List of Donkey Kong 64 quotes

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This is a list of quotes from the game Donkey Kong 64.


Army Dillo[edit]

  • "I-I'm sorry, master, he was too quick for me. B-but I'll get him next time..."

B. Locker[edit]

First meeting[edit]

  • "Over here, you dumb ape!"
  • "I'm the mighty B. Locker and don't think for one minute you're coming in here without showing me some of you stupid Golden Bananas."
  • "If I disobey that fat old fool K. Rool, it's the big sawmill in the sky for me, so pay up pronto and I can get my wooden butt outta here!"

Golden Bananas in incorrect amount[edit]

  • "Are you stupid or something?"
  • "Read my teeth and get some more, you furry fool."

Golden Bananas in correct amount[edit]

  • "Come on, I haven't got all day!"
  • "Show me the banana and I'm outta this dump!"


First meeting[edit]

  • "Oh, it's only you, Tiny/Lanky. Well, if you can beat me to the bottom of my slide and collect 50 coins, I suppose you can have my Golden Banana."
  • "Use Control Stick to steer, push forward to speed up and pull back to slow down. Press A Button to jump. Ready? Off we go, then!"


  • "I thought as much, Tiny/Lanky. You're just too slow."


  • "You're better than I thought, Tiny/Lanky. Here's your prize!"



  • "Ah, freedom... Thanks, Diddy!"
  • "If you fancy a test of your flying skill, come and see me at the Jetbarrel Barrel."


  • "Hey, I can't fly and slower, and you still can't keep up!"
  • "We'll have to start again."

Meeting with Diddy[edit]

  • "Oh, here you are, Diddy. I thought you got lost. Follow me around the level and fly through all the rings I leave behind if you want to win a prize."


  • "Nice flying, Diddy! Now let's see what I can find you as a prize..."

Candy Kong[edit]

  • "Well, hello, Donkey/Diddy/Lanky/Tiny/Chunky. You just take it easy and let Candy tell you how she's gonna make you feel real good."
  • "Why, for just a few little old coins, you can have my musical instruments and extra melons too."
  • "For just 3 coins, I'll let you play with my instrument anytime you want."
  • "Come on now, Donkey/Diddy/Lanky/Tiny/Chunky. For just 3 coins I'll show you my musical instrument and throw in an extra melon for free! Let's give it a try, shall we?"
  • "Stand a little closer, Donkey/Diddy/Lanky/Tiny/Chunky, and I'll show you how to use your instrument. Press and hold Z Button then press Camera up Button its sound wave blast will deafen most Kremlings, but will also reduce the instrument's energy. Top up its energy by finding some headphones. You won't lose any energy if it is played when you are standing on a music pad, and all sorts of amazing things are likely to happen too!"
  • "You've all got another melon too. It'll hopefully make things a little easier."

Latest instruments acquired[edit]

  • "Aw, Donkey/Diddy/Lanky/Tiny/Chunky, you've already got my latest good stuff."
  • "Why don't you drop by and see me later now."
  • "You have all the latest stuff from me. Come see me later, okay?"

Low energy[edit]

  • "Your instrument's lost some of its energy. Here, let me fix it for you."

Chunky Kong[edit]


  • "H-help me! Chunky d-doesn't like heights!"

  • "Someone h-help me! I'm s-scared!"


  • "Chunky free now. Thank you friend Lanky."
  • "Chunky can collect green bananas."
  • "Me wait in tag barrel until you need help."

Diddy Kong[edit]


  • "Hey, DK! Hellllp!"

  • "You might need Funky's help to get me out of here..."

  • "Hey! I'm not in here through choice, you know!"


  • "Now that I'm free, I cam help you by collecting red bananas."
  • "I'll just go and wait in the Tag Barrel until you need me."

No potion[edit]

  • "Mmm... I wonder if I'll need Cranky's help in here?"

Factory intro[edit]

  • "Wheeee! Catch me if you can!"
  • "Okay, you two morons, here's your chance..."


  • "Oh, it was awful master. Those horrible Kongs threw barrels at me that went bang. Knocked me into the lava, they did. And I've singed both my wings."
  • "Then one of them got really big and punched me in the face! Look at my poor old nose! I want to go and lie down now. I'm not feeling well at all..."

