List of Yoshi's New Island quotes

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This is a list of quotes from Yoshi's New Island.

Baby Bowser[edit]

  • "Kamek, I'm gwumpy! Dere's too much noise! I'm judda baby, and I wanno go sweepy-bye!!"
  • "Huh?? Hmm?!!? Mmmmm!!!!?!"
  • "Dat gween donkey looks strangewy familiar... Looks wyke a fun ride!"
  • "Gween donkey! Gween donkey! MINE MINE MINE!!"


  • "Bwahaha! You wanna battle ME? Then beat every level without Flutter Wings!"
  • "If you used those pesky wings, the level marker will be yellow even after clearing it."
  • "In other words, don't even TRY to pull a fast one on me. Bwa! BWAHAHAHA!"
  • "This isn't over yet!! Bwahahaha!"


  • "Hey there, li'l Yoshi! That baby is mine, so be a darling and HAND HIM OVER!!"
  • "So what if we have wee Luigi at Bowser's Castle?! We'll never ever hand him over!"
  • "You made it?! HUGE mistake. Say hello to Big Beanie and his unstoppable vines!"
  • "Silly Yoshikins. Give up the baby already, or I'll be forced to blast you sky-high!"
  • "OK. I get it. You're clearly not giving up the baby without a fight. Time for Plan B..."
  • "Still on the youngster's side, Yoshi-baby? Then just try to protect him from Count Fang!"
  • "EEEEEEEK! That tears it! Time to end your journey with my handy balloon bombs!"
  • "*Pant, pant...* Not bad... Not bad at all... Why not put the baby down and go take a break?!"
  • "Know what time it is? It's time to GIVE UP. Otherwise you'll be in... a real pinch! Ke he he!"
  • "I'm SO over the going-easy-on-you strategy. Full-force time!"
  • "How do you two keep BEATING ME?! I'm going to get you for really real next time! "
  • "See Fred there? Watch me bulk up his tough armor! Basically that means IT'S ALL OVER!"
  • "OK. You've gut guts, I'll give you that much. But what's next will haunt your li'l Yoshi dreams!"
  • "But... How...? Hey, why not give me the baby so I can get some answers? Heh heh..."
  • "You can't *gasp*... You'll never *gasp*... enter Bowser's Castle! Jump into some thorns!"
  • "Eeeeek!! I don't GET it. You weren't supposed to make it this far! EEEEEE! It's all over now! Your nonsense ends HERE!!"
  • "Aaaagh! You got past me AGAIN?! This is getting silly! That is IT. YOUNG MASTER!!"
  • "Welcome!! Now, Yoshi, my lamb, if you would be a dear and please HAND OVER THE BABY!"
  • "Oh dear... What to do... Young Master Bowser awakens from his sweet slumber... "
  • "Yoshi, how could you DO such a thing??? Little Master, let me give you a hand!"
  • "How DARE you?! It's just not right... You big, green meanie... One of these days... we'll be back... You just wait and see!"
  • "Master Bowser?! NO!! You little monsters! Let me help you, my masterful Master!"