Inside the Outside

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Inside the Outside
13.2.14 Screen 08 - Yoshi's New Island.png
World-Level 2-2
Game Yoshi's New Island
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Inside the Outside is the second level of World 2 found in Yoshi's New Island.


Yoshi starts the level in a nighttime grassy area with some enemies and a blue door nearby. It leads to an area with a Fake Yoshi which can be tricked into falling onto spikes for a Smiley Flower to appear. A nearby door leads to the Checkpoint Ring and an Arrow Cloud which can be jumped on to propel Yoshi higher into the area. After clearing another Fake Yoshi puzzle, a pink door can be entered to reveal another Checkpoint Ring. After avoiding some more enemies, Yoshi reaches the Goal Ring.


Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese 隠れた道を 探せ
Kakureta Michi o Sagase
Find the Hidden Path
Spanish (NOE) En busca del camino secreto Searching For the Hidden Path
Russian Шиворот-навыворот
Inside Out
Korean 숨겨진 길을 찾아서!
Sumgyeojin Gil'eul Chajaseo!
Find the Hidden Path!