Spray Day Mayday

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Spray Day Mayday
Spray Day Mayday.png
Level code 6-4
Game Yoshi's New Island
Boss Kamek
Music track STAGE_BOSS_MID
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“Aaaagh! You got past me AGAIN?! This is getting silly! That is IT. YOUNG MASTER!!”
Kamek, Yoshi's New Island

Spray Day Mayday is the fourth level of World 6 found in Yoshi's New Island. This level's playable Yoshi is the yellow Yoshi.


Yoshi starts the level in an outdoor area with several Spray Fishes and some Bill Blasters, eventually travelling right to reach a door - to the left of the door is the first Smiley Flower, which is placed on a high-up platform that Yoshi can reach by bouncing off a Bullet Bill. The door leads to a room with a Checkpoint Ring, a locked door, and multiple pipes alongside an Egg Block. There are two routes the player can choose to take from here with keys at the end to progress, though the player will eventually be required to collect both keys, as the level features two locked doors to reach the boss fight with Kamek.

In the upward-leading pipe, the player will be led to a tall room where Yoshi must go right to climb streams of water, with falling Mildes acting as obstacles along the way, eventually coming to the top where a Propeller Piranha dwells. By continuing leftward, Yoshi can find the key and travel back down the left side of the room back towards the entrance pipe, finding a Smiley Flower and moving on with the level; however, this room features multiple hidden bonuses. By going to the right near the first Propeller Piranha and jumping upward, Yoshi can find a bonus door, leading to a room with a ! Switch and a large Milde on a small platform surrounded by Dotted-Line Blocks. This big Milde will split into four smaller versions when stomped, which will simply fall into the pit below unless the switch is used to create ! Blocks. Successfully defeating every Milde will cause a Spring Ball to fall from above, allowing Yoshi to reach the top of the room where several coins and a Smiley Flower await. Back in the main room, atop the platform where the Propeller Piranha is found are two Red Coins and a hidden Winged Cloud, which will create a staircase leading upward to a Whirly Gate. This gate transforms Yoshi into a Submarine to complete an underwater obstacle course containing multiple Red Coins and another Smiley Flower, and the exit at the end of this segment will leave Yoshi nearby above the key.

The lone Slime from Yoshi's New Island's mini 'boss room' in World 6-4.
The solitary Slime

By taking the downward pipe, Yoshi will instead be taken to another outdoor area featuring Spray Fish and Bill Blasters, filled with moving platforms and dangerous spikes, thus acting as a more hazardous continuation of the stage's beginning area - the Spray Fishes' normally harmless water can easily launch Yoshi into the spikes placed along the ceiling, resulting in a death. This route is a linear path to the key with no bonus rooms or Smiley Flowers, but along the way lie multiple Red Coins and Winged Clouds containing stars. The exit pipe next to the key will take Yoshi back to the hub room.

Beyond the first locked door is a room with no enemies and a stream of water running across the ground, with a large block in the middle and another locked door at the right end. Jumping on top of the large block will cause a Winged Cloud to reveal itself that causes a regular door to appear when hit by an egg. Within this door lies a strange bonus room, featuring another large block, some coins, and running water along the floor which lead to some spikes - if Yoshi grabs all of the coins, this block will unveil itself as the game's only Slime, who will leap toward Yoshi (potentially pushing the dinosaur toward the spikes) and can be damaged by eggs. The Slime's defeat will reveal a Smiley Flower and two rotating rings of coins, three of which will be hidden Red Coins.

Yoshi battling with Kamek

Beyond the second locked door is a simple room with a second Checkpoint Ring, a stream of water, and a single Milde, leading to several blocks that must be broken with eggs to access the boss door. Beyond the door waits Kamek, who fights Yoshi in an arena with two streams of water funneling towards a hole in the center - Mildes are spawned from pipes on opposite sides, acting as both hazards and a source for eggs. Kamek himself warps across and blasts magic from several of the same breakable blocks from before at the top of the room, and must be damaged by breaking the block he stands on with two egg hits. This will drop him to the floor, where the stream will cause him to fall into the pit, after which the Magikoopa will fly across the room and cause several blocks to fall before resuming his attack pattern. Damaging Kamek three times will finish him off and clear the stage.


Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese 水流に 負けるな
Suiryū ni Makeru na
Don't Give In to the Currents

French (NOA) Attention forts courants
Beware Strong Currents
French (NOE) Courants de détresse
Distress Currents
German Warnung! Wasserschlacht!
Warning! Water Fight!
Italian Forte degli spruzzi
Fort of the sprays
Korean 수류에 휩쓸리면 안 돼!
Suryu-e Hwipsseullimyeon an dwae!
Don't be swept away by the currents!

Spanish (NOA) Corrientes trastornadas
Disrupted Currents
Spanish (NOE) Huevos pasados por agua
Soaked Eggs, pun on an expression meaning "soft-boiled eggs"