Donkey Kong[edit]

  • "What did Cranky mean about training? Donkey's confused..."
  • "Okay, Donkey will help K. Lumsy!"
  • "OK!"

Funky Kong[edit]

First meeting[edit]

  • "Hey, Been a long time, Donkey-Dude!"
  • "K. Rool's return is a real bummer, so the main monkey's here to fix you up with some reptile kickin' hardware."

No coins[edit]

  • "That's a real bummer, Donkey/Diddy/Lanky/Tiny/Chunky."
  • "But I ain't seein' the 3 big ones I need for your cool shooter."
  • "I'll just hang loose until you come back!"

Weapon sold[edit]

  • "Check this out."
  • "I've got this real cool shooter that'll trash K. Rool's army, and it's yours for just 3 coins."
  • "Are we talkin' a deal here?"


  • "Gimme some slack, Donkey-dude! I'm all cleaned out!"
  • "Lookin' low, Donkey-dude. Here, lemme max at your ammo!"

K. Lumsy[edit]

First meeting[edit]

  • "Boo hoo hoo... Oh, Hi."
  • "My name's K. Lumsy, and i've been locked in here because I wouldn't smash up some little island."
  • "But how could I?"
  • "Such a lovely little island, full of cute monkeys - so I said no."
  • "Sniff... K. Rool says I'm too soft to be a Kremling and I'm to stay in here until I've toughened up."
  • "Sob... I'll do anything to be free again..."
  • "Hey, little monkey. Perphaps you could help poor old K. Lumsy escape?"
  • "Go on, I'll be your bestest friend..."
  • "Oh, K. Lumsy so happy now!"
  • "But K. Rool has taken the keys to this cage and given them to the biggest and most soldiers in his army."
  • "If you manage to get hold of any keys, please bring them back to open my locks."
  • "Don't tell K. Rool, though - this has to be our little secret!"


  • "Pant! Must get out of here before fatso discovers that the Kongs are recovering the blueprints to his stupid machine."
  • "What's that! Who's there?"
  • "Nearly there - I'm almost safe."

King K. Rool[edit]

Story intro[edit]

  • "I've been waiting a long time for this moment. Soon, Donkey Kong and his pretty little island will be no more!"
  • "I want you to do everything in your power to keep Donkey Kong distracted. Steal that hoard of Golden Bananas he treasures so much and take care of his pathetic friends. This time there can be no mistakes."
  • "I hope for your sake, you're right this time."
  • "While you'll be busy looking for your precious golden bananas and flea-bitten friends, I'll be preparing my lizard flavored surprise!"

Jungle intro[edit]

  • "Let's see how that fool Donkey Kong is progressing, shall we?"
  • "That's right, my scaly friend, the ape hasn't even got his first banana yet!"
  • "W-what! How did he do that?!"
  • "Very good, Donkey, but you'll need more than brute strength to stop me this time!"

Aztec intro[edit]

  • "That meddlesome monkey should be burnt to a crisp by now. Where's that Armadillo?!"
  • "Imbecile! I don't like failure - do you know what happens to failures?"
  • "I've waited too long for this."
  • "I won't let those flea-bitten monkeys ruin my plans this time."

Galleon intro[edit]

  • "I underestimated those Kongs. Their progress is unexpected."
  • "Chief technician!"
  • "I trust the Blast-O-Matic will soon be ready to be activated."
  • "Guards! Make sure no one leaves until my machine is ready!"

Forest intro[edit]

  • "Time to see what those furry freaks are up to"
  • "Huh? Not a Kong in sight. Where are They?"
  • "W-who was that!"
  • "I'm surrounded by fools..."

Caves intro[edit]

  • "Those stubborn apes don't know when they're beat."
  • "But even they will have to admit defeat after they've tangled with my fiery little pet."
  • "Nothing can stop me now. Their island is doomed!"
  • "Ah, there you are. I trust the Kongs have been dealt with?"

Castle intro[edit]

  • "Fatso, is it? I'd choose my last words more carefully if I were you."
  • "Any last requests?"
  • "I think not."

Enter hideout[edit]

  • "It's the Kongs! Wake up, you fools, and activate the machine!"
  • "Don't tell me what I can't do!"
  • "No! The time has come. Goodbye, DK Isles!"

