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This is a list of quotes from the game Mario + Rabbids Sparks of Hope. The quotes are listed by character.


  • "I cannot say, only that they put my dear musicians in danger and terrorize the Fallen Stars... ...and have driven my dearest friend into hiding - without whom, we cannot perform our biophonies... ...and without our biophonies, the Melodic Gardens will fade to nothingness - a silent coda to the galaxy."


  • "SO glad you're here! If you win this battle, I get to join you Heroes and leave here forever."
  • "Watch the Flamin' Stooges! Their Burn effect can light multiple Heroes on fire if they're too close together, forcing you to scatter!"
  • "If you come into contact with someone else while on fire. THEY'LL catch on fire too! Tough luck, but that's fire for you."


  • "You're gonna have your hands full with Oozers, alright. Their magical powers can block techniques, Spark powers, even attacks!"
  • "They even have this Ooze effect that'll poison you - you'll take damage at the start of each turn!"
  • "But I'm with you! At least, AFTER the battle I am. IF you win, otherwise, not so much."


  • "Out! Out! Out! If you're here to cause trouble we're at our limit already!"
  • "Heroes? You mean like, the "put yourselves in serious danger to help total strangers" kind of Heroes?"
  • "Binga, banga, bonga, baby! Augie's gotta prayer! Ha ha!"
  • "Er... what I mean is - I've got some minor problems I could use help with. See that THING on our lighthouse?"
  • "The sun disappeared the SECOND it showed up and snuffed out our Lighthouse signal fire!"
  • "Um... Can you stop by the village first? It's under siege by a HORRIBLE MENACE! Been meaning to get on it for a while."
  • ""Spark?" THAT'S what you call those lil' star-shaped critters? Sigh... they coulda done both of us a favor and stayed home, too."
  • "Binga, banga, bonga, baby! You got the Spark! Let's get it to the lighthouse and-"


  • "Ahhhhhh... The air is zzzweet and the Everbloom liveszzz up to its name once more."



  • "Consider it done, my beloved Princess! We are happy to serve!"
  • "With our latest adventure complete, we can now kickback and relax - safe in the knowledge that EVERYTHING is under control."
  • "DON'T panic, Rabbid Peach! We'll just stroll casually along the back of this flying creature and reach your location in no time!"
  • "Uh-oh! Strike the words "causal, "stroll", and "don't panic", we've got hostiles incoming!"
  • "Mario, take cover - and don't get caught out in the open! Move from cover to cover - and remember to attack!"
  • "Rabbid Peach is within reach! Focus on getting to her now by moving to the tip of the Manta's tail."
  • "Rabbid Peach! You're safe! - despite the mysterious, malevolent energy sabotaging our weapons!"
  • "Neutralizing our weapons? Ha! We'll simply rely on our powerful Dash move that has saved the day for us during many a battle!"
  • "Using Dash, we can jar those egg-like things loose. Once they're in your possession..."
  • " can throw them at the creature's orb-shaped eyeball protuberances - its weak spots!"
  • "Our weapons have been reactivated! Time to take cover, take aim and fire at those baddies!"
  • "GASP! This "Cursa" is well out of range, yet the energy readings I'm picking up from it are beyond by ability to measure!"
  • "We'll take all the help we can get! Mario, be sure to see what this new ability of yours can do. Speaking of abilities..."
  • "Hey! Hello! Remember me? The entity who created you? I'm alive too!"
  • "Hehe - forgive JEANIE here for her arrogance, everyone. As the ship's new Artificial Intelligence she just became self - aware yesterday..."
  • "OBVIOUSLY, I have a lot more testing to do, but seeing as how we're in an emergency situation here, I-"
  • "JUST what I was about to suggest to our friend here. Hmm, what do we call your kind? Aha! How about, "Rabbid Lumas"?"
  • "Really? Because objectively speaking I think "Rabbid Lumas" is kind of perfect - no?"
  • "Please, JEANIE, adventure may be new to you, but not to US. I expect the level of difficulty of THIS mission to be..."
  • "Of course, I reserve the right to change my mind at any point during our mission."
  • "Regardless, with the Rabbid Lumas behind us, the rocky road ahead will be just a little smoother."
  • "WHATEVER. What matters is - we have their help. Listen, now that Cursa knows they're with us, I bet it will never bother us again!"
  • "Put that way! We're Heroes, not unruly tourists!"
  • "You know, we were following a different Spark earlier but...the more the merrier!"
  • "Look! Those appear to be Darkmess portals. Destroy them, quickly! More enemies are bound to pop out soon."
  • "Great! "Rabbid Edge", welcome to-"
  • "Speaking of help, I believe it's time we start keeping THREE Heroes on our frontline. Who'll take the first shift?"
  • "Poor Spark! We WILL win your freedom! Though it may take a few attempts. That's quite a battlefield."
  • "A-ha. And since the Darkmess Dimension and our world are connected, the lighthouse on Beacon Beach will light up, too!"
  • "That sounds nice, but Darkmess Puddles are AT LEAST as dangerous as swimming, right? And you should never swim alone, right?"
  • "Princess - mind "tagging along"? Your skill at protecting teammates could be useful - not that you'll need it, Rabbid Mario!"
  • "AMAZING!"
  • "NO, NO! I MEANT THE-"
  • "The Beacon Beach/Pristine Peaks/Palette Prime/Terra Flora/Barrendale Mesa what now?" (When talking to Victor for the first time in each planet)

