Count Fang's Castle

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Count Fang's Castle
Count Fang's Castle.png
Level code 2-8
Game Yoshi's New Island
Boss Count Fang
Music track STAGE_BOSS_BIG
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Count Fang's Castle is the last level of World 2 found in Yoshi's New Island. The level introduces Blarggwiches, enemies that contain platforms and stretch when ground pounded on. Due to the boss of the level being Count Fang, Fangs are heavily prominent in the level. This level's playable Yoshi is the blue Yoshi.


Screenshot of Yoshi's New Island.

Blue Yoshi first navigates through the level, encountering Fangs and spiked weights, which a Message Block informs players how to lock cursors to better aim eggs. The spiked weights can be that can be lifted when tossing an egg at the question mark-labeled gear. Past the spiked weight is a Shy Guy and a Winged Cloud that spawns stars, and a hidden Winged Cloud before a green Flatbed Ferry that spawns a pink door. This room is a Super Yoshi area, where Blue Yoshi can collect the Yoshi Star to quickly run up walls and become invincible. After the area is a Warp Pipe that spawns infinite Shy Guys, with a spiked weight and flippers that are blocking access the level's second Smiley Flower. Past the next spiked weight and two Shy Guys is the Warp Pipe that leads to the next area, with a hidden Winged Cloud that spawns stars just to the right of it.

The pipe which leads Blue Yoshi underground to an area where it requires to ground pound Blarggwiches that have green Flatbed Ferries to navigate through the area while avoiding Fangs. A single Blarggwich is suspended over a pit, with the pit's presence indicated by gushing wind. To the right of the Warp Pipe that leads Blue Yoshi back to the castle is a hidden Winged Cloud that spawns stars. A Checkpoint Ring awaits just after the Warp Pipe and a green Flatbed Ferry. Here, Blue Yoshi can activate Blarggwiches with red Flatbed Ferries by jumping on them and allowing them to move on a track. In a safe gap, Blue Yoshi can ground pound the Blarggwich to reach a higher area containing a pink door. This room contains three Blarggwiches and some thorns, including on the ceiling, that obstruct Blue Yoshi's access to a ! Switch unless Blue Yoshi ground pounds the Blarggwiches to grant it higher height. The ! Switch spawns coins with Red Coins hidden amongst them. In the main room, when Blue Yoshi rides the Blarggwich to the far right, coins spawn in Blue Yoshi's path. Past a second moving Blarrgwich and the level's fourth Smiley Flower is a stationary Blarrgwich with yellow Flatbed Ferries that requires to be ground pounded to help Blue Yoshi jump over a column of thorns; the upper path contains eggs and coins, including the final red coin, while the bottom path simply leads the Yoshi further in the level. The boss door where Count Fang awaits shortly after the level's final Smiley Flower guarded by a spiked weight and two more Fangs, with a hidden Winged Cloud next to the boss door in the upper right corner. He must be hit three times, piercing through his Slave Basa shield, in order for the player to access the next level.

Smiley Flowers[edit]


Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese ビッグパサパサの お城
Biggu Pasapasa no Oshiro
Count Fang's Castle

French Château du Comte Crocula
Count Fang's Castle
German Graf Spitzzahns Schloss
Count Fang's Castle
Italian Castello del Conte Pipistrillo
Count Fang's Castle
Korean 거대파닥파닥의 성
Geodaepadakpadak'ui Seong
Count Fang's Castle

Russian Замок графа Клыкастика
Zamok grafa Klykastika
Count Fang's Castle

Spanish (NOA) Castillo del Conde Colmiche
Count Fang's Castle
Spanish (NOE) El Castillo del Conde Colmiche
Count Fang's Castle