Gameplay quotes[edit]

  • "Yeah! Thank you!"
  • "Come on!"


  • "Oh, your excellency! We've already taken care of business!"
  • "No!"


Double Kritters[edit]

  • "There's one of them Kongs! Get him!"
  • "Hey, this kid's quick! What's that thing on his back?"

Chief Technician[edit]

Galleon intro[edit]

  • "W-we've had a few technical problems, your m-majesty, and my men are all lazy."
  • "P-please forgive me, oh great one! We've worked really hard..."
  • "G-got to make a run for it..."

Enter hideout[edit]

  • "B-but it's not fully tested. It might explode and destroy us all!"
  • "P-please, master, just give us a few more hours..."

Minion Kritters[edit]

  • "He's lying, sire. He's always asleep!"

Officer Kritter[edit]

  • "You! Get up there after him!"
  • "Then you'll learn, won't you?"

Grunt Kritter[edit]

  • "B-but I can't climb..."


  • "GET OUT!"

Lanky Kong[edit]


  • "Who's there?"
  • "Can you come in here and give me a hand?"

  • "Please let me out. I'll help you defeat K. Rool!"


  • "Cool move, DK! I gotta get some fresh air."
  • "I'll help you by collecting blue bananas!"
  • "Come and find me in the Tag Barrel!"

Forest intro[edit]

  • "Yahoo! Come up here and get me, dummies!"
  • "Goodbye!"


  • "Listen to me! The key to my freedom lies in the clouds."

  • "Stop messing about all this sand is beginning to itch in here!"

  • "Oh, thank you!"
  • "All I've got is this old banana - take it - I'm off for home!"


First meeting[edit]

  • "Can you believe it Tiny?"
  • "The reptiles have stolen my precious pearls and locked them inside a giant treasure chest!"
  • "I know you're really busy, but please try and get them back."

Pearls collected[edit]

  • "Ooooh, my lovely pearls!"
  • "I hope this Golden Banana will do as reward!"

  • "My pearls are safe now, but I'm sure they'll get stolen again."
  • "Those thieving reptiles..."

Mini Car[edit]

First meeting[edit]

  • "Nice set of wheels, Tiny!"
  • "Let's race for this Golden Banana trophy, shall we?"
  • "To win, you'll have to beat me over 2 laps and collect 10 coins."
  • "Try pressing Z Button to speed up and use Control Stick to lanes. Press A Button to cheat."
  • "Ready? Here we go!"


  • "Hey, Tiny, you're way behind!"
  • "This meant to be a race. y'know!"
  • "We'll have to start again to make it fair..."

First loss[edit]

  • "Oh no! The shame of being beaten by a monkey!"
  • "I'll let you have this prize if you promise not to mention this to the other cars in the pit lane."

Professor Cranky Kong[edit]

  • "Well, if it isn't my good-for-nothin' son..."
  • "I'm not letting you have another potion yet. Come see me in the next level."
  • "Even I could run faster than you, Lanky. Even while carrying K. Rool on my back!"
  • "You won't get much further without it, so I suggest you pay up."
  • "That's all the potions you're getting from me, Now scram and leave me in peace!"
  • "Hmmph! You'll be back soon, begging me for that potion. Get out of my cabin before I kick your ungrateful butt."

Latest potions acquired[edit]

  • "I'm not letting you have another potion yet. Come and see me on the next level."
  • "That's all the potions you're getting from me, Donkey/Diddy/Lanky/Tiny/Chunky. Now scram and leave me in peace!"


  • "Pah! I knew you'd be hopeless at a real game! Try again, Donkey/Diddy/Lanky/Tiny/Chunky?" (after losing)
  • "W-what! You got my Rareware Coin? That's impossible. You must have cheated." (after winning the Rareware Coin)
  • "Hrmph. All you can do now is play for fun, I suppose. Interested?" (after obtaining the Rareware Coin)
  • "Back again, Donkey/Diddy/Lanky/Tiny/Chunky? How about another go on my Jetpac game, huh?" (after obtaining the Rareware Coin and returning)



  • "ARRR, only the good monkey who released me gets his 'ands on my loot!"

First meeting[edit]

  • "Shiver me flippers, 'tis the good monkey! 'ere, matey, 'ave some gold with the thanks from this old sea dog..."
  • "Er, seal!

