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This is a list of quotes from the game Diddy Kong Pilot in its 2003 build.



  • "Before we start, lets[sic] get a few things straight... you are racing for the pride of Team Kong, don't let us down... I did not suffer those interminable amounts of monotonous gameplay for you to blow it all now. Each cup is made up of four races... If you win that then you need to go head to head against a Kremling to show them who is boss.. Look out for the Target Balloons... shoot them and a secret boost will appear... fly through it and something special will happen.. Think you can handle it? I very much doubt it." - when beginning a cup race the first time
  • "C'mon, that was terrible, you're letting the whole team down... You need to finish in the top four places if you are going to qualify for the next race.." - after losing a race
  • "Pathetic! I've never seen such bad flying! Head for the barrels and use the weapons... That should make it easy... even for someone as terrible as you.." - after losing a second race
  • "Having trouble are we? If you collect all of the KONG letters then you get an extra retry... The way you are flying, you're going to need it." - after losing a third race
  • "Pah! That was awful... Shameful... you can't let them get the better of you... Get back out there and show them what you're made of" - after losing a boss fight
  • "That wasn't too difficult was it? Get on and race the rest of them, nothing is going to happen until you beat all four..." - after beating a Kremling boss
  • "See how easy this is? Just two more to go and we will put paid to those stupid Kremlings..." - after beating a second Kremling boss
  • "This is it, we are nearly there. When I first saw you I thought you were a terrible Pilot... You Know[sic] what? I was right, it's just that these dumb Kremlings are even worse!.. One more to go.." - after beating a third Kremling boss
  • "Four out of four? Well, look at you... thinking you're a fancy pilot. Frankly that was just too easy... If you want a real challenge, try racing as those dumb Kremlings... Then we will see how good you really are.." - after beating the final Kremling boss
  • "What's going on? This is a disgrace! This is a Kong game, not a Kremling game... I don't see your name on the title page. My boys will put a stop to this insolence.." - when beginning a cup race with Team Krem the first time
  • "What! How did that happen? That must have been a fluke... You Kremlings are all the same... Let's see you try that again..." - after beating a Kong boss
  • "Pah! That's enough of that! My boys are going to start taking it seriously now... Enough of this impudence..." - after beating a second Kong boss
  • "Three out of four? How did it come to this... Don't think it will be so easy next time..." - after beating a third Kong boss
  • "Aaaargh! That wasn't supposed to happen! I never thought it would come to this... this is serious you know... Whatever team beats all four bosses last, gets to claim the name of the game.. Next time you see the title page you are going to be in for a bit of a surprise.." - after beating the final Kong boss
  • "Let's see how good you are. I've left six coins on each track and you need to collect them all and still beat me in a race... Think you are up to it? You don't stand a chance" - when beginning a Cranky Challenge the first time
  • "What's the matter? Is it too tough for you? You didn't collect all the coins or win the race... In my day we would have done all this with just one retry" - after failing both Cranky Challenge criteria
  • "Were you not listening? You can't just collect all the coins, you have to beat me as well! Come back when you've learnt how to follow simple intructions.." - after failing to beat Cranky
  • "Pathetic! It doesn't count if you don't collect all the coins. You were just lucky anyway... If this plane were working properly you wouldn't get anywhere near me.." - after failing to collect all the coins
  • "Bah! How did that happen? There must be something wrong with my plane... Try another track, you won't beat me again..." - after completing one Cranky Challenge
  • "Humbug! I've got to hand it to you kid, you can actually fly that thing... I think it's time for you to move on... If you want a real challenge, try racing in the CUPS with TEAM CRANKY... The others will really give you a race then..." - after beating all Cranky Challenges
  • "Well thank you... I think you have just gone and proved what we knew all along, I am the best flier... You could change the title page back by racing as one of the other teams but why would you need too[sic] 'Cranky Kong Pilot'?.. It seems like the end of an era Things[sic] may never be the same again.." - after beating all Kremling bosses with Team Cranky


  • "Obviously!" - selected
  • "It's going!" - starting
  • "Oh, yeah!" - passing
  • "Not a problem." - being passed
  • "Move it!" - hitting a Kremling
  • "Why, you...!" - hit by Kremling
  • "Ha! Serves you right." - hitting a Kong
  • "What the?" - hit by Kong
  • "Wa-hooey!" - boosting
  • "Too easy!" - 1st place
  • "No competition." - 2nd place through 4th place
  • "Next time I WILL try!" - 5th place through 8th place

Diddy Kong[edit]

