Inside the Outside

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Inside the Outside
Screenshot of Yoshi's New Island.
Level code 2-2
Game Yoshi's New Island
Music track STAGE_FIVE
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Inside the Outside is the second level of World 2 found in Yoshi's New Island. This level's playable Yoshi is the pink Yoshi, and introduces Fake Yoshis that follow the pink Yoshi's movements and requires to be lead into spikes to make a Smiley Flower appear. This level also introduces Little Mousers that steal the pink Yoshi's eggs. The name of the level references its use of foreground walls to obstruct rooms and passageways to the player, evident by seeing suspicious ledges on walls.


Yoshi starts the level in a nighttime forest with a Little Mouser that falls from the sky and takes a Yoshi Egg away. After Pink Yoshi jumps up through a small tunnel, there is a hidden Winged Cloud to the left that spawns a pink door and a blue door on the right The hidden room contains coins and a Winged Cloud that spawns stars and a single Red Coin. The blue door proceeds the Yoshi through the level and leads to an area with a Fake Yoshi, spawned by activating a Winged Cloud, which can be tricked into falling onto spikes for a Smiley Flower and a row of coins to appear. All Fake Yoshi puzzles contain a Message Block informing players about them.

A nearby door leads to the Checkpoint Ring and an Arrow Cloud. When Pink Yoshi throws an egg at the Arrow Cloud, a large Spring Ball falls, which can be jumped on to propel Yoshi higher into the area and spawn coins and a hidden Winged Cloud that contains a 1-Up. On higher ground, the right area behind a hidden wall contains Shy Guys that spawn out of a Warp Pipe and some coins; the walls to the left contain Winged Clouds, the Winged Cloud on the lower area contains a Smiley Flower while the Winged Cloud on the upper area contains stars. The Winged Cloud on top of the uppermost platform spawns stairs, with Item Balloons holding coins just above. To the left of the stairs is a room hidden by a wall, where the third Smiley Flower is found. After the Piranha Plant, there are pink doors on the bottom that indicate a presence of a room and a blue door on the far right. The pink door leads to another Fake Yoshi puzzle, and a Yoshi Egg is provided to help Pink Yoshi activate the Winged Cloud.

The blue door leads to another area that contains Checkpoint Ring and Little Mousers spawning from holes in the walls and multiple Piranha Plants in a maze-like area. A line of coins points to a hidden Winged Cloud, which reveals a large Spring Ball when activated that propels Pink Yoshi up into a room with two Piranha Plants and red coins. Falling to the right after using the large Spring Ball is a hidden tunnel that leads to a pink door that leads to another Fake Yoshi puzzle room. To further proceed through the level, Pink Yoshi needs to pass through a tunnel with jumping Little Mousers who can jump through the platform, with a Winged Cloud that causes coins to appear, and the Goal Ring close by.

Smiley Flowers[edit]


Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese 隠れた道を 探せ
Kakureta Michi o Sagase
Find the Hidden Path

French (NOA) Le chemin mystère
The Mysterious Path
French (NOE) À la recherche du chemin perdu
Looking for the Lost Path
German Innendrin im Außendraußen
Inside the Outside Outside
Italian Tunnel nascosti
Hidden tunnels
Korean 숨겨진 길을 찾아서!
Sumgyeojin Gil'eul Chajaseo!
Find the Hidden Path!

Russian Шиворот-навыворот
Inside Out

Spanish (NOA) Recovecos enredosos
Confusing Nooks
Spanish (NOE) En busca del camino secreto
Searching For the Hidden Path