  • "A-HAR! Why not sail though yonder tunnel and join me in a little race."
  • "A chest o' gold if ye triumph over laps and collect 10 pieces o' eight along the way."
  • "Press Z Button to set sail and use Control Stick to navigate your galleon."
  • "R Button turns her sharply, and A Button makes ye leap like a seal!"


  • "A-HAR! Ye be missing too many gates there, yer cheating' bilge rat!" (cheat)
  • "A-HAR! That were too easy landlubber!" (last place)
  • "A-HAR! Ye forgot to pick up enough treasure, ya scurvy dog!" (not enough coins)


  • "ARRR. I be shamed!"
  • "It be a long while since I lost, matey."
  • "But ye shall have my loot."


First meeting[edit]

  • "Greetings!"
  • "Snide's my name, revenge is my game!"
  • "Did you know K. Rool's been working on his Blast-O-Matic machine and intends to destroy to your island?"
  • "I was the chief technician on the project, but that double-crossing lizard kicked me off his team because he didn't trust me."
  • "I'll try to help you stop K. Rool's machine, but to you'll need to find me some of my original blueprints."
  • "I believe they were given to some of the King's toughest cronies, so be careful."
  • "For every blueprint you return, I'll give you one of those Golden Bananas K. Rool stole from your hoard."
  • "No blueprint, no banana."
  • "You never know, the might just buy you some valuable time."
  • "That's the deal, Kong."

First blueprint[edit]

  • "Ah splendid, Kong. I see you have my first blueprint."
  • "Here's one Golden Banana in return."


  • "This isn't a joke, Kong! I NEED those blueprints, and so do you!" (No blueprints)
  • "That's what we need, Kong. Another Golden Banana for you." (1 blueprint)
  • "That's the way to do it, Kong. 2/3/4/5/6/7/8 blueprints means 2/3/4/5/6/7/8 more Golden Bananas for you." (2-8 blueprints)
  • "Mission complete, Kong. Let's deal with K. Rool now, shall we?" (complete)

All blueprints collected[edit]

  • "Here's the deal, Kong."
  • "The blueprints you found have allowed me to block the Blast-O-Matic's firing sequence for 10/20/30/40/50 minutes."
  • "You must locate and deactivate the machine in the main cavern."
  • "Hurry, or you won't have an island to go back to!"


Story intro[edit]

  • "SQUAWK! DK, DK, come quickly!"
  • "They're gone, they're all gone! BWARK!"

Beginning of adventure[edit]

  • "SQUAWK! Your precious Banana Hoard and all the other Kongs have vanished!"
  • "I can't find them anywhere, DK!"
  • "You'd better go and tell Cranky the bad news! BWARK!"

First meeting[edit]

  • "SQUAWK! Hello, Diddy/Lanky/Tiny/Chunky. There are 5 Golden Bananas for you find in here too. BWARK!"

About items/objects[edit]

Cranky's Kong Barrel[edit]

  • "Squawks! This ability uses your Crystals Coconuts."
  • "Cancel the move by holding Z Button and pressing Camera left Button"

5-Banana Coin[edit]

  • "Hey, Donkey/Diddy/Lanky/Tiny/Chunky, that's a special coin you've picked up."
  • "It gives 5 coins to each Kong."

Mine Cart Ride[edit]


  • "SQUAWK! Great ride, huh? You've won a banana, Diddy! BWARK!" (Jungle Japes)


  • "SQUAWK! Now you've warmed up, how about trying to win a unique special prize by completing it again?"
  • "Just 2 coins to play again... BWARK!"


  • "SQUAWK! What do you think I am. An eagle? You're far too heavy for me, Tiny. BWARK!" (Carrying normal-sized Tiny Kong)
  • "SQUAWK! Hold on tight, here we go! BWARK!" (Carrying Tiny Kong with the Mini-Monkey ability)

Tiny Kong[edit]


  • "Sorry, guys, I'm afraid they got me too..."

  • "Hurry up! I want out of this dingy cell!"


  • "Nice work, Diddy!"
  • "Right then, I'll grab all the purple bananas I see."
  • "I'm off to the Tag Barrel- Ready to kick some reptile butt!"

Talking with Banana Fairy Princess[edit]

  • "Calm down, Mrs. Fairy."
  • "My friends and I will look out for them on our adventure."