  • "C'mon!" - selected
  • "Here we go!" - starting
  • "Here I go!" - passing
  • "I'll catch up!" - being passed
  • "Gotcha!" - hitting a Kremling
  • "Typical..." - hit by Kremling
  • "Sorry..." - hitting a Kong
  • "Be careful..." - hit by Kong
  • "Wa-hey!" - boosting
  • "I'm a winner!" - 1st place
  • "Good enough..." - 2nd place through 4th place
  • "Oh, shucks!" - 5th place through 8th place

Dixie Kong[edit]

  • "Hahehehe..." - selected
  • "Let's go!" - starting
  • "Coming through!" - passing
  • "Hey, you!" - being passed
  • "Heehee!" - hitting a Kremling
  • "You puss!" - hit by Kremling
  • "Oops..." - hitting a Kong
  • "Hey!" - hit by Kong
  • "Wa-hey!" - boosting
  • "I'm the best." - 1st place
  • "That's OK." - 2nd place through 4th place
  • "I must do better." - 5th place through 8th place

Funky Kong[edit]

  • "Good choice!" - selected
  • "Let's go, dude!" - starting
  • "Awesome!" - passing
  • "Too bad!" - being passed
  • "Sorry, dude!" - hitting a Kong
  • "C'mon, dude!" - hit by Kong
  • "Tough luck." - hitting a Kremling
  • "Watch it, man!" - hit by Kremling
  • "Way-hey!" - boosting
  • "Check me out!" - 1st place
  • "Not bad!" - 2nd place through 4th place
  • "What was I thinking?" - 5th place through 8th place

Donkey Kong[edit]

  • "Donkey Kong!" - selected
  • "Time to go!" - starting
  • "You goin'!" - passing
  • "I'm not done!" - being passed
  • "Sorry, friend!" - hitting a Kong
  • "Hey, pal!" - hit by Kong
  • "How'd you like that?" - hitting a Kremling
  • "Hey, watch it!" - hit by Kremling
  • "Wa-hey!" - boosting
  • Yeah! First place." - 1st place
  • "Nice job!" - 2nd place through 4th place
  • "Uh oh..." - 5th place through 8th place


  • "Shake it." - selected
  • 'Let's get it on." - starting
  • "See ya!" - passing
  • "Hey you!" - being passed
  • "Take that, ape!" - hitting a Kong
  • "Watch it, monkey!" - hit by Kong
  • "Sorry partner." - hitting a Kremling
  • "C'mon, partner!!" - hit by Kremling
  • "Way-hey!" - boosting
  • "Go, Kritter!" - 1st place
  • "I can do better." - 2nd place through 4th place
  • "That's bad!" - 5th place through 8th place

Klap Trap[edit]

  • "Oh yeah!" - selected
  • "Let's do this, hehe! Hehe!" - starting
  • "Yeah yeah, heh!" - passing
  • "No no no!" - being passed
  • "Take that ape! Hehe!" - hitting a Kong
  • "Watch it, ape!" - hit by Kong
  • "Oh dear!" - hitting a Kremling
  • "Watch it!" - hit by Kremling
  • "Wa-hey!" - boosting
  • "I rock, hehe!" - 1st place
  • "Yeah, heh!" - 2nd place through 4th place
  • "Stupid dumb lad!" - 5th place through 8th place


  • "Yes, siree!" - selected
  • "Very good, sir!" - starting
  • "So long!" - passing
  • "Come back here!" - being passed
  • "Get some, ape!" - hitting a Kong
  • "Hey, you!" - hit by Kong
  • "Sorry, soldier!" - hitting a Kremling
  • "Hey, watch it buddy!" - hit by Kremling
  • "Woo-hoo!" - boosting
  • "Yeah! Number one!" - 1st place
  • "All right!" - 2nd place through 4th place
  • "Hah, not good enough!" - 5th place through 8th place

K. Rool[edit]

  • "Okay, then!" - selected
  • "This is it!" - starting
  • "Come back!" - being passed
  • "Get outta here!" - passing
  • "Watch it, ape!" - hitting a Kong
  • "You'll get it!" - hit by Kong
  • "Too bad!" - hitting a Kremling
  • "How DARE you!" - hit by Kremling
  • "Wa-ha-hey!" - boosting
  • "Too easy!" - 1st place
  • "I'm not tryin'!" - 2nd place through 4th place
  • "Let's do it again!" - 5th place through 8th place

T.T. voiceover[edit]

  • "Get ready... Go!" - starting race
  • "Lap two!" - lap transition
  • "Final lap!" - lap transition
  • "Finish!" - ending race
  • "Monkey power!" - after going through final pink zipper
  • "Monkey madness!" - after going through yellow zipper