Background reactions[edit]

  • "It's the Phantom's Gold Gramophone Award for Best Opera Album - A Thousand Hours of Mario Falling into Lava."


Sunrise Temple[edit]

Mural 1
  • "Apparently, Augie believes he is from a family of proud demi-gods. For such divine creatures murals must be like family photos."
  • "Unfortunately, this "regal" depiction of the birth of Augie and his twin, Perfectus, is marred by Augie's chronic dyspepsia."
Mural 2
  • "By age ten, Augie's brother was the patron deity of effortless victories, epic love poems, and glistening, six-pack abs."
Mural 3
  • "The only trophy Augie won as a child was for second place in a bratwurst eating contest."
Mural 4
  • "The ocean is said to have been formed by the tears of Perfectus' hairdressers, who wept with joy while brushing his golden mane."
Mural 5
  • "In wartime Augie was left behind to watch the livestock. It's how a flock of chickens came to briefly rule his city."
Mural 6
  • "Augie's first job was to help sailors in distress. This mural is called "Sentinel Of The Seas". Oh, boy."
Mural 7
  • "His whole life Augie was eclipsed by his older brother."
  • "Which, if we're honest, couldn't have been all that difficult."
Mural 8
  • "The last straw for Augie's parents was when Augie drove the family sun chariot into the neighbor's swimming pool during Perfectus' wedding feast."
Mural 9
  • "The villagers here on Beacon Beach REALLY need to do a few background checks before hiring wardens."
  • "Wait... Doesn't that trophy look familiar?"

Winter Palace[edit]

Mural 1
  • "Orion made a daring escape from Cursa, yet even at the risk of capture he made sure to pay his harbor fees beforehand."
Mural 2
  • "Here's the master navigator, err... holding his map upside down while trying to find a rest stop with a bathroom."
Mural 3
  • "Orion faced a Comet-Eater and lived, but ask to hear the story and all you get is grumbling about fuel costs and wholesale prices of celestial fish."
Mural 4
  • "Orion ran out of fuel and called his insurance company for "deep space gondola assistance". That stuff pays for itself!"
Mural 5
  • "Orion paid for fuel and a variety of extremely unhealthy snacks with loose change. The cashier ignored him."
Mural 6
  • "Orion was so destitute at one point that he used an old boot as bait in hopes a neutrino slime would fancy using it as a nest. GROSS!"
Mural 7
  • "Looks like a cross between an angry nebula shark and an extremely irritated blob lobster. I'll admit, I'm stumped."
Mural 8
  • "Orion obeys the celestial angler's code- give aid whenever needed. Though it looks like his first aid certification is a little rusty."
Mural 9
  • "Captain Orion struggles at map reading, having always considered them an "extravagant luxury" meant for the idle rich."
Mural 10
  • "Orion and his mystery co-pilot ran out of fuel AGAIN and were forced to crash-land here."
  • "That's what happens when you put only two coins worth of fuel into your ship at a time."


