World 2 (Yoshi's New Island)

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World 2
World2 YNI.png
Appearance Yoshi's New Island
Levels 9
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World 2 is the second set of stages in Yoshi's New Island, it takes place in a forest with some haunted qualities. Kamek and Count Fang are the bosses of this world.


Level Preview Description
Koopa Canyon Koopa Canyon.png A level which takes place on a cliffside of green grass. Koopa Troopas and Koopa Paratroopas are featured prominently in this level. It is also the first appearance of the Metal Eggdozer, a Mega Eggdozer which is heavier and helps in water.
Inside the Outside Screenshot of Yoshi's New Island. A forest stage which introduces Little Mousers. The main feature of this stage is Fake Yoshi, a Shy Guy that mirrors the true Yoshi's movements.
Seesaw Scramble Screenshot of Yoshi's New Island. A cliffside level which features Seesaws for the first time. Posts are also frequently found. In the second half of the level, volcanoes in the background will begin erupting, shooting out Fire Wanwan Dosun that destroy some platforms.
Beware the Boo Brigade Beware the Boo Brigade.png The third castle of the game. It is full of ghastly creatures like Boos, Big Boos, Grim Leechers, and Boo Blahs. Kamek's boss battle requires pounding on a giant stake the same color of the one he is standing on.
Lantern Ghost Grotto Lantern Ghost Grotto.png A level which takes place in a cave. Yoshi's goal is to find a Winged Cloud with a Key, and a locked Door to go with it. Spinners, Fangs and Lantern Ghosts appear as threats in this level.
Gusty Glory Gusty Glory.png A level which takes place on various platforms with bottomless pits scattered around. Gusties are a common threat in this level, as they are capable of knocking Yoshi into one of these pits. A Smiley Flower requires the use of some Gusties like a staircase.
Hidey-Hole Hooligans Hidey-Hole Hooligans.png A forest level which has walls that Wall Lakitus hide behind to pelt Yoshi with Spiny Eggs, sometimes further secluded within houses made out of fragile material.
Count Fang's Castle Count Fang's Castle.png The fourth castle level in the game. It has Fangs, a sewer section which introduces the Blarggwich, and ends in a boss battle against Count Fang.
All Aboard the Terrain Train All Aboard the Terrain Train.png The second secret level in the game. This stage features a moving platform that Yoshi must stay on at all times. It plows through breakable material, the main threat being stuck in between the breakable material and terrain train.