Chomp Rock 'n' Roll

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Chomp Rock 'n' Roll
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World-Level 1-2
Game Yoshi's New Island
Notes The first cave level of the game.
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Chomp Rock 'n' Roll is the second level of World 1 found in Yoshi's New Island. It introduces Mine-Cart Yoshi.


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Yoshi starts the level near a Chomp Rock and some Shy Guys, followed by a Mega Guy-producing pipe. The player can swallow one, turn it into an egg, and use it to clear an opening to the next area. Here, Yoshi turns into a Mine Cart and needs to proceed to the ring where his powers wear off while collecting clocks that add to his time. The next area contains a Checkpoint Ring, another Chomp Rock and some enemies, which are soon followed by the Goal Ring.


Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese ワンワン岩で ボンボンボン!
Wanwan Iwa de Bonbonbon!
Bang, Bang, Bang! With the Chomp Rock
Korean 멍멍이돌을 데구르르!
Meongmeong'i'doleul Degureureu!
Rolling the Chomp Rock!