Mural 1
  • "The young Woodrow is reciting his first poem just before The Great Tree Blight of Palette Prime strikes."
  • "It took 500 leaf blowers to tidy up afterwards. Residents were fined a million coins due to the noise violations!"
Mural 2
  • "Woodrow's poem - The Strange and Conflicting Feelings Of The Crofter's Cheesemonger preceded an alien invasion!"
  • "The entire planet was forced to harvest thousands of pounds of pumpkin spice in exchange for their freedom. Horrible."
Mural 3
  • "After Woodrow read his next poem, a luxury space cruiser crashed into a satellite! Debris fell from the sky for quite a while."
  • "Rabbids would be having some picnic and then BAM! Down would come a crystal hot tub or gold badminton cabinet."
Mural 4
  • "Two tragedies occurred after Woodrow read aloud his Declaration Of Love Written Beneath Yonder Yew-Tree."
  • "ONE - the planet's moon fell to the surface of the planet. And TWO - his girlfriend confessed to kissing the captain of the soccer team."
Mural 5
  • "Each time Woodrow read a poem, tragedy would strike. Residents of Palette Prime naturally blamed him."
  • "They would forbid him to write poetry again, citing billions in property damage and "his use of clichéd metaphors.""
Mural 6
  • "Residents held a poetry slam contest to find a new poet laurate, as Woodrow's poems were always followed by tragedy."
  • "Woodrow entered the contest wearing a disguise to prove it wasn't his poetry that courted disaster, but bad luck... 1,142 cases of bad luck."
Mural 7
  • "Woodrow gave it his all with his poem I Am No Herald Of Ill. For once, nothing seemed to go wrong afterwards..."
  • "...until a[sic] "Intradimensional Doomstorm" measuring 9.5 on the "terror scale" arrived! I thought those were a myth!"
Mural 8
  • "Something large set loose from a storm above the planet. Woodrow couldn't get out of the way because he was wearing stilts!"
  • "By the way, I knew he wasn't naturally that tall. I thought he had lifts in his shoes."
Mural 9
  • "A steamship landed on Woodrow, squashing him flat as a pancake!"
  • "It happened after dinner - most passengers didn't even get a turn at the cheese trolley beforehand!"
Mural 10
  • "Woodrow was crushed by a falling cruise ship, then struck by lightning."
  • "After THAT a rain cloud became his permanent halo, forever influencing his outlook and ensuring he'd be a bummer at parties."

Everbloom Tree[edit]

Mural 1
  • "The warden here is BEA? It turns out she's THE Bea! The beloved singer who left it all behind to be an organic farmer!"
  • "She got her start playing "Roxxie" on "The Gashapon Gang", a show about a teen rock band who turned into giant gashapons to fight crime."
Mural 2
  • "Bea's first solo album was corporate-produced teen pop drivel. I mean, really, who listens to that rubbish?"
Mural 3
  • "Bea fired her manager and made an experimental album, done entirely underwater!"
  • "Critics dared to call it an "artistic temper tantrum appealing only to pseudo-intellectual snobs". Honestly - I love it!"
Mural 4
  • "Bea is a survivor! With her singing career over, she retired to Terra Flora and began a new life as an organic farmer."
  • "Thankfully, we have lots of great albums to remember Bea's beautiful voice... just not this one. Here she sounds like a rusty chainsaw."
Mural 5
  • "A whole new generation of fans was exposed to Bea when she became a celebrity host for the annual Galactovision song contest."
  • "Unfortunately, The Phantom was her co-host. The two constantly tried to outshine each other, eventually ruining their voices."
Mural 6
  • "Bea sang the Beacon Beach Brawler's entrance music LIVE for his Galaxy Wrestling Title bout at Galact-o-Mania."
  • "It was the first of many il-advised[sic] comeback attempts, although she did develop one heck of a sunset piledriver!"
Mural 7
  • "Bea made this album during her punk-pop phase after a whirlwind relationship with the Phantom. Silly celebrity nonsense, really."
  • "I can't believe he dumped her at the Galaxy Music Awards! By text! DURING her acceptance speech! I'LL NEVER FORGIVE HIM!"
Mural 8
  • "A wiser, more mature Bea grew into her own with this album, which critics called "soulful" and "masterfully crafted"."
  • "It sold only three hundred copies and effectively ended her career."

