Lose the Lunge Fish

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Lose the Lunge Fish
Lose the Lunge Fish.png
Level code 3-7
Game Yoshi's New Island
Music track STAGE_JUNGLE
2 channel variant

4 channel variant
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Lose the Lunge Fish is the seventh level of World 3 found in Yoshi's New Island. This level's playable Yoshi is the red Yoshi, and introduces Lunge Fish, large fish that eat the red Yoshi while leaping out of the water, and Dizzy Dandies, enemies that masquerade as Smiley Flowers that drop down and roll towards the red Yoshi. The level marks the fourth overall appearance of the Metal Eggdozer in the game.


Red Yoshi starts the level in a jungle area, with an Egg Plant and a Message Block that warns about the Lunge Fish. Red Yoshi must jump across treetop platforms to collect Coins and dodge the Lunge Fish. Red Yoshi then comes across a Shy Guy and a Winged Cloud that contains stars. The level's first Dizzy Dandy drops and attacks if approached too closely. Next, if Red Yoshi takes a Warp Pipe, they are dropped into an empty area that begins filling up with water, and they can collect Coins and Red Coins while swimming back up. More treetop platforms follow, along with a Winged Cloud that spawns Coins, and a Warp Pipe leads Yoshi to the next area.

In this area, Red Yoshi has to avoid many Spinners, and ends up next to an Egg Block and two Tap-Taps. On top of the Egg Block is a hidden Winged Cloud that contains stars. Next, breaking a Winged Cloud to the right causes water to rise, pushing Red Yoshi upwards to an area with a Metal Guy. Swallowing it gives Red Yoshi a Metal Eggdozer, and standing on a Cascading Stone follows back into the water. Red Yoshi must navigate back through the Spinners and use the Metal Eggdozer to break a stone block, taking them out of the water and next to the Checkpoint Ring.

A Warp Pipe leads Red Yoshi back aboveground, where they must avoid the Lunge Fish while jumping across horizontally moving green Flatbed Ferries and Countdown Platforms that disappear after being stepped off. Above one platform is a Winged Cloud with a key, which unlocks an optional side area in which Red Yoshi must navigate across a gap with a Paddle Platform, then jump up to reach a Smiley Flower. Outside the key door area, going right takes Red Yoshi to the Goal Ring.

Smiley Flowers[edit]


Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese ノモズ沼を 切り抜けて
Nomozu Numa o Kirinukete
Cut Through the Lunge Fish Swamp
French La grande gobée
German Entkomm dem Lippenwels!
Italian Fuga dall'Acchiappesce Escape from the Lunge Fish
Korean 메귀 늪을 빠져 나가라
Megwi Neupeul Ppajyeo Nagara
Escape the Lunge Fish Swamp
Spanish (NOA) ¡Aguas con la bagregona! Waters with the Lunge Fish!
Spanish (NOE) ¡Evita al Pez Zampón! Avoid the Lunge Fish!