Metal Eggdozers on a Roll

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Metal Eggdozers on a Roll
Metal Eggdozers on a Roll.png
Level code 4-5
Game Yoshi's New Island
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Metal Eggdozers on a Roll is the fifth level of World 4 found in Yoshi's New Island. This level's playable Yoshi is the purple Yoshi.


Yoshi starts the level in a desert-like area with some enemies and Metal Eggdozers which must be used to clear a path to the Checkpoint Ring and a door. It leads to an underwater area with Maces and a pipe. It leads to an area with a Metal Eggdozer and the Goal Ring.


Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese ごろごろテツタマゴ
Gorogoro Tetsu Tamago
Rolling Metal Eggdozer
French (NOA) Roulement de métal
French (NOE) Destruct'œuf en métal qui roule...
German Metall-Eier-Tanz
Italian Travolgimento ovoidale Ovoid overwhelm
Korean 데구르르 메탈알
Degureureu Metal'al
Rolling Metal Eggdozer
Spanish (NOA) Rueda, rueda, huevote metálico Wheel, Wheel, Metal Eggdozer
Spanish (NOE) Huevos metálicos por dozenas Metal Eggdozers By Dozens