Barrendale Mesa[edit]

Mural 1
  • "Fascinating - this is the first of several murals that tell the story of Momma, famed mechanic, and the warden here."
  • "It all started when the wild and free Momma made a pit stop here for some beef jerky during a ten-planet, cross-galaxy road trip."
Mural 2
  • "Momma wasn't looking for trouble, but when she saw Rabbids being threatened by a mechanical monster, she came to their rescue!"
  • "The Rabbids here had actually invented the ruinous robot, along with other monstrosities that tore the planet apart!"
Mural 3
  • "Momma felt a kinship with the Rabbids here who were living life "wild and free", like a solar-powered car without brakes."
  • "Yet this freedom was costly - their recklessness reduced the once-bountiful planet into desert. Could they have it both ways?"
Mural 4
  • "Momma stuck around to show the Rabbids how to make their ingenuity work FOR them, versus against them."
  • "They were fascinated - the thought of NOT fleeing in terror for their own creations had somehow never occurred to them."
Mural 5
  • "Although born with "itchy feet for the open road", Momma fell in love with this place, and made to a decision."
  • "She used her entire life savings to open a garage and jerky hut, with the help from her new "thrill-seeking sidekicks"."
Mural 6
  • "It wasn't easy, but Momma taught the Rabbids here how to be responsible in mechanical engineering, robotics, and jerky-making."
  • "The Rabbids began to model themselves after her. It was then that they gave her the nickname "Momma". Sniff!"
Mural 7
  • "Momma began a new life here, but there was a problem - without a way to fuel her new power grid, they couldn't rebuild."
  • "There was only ONE alternative - the battery that was fueling the wild and wicked mechanical marauder, who was tearing up the planet just for kicks!"
Mural 8
  • "Momma had "civilized" the once savage Rabbids here, but now she needed them to go back to living like there was no tomorrow!"
  • "They pooled everything they owned, used every ounce of ill-advised ingenuity to build... MECHA MOMMA!"
Mural 9
  • "Momma and the Rabbids busted up the mechanical mischief-maker and used its power source to fuel their new power grid."
  • "Momma and the Rabbids then hit full throttle to transform Barrendale Mesa into a freedom-loving galaxy rider's paradise."
Mural 10
  • "The efforts to rebuild here were cut short by the arrival of the nastiest ne're-do-wells in the known galaxy - Cursa's army!"
  • "Knowing the other, more populated planets were likely also in danger, Momma knew they had to act! But how?"
Mural 11
  • "With Cursa's army tearing the Galaxy apart, it was the Rabbids who surprised Momma with a "far out" plan of their own."
  • "Having returned to their roots, but having learned something vaguely resembling responsibility, they hit the open Galaxy to help others!"
Mural 12
  • "Having so many Rabbids leave Barrendale Mesa to help fight against Cursa's minions meant rebuilding slowed to a trickle."
  • "But if Cursa thought it could stop the rebuild entirely, then it wasn't counting on Momma and her Rabbids!"

Flooded Ruins[edit]

Mural 1
  • "Hmm... this looks to be the first of several artwork depicting some of the Melodic Gardens."
  • "Ahem "Some dawn songs ago, when the moon shone bright, a silver star fell upon the Melodic Gardens. We wondered if it had come to lead us to the Lost Melody."?"
Mural 2
  • "'She is here to disrupt the melody of our gardens!' we said. 'Watch! She will uproot the Drum Pods and Shake Plants and steal them away to her planet!'""
  • "And so we watched. We watched, and also we listened."
Mural 3
  • "'Show this stranger nothing of the secrets,' we said. 'She will destroy our wildsongs, and the Lost Melody will stay hidden forever!'"
Mural 4
  • "We watch with wonder as the stranger did not pry Lyre Trees and Clap Mouths from the soil, but coaxed strange and new songs from them."
  • "'This music is stiff, as if made from instruments of deadwood,' we said, but soon the stranger made our garden sing and thrum and beat as one."
Mural 5
  • "The stranger, Allegra, had became one with the Melodic Gardens, and the biophony was reborn! 'Perhaps she will lead us to the Lost Melody after all,' we said."
Mural 6
  • ""Allegra came to the pond to conduct her biophony, and so we joined her. The music was loud and traveled far, and the pond trembled as a Wondrous Beast rose from water!"??"
Mural 7
  • ""Hearing Allegra's biophony, the beast awoke from its slumber. With great joy it breathed water on the Melodic Gardens, and the Lost Melody was heard once more!"?"
Mural 8
  • ""'Allegra's set herself free using the melody of our gardens, and in doing so, set us free. She is the MELODIST, and she will guide her biophonies with the Wonderous Beast at her side.'"?"
Mural 9
  • "Some dawn songs ago, when the moon shone not as bright, a dark star fell upon our gardens and the Wonderous Beast disappeard."
  • "Many wondered if our wildsongs would soon disappear with it - and if our Melodic Gardens would become silent forever."