Pearls collected[edit]

  • "Hmmm... Now that I've collected all these pearls, maybe I should go see the mermaid?"


  • "Howdy, Donkey! We can help you progress through your quest."
  • "But there's just one problem."
  • "I wanted to reach the key above my head to open this door for you - but I've eaten far too much!"
  • "I reckon that if you can feed my buddy Scoff over there, he might be able to overcome my slight weight problem."
  • "So if you've got any bananas, go stand on our pad and lets's see what we can do!"

Wrinkly Kong[edit]

First meeting[edit]

  • "Don't be afraid, young ones. It's only me, Wrinkly Kong."
  • "My body may have passed away since DKC3, but I'm here in spirit to help you defeat those naughty crocodiles."
  • "I can use my supernatural powers to reveal to you and your friends where that rouge K. Rool has hidden some of your precious Golden Bananas."
  • "You can come and see me wherever you see my face."
  • "Don't be shy now, dearies."

Jungle Japes[edit]

  • "Get DK's coconut shooter from Funky's Store and use it to hit the coconut switches." (Yellow door)
  • "Shoot the switch over the giant mine cart to make the path complete in Diddy's mine area." (Red door)
  • "Use Diddy to open the gate to Lanky's cave. Once inside, slam the stumps and shoot the Zingers!" (Blue door)
  • "Go and see Cranky, or Tiny will find herself unable to fit intro the tree stump." (Purple door)
  • "X marks the spot for Chunky and gives him a chance to use his weight." (Green door)

Angry Aztec[edit]

  • "Free the Llama by completing Donkey's blast barrel course." (Yellow door)
  • "Bash the gongs with Diddy's chimpy charge to reveal hidden suprises." (Red door)
  • "Match the sounds with Lanky in the back of the Llama's Temple." (Blue door)
  • "Small is best for Tiny when she plays her tune near the four gongs." (Purple door)
  • "Match the symbols and put the jugs on the podiums with Chunky near the start." (Green door)

Frantic Factory[edit]

  • "Donkey must climb up to the top floor if you want to bring the factory to life." (Yellow door)
  • "Cranky's Simian Spring will Diddy to leap to the top of the ABC blocks." (Red door)
  • "Lanky's OrangStand will get Chunky standing back on solid ground." (Blue door)
  • "Cranky can help Tiny beat the giant springy box." (Purple door)
  • "Test the strength of K. Rool gates with Chunky's Primate Punch." (Green door)

Gloomy Galleon[edit]

  • "After releasing the seal, you'll find him waiting for DK over by Candy." (Yellow door)
  • "When the ship comes in, climb aboard with Diddy and fire the cannon!" (Red door)
  • "Jump through the star with Enguarde and the treasure trove opens!" (Blue door)
  • "Dive down to the submarine near Funky and see if Tiny can find a way inside." (Purple door)
  • "Chunky doesn't need a key to open the chest bellow Cranky's Lab." (Green door)

Fungi Forest[edit]

  • "21132 is a number that DK might find useful." (Yellow door)
  • "Take an aerial trip to the top of the giant mushroom with Diddy." (Red door)
  • "The banana colors will give Lanky a clue in one of his rooms at the top of the giant mushroom." (Blue door)
  • "Tiny will need Chunky's help to enter the barn after dark." (Purple door)
  • "Don't throw a coin in the well - throw Chunky in instead!" (Green door)

Crystal Caves[edit]

  • "Match the pictures with DK in his cabin near Candy." (Yellow door)
  • "If Diddy can fly through the star, the ways in will be revealed." (Red door)
  • "Float to the top of ice castle for a rematch with the sliding beetle." (Blue door)
  • "Tiny will need the Monkeyport before she can get the banana under the igloo." (Purple door)
  • "Chunky will have a smashing time with the ice walls." (Green door)

Creepy Castle[edit]

  • "Pull the levers bottom left, top right, and top left in reverse order to open the way for DK." (Yellow door)
  • "Exorcise the ballroom, then light the candles with Diddy." (Red door)
  • "Lanky will need Funky's last upgrade before he enters the top tower." (Blue door)
  • "Get Tiny inside the ballroom then Monkeyport into the museum." (Purple door)
  • "If all else fails, get Chunky to punch it." (Green door)