yoshi's New Island.


Yoshi starts the level outside a castle with some enemies along with Kamek flying in the background, with the Checkpoint Ring nearby. A rising platform takes Yoshi in the castle with the bottom-left door having some Mace Guys and a key. The bottom-right door has Tap-Tap the Golden which needs to be knocked back enough to get the key. The top-left door has Yoshi riding on a moving platform and hitting a Winged Cloud in order to get the key. The top-right door has Yoshi bouncing on Skeleton Goonies in order to get the key. The center door, when unlocked, leads to another locked door, which leads to a Checkpoint Ring and a locked door. This door leads to a locked door, which leads to an area with a pipe.

The pipe leads to a Mega Eggdozer which must be hit at some rocks in order for Yoshi to open the nearby door. It leads to a room where Kamek chases after the Yoshi and fires magic blasts at him, as well as a Checkpoint Ring and the boss door. Baby Bowser can be defeated by throwing an egg at him three times, however Kamek powers him up into his giant form. This form can be defeated by throwing a Mega Eggdozer at him three times.

After Baby Bowser has fallen, Yoshi will then go and rescue Baby Luigi and the stork. However, if the player manages to complete all the main levels without using the Flutter Wings, Bowser will appear out of nowhere, and he will have to be fought in the next level.



Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese クッパ城に 乗り込め
Kuppa-jō ni Norikome
Enter Bowser's Castle
Italian Nel castello di Baby Bowser In the Baby Bowser's castle
Spanish (NOA) Asalto al castillo de Bowser Assault on Bowser's Castle
Spanish (NOE) El Castillo de Bebé Bowser Baby Bowser's Castle