The Tower of Doooom[edit]

  • "Fear not, Spawny! We'll have you free from this accursed - not to mention VERY unsafe - tower of Bwahstella's in no time!"
  • "Er... "NO time", is of course, a turn of phrase, NOT to be taken literally. Nonetheless! Hang on, Spawny - we're coming!"

The Last Spark Hunter[edit]

  • "JEANIE, would you please find the open channel broadcast for the Melodic Gardens?"
  • "Our flight path to Cursa's stronghold should take us close enough to hear the planet's biophonies - the "songs" of the natural world!"
  • "They are the perfect balm for jangled nerves after our harrowing adventures on Barrendale Mesa!"
  • "On a positive note however, Barrendale Mesa DID give us the opportunity to decisively defeat the last of the Spark Hunters!"
  • "B-but that's impossible! The entire planet is a living symphony. Er… unless it's going through a minimalist phase."
  • "JEANIE! Change course to the Melodic Gardens at once!"
  • "We'll get there as soon as possible, Rabbid Rosalina, I promise!"


  • "WELL, wimps? A "thank you" would be nice! I did save your lives just now!"
  • "Roarrr! Looking for Cursa, same as you! It corrupted my army of weak-minded imbeciles and I want them back!"
  • "Bwahaha! That sounds about right! No wonder you're trying to trick me into leading your little wuss brigade!"
  • "BWAHAHA! Don't worry. I promise not to pound you into bits until AFTER I pummel Cursa and rule the galaxy again."


  • "I NEED the energy of those creatures! Bring them to ME!"


  • "Please, win this battle? You Heroes are my only way out of here."
  • "Deep Freezes will freeze you in your tracks with their Blizzard Burst Technique. When defeated. They'll set off a frozen explosion!"
  • "It's sort of a no-win situation. Anyhow, just get to the end of the battlefield, quickly!"


  • "Hey! Ready to go when you are!" (Exploration)
  • "You found me! I've been trying to get out of here for ages."

Da Da[edit]

  • "I. Don't. Ask. That. Art. Always. Be. Elegant. But. It. Should. Not. Champion. Ugliness." (Field, before clearing It's an Ill Wind that Blows Quest)



  • "Now, now, Edge. Best to keep a clear head - you need to play the LONG GAME here."
  • "Are you going to run away again in order to save your own skin - let me use "Momma" for target practice?"
  • "Or will you try to rescue her? You'll fail, of course, and your quest to stop Cursa will be over. The whole galaxy suffers, then."
  • "Though, you'd never stop Cursa, anyhow. I - at least - can promise to be much more merciful in victory."
  • "So... What will you choose?"


  • "Take this!" (When attacking)
  • "Go down, will ya?!" (After attacking)
  • "Tougher than I thought. (After attacking)
  • "Still here, lucky you." (After attacking)
  • "Go on. Do it!" (When attacked)
  • "I'd think twice." (When attacked)
  • "Don't miss." (When attacked)
  • "Those will be mine soon!" (When attacked)
  • "How dare you!" (When hit by a hero's attack)
  • "Consider them lucky." (When defeating a hero)



DJ Cheep Tuna[edit]

  • "No "Cheep beats" for now. My concert's postponed!" (Exploration, before clearing Come Rain or Shine)
  • "Bleep sheep, MIBI hippies, demo scene shapers, and chiptune makers!"
  • "I got bad news. BOTH albums with my polychronic pocket sonnet on 'em are MISSING."
  • "If you want to get tripped, you gotta find em' for me. May your waves always be triangle!"
  • "Loop snoops, oscillator gators, microsound hounds, and 8-bit clowns - Cheep Tuna has the VIBEZ to take y'all into OVERDRIVE!"
  • "Hey, you're back! Needed a chip break, huh?"


  • Yes, Bea! Er... I mean, "Yes, my Queen!""



  • "NOT a Spark Hunter. Name's Edge."
  • "JUST Edge."
  • "You gotta spaceship, huh? Guess you can ride sidecar with me - for a time. It's not like you can't use the help."
  • "Beep-0, friend... The real storm's just begun."
  • "Not a ghost. That's one a' Cursa's Spark Hunters."
  • "Let the girl go, Midnite. Ride with us. It's the smart play and you know it."
  • "Enough talk."
  • "That round fella a friend a' yours?"
  • "Spark Hunter. Name's Bedrock, and she's no friend of mine."
  • "How do you figure?"
  • "Even if there was - it'd be MY business. And trust ME - you all don't want MY business to be YOUR business - understand?"
  • "We don't need some swindler to tell us how to handle a Darkmess Puddle. I'll take point on this one."
  • "If that's right, the downright sneakiest, dirtiest, most devious of the Spark Hunters will be waiting for us down there."
  • "Whoever this Momma is, she better hope we find her first."
  • "I can't do that, Beep-0. Mario and I got it covered."
  • "Hmmm..."
  • "DAPHNE! You little-"
  • "Daphne's a crack shot from a distance. We bum-rush her and we're fish in a barrel."
  • "Cursa's got NO idea what I'm made of..."
  • "...but I'm gonna show it."
  • "It's true that Cursa brought me into this world."
  • "Not just a Spark Hunter... I was their LEADER."
  • "Cursa gave me an EDGE, with just enough free will to lead - to think."
  • "That edge let me see Cursa for what it is - a black hole of greed leading to a bottomless pit of misery."
  • "Bedrock, Midnite, Daphne - I tried to turn them to the light, instead they turned on me."
  • "So I hit the road - tried to save what Sparks I could 'fore they got their hands on 'em. That's the truth of it."
  • "I didn't say anything 'cause I figured you didn't have a reason to believe me."
  • "Thank you for that. All of you..."
  • "Now let's get to Cursa."
  • "I figure with Cursa gone, my "ol' pals" will find themselves a new profession."
  • "Guess I'll stick with these tenderfoots for now - see if I can't keep air in their lungs."


  • "That'll work." (When receiving a reward)
  • "Okay then." (When receiving a reward)
  • "Hmph... Yeah." (When receiving a reward)
  • "Fire at will." (When entering a cannon)


  • "On me." (When starting a battle)
  • "Show time!" (When starting a battle)
  • "Let's finish this!" (When starting a battle)
  • "Bwah~" (When starting a battle)
  • "That'll do." (When having a team of female characters)
  • "Let's see here..." (When using an item)
  • "Keep 'em coming." (When using a Mushroom)
  • "Yeah..." (When targeting an enemy)
  • "Up you go." (When helping another Hero perform a Team Jump)
  • "Go!" (When performing a Team Jump with another Hero)
  • "Come on!" (When performing a Team Jump with another Hero)
  • "Move it!" (Dash)
  • "Gotcha!" (Dash)
  • "Go on!" (When attacked)
  • "Bring it!" (When attacked)
  • "All guard!" (When attacking an enemy)
  • "Take that!" (When attacking an enemy)
  • "Ha!" (When attacking an enemy)
  • "Hello?" (When destroying a cover)
  • "Ow." (When hit by an enemy's attack)
  • "Is that it?" (When hit by an enemy's attack)
  • "Pathetic." (When defeating an enemy)
  • "One down." (When defeating an enemy)
  • "Just dead meat." (When defeating an enemy)
  • "Too easy." (When defeating an enemy)
  • "Can't hide!" (When defeating multiple enemies at once or destroying a cover)
  • "Anyone else?" (When defeating multiple enemies at once)
  • "Want more?" (When defeating multiple enemies at ones)
  • "Off you go." (When throwing an enemy or object)
  • "Come on." (When one of her attacks does no damage)
  • "Mmph!" (When one of her attacks does no damage)
  • "No good!" (When one of her attacks does no damage)
  • "Not now!" (When defeated)
  • "It's about time." (When leveling up)


  • "Er... No pressure, but if you win this battle I get to leave this horrible place with you. Otherwise, I'm stuck!"
  • "Watch for gusts of wind from those stone masks! Time your movements so you don't get blown away."
  • "Lucky for you, they CAN be destroyed! Now get out there - on three! Ready... BREAK!"


  • "Puddles used to be fun to play in, you know?"
  • "I'm Electrodash. Thanks for rescuing me!"
  • "Let me get my second wind and we'll get going!"


  • "Boy, I'm glad to see you! If you win this battle I can leave with you!"
  • "Oh, and try not to move in front of those Lone Wolves when they're using their Evil Sight power."
  • "If you do and you're in range, they'll shoot you immediately."


  • "You ever fought Magikoopas before? Trust me, they're DANGEROUS. They can Empower any allies nearby with ease."
  • "AND they have a Wand that can dish out damage to multiple Heroes within a certain range."
  • "They'll keep appearing on the battlefield, but don't get discouraged - if you win, I get to join you!"


  • "New phase with my latest work." (Field, before clearing It's an Ill Wind that Blows Quest)


  • "Look out for these Medicians - they can heal their allies AND put up Team Barriers to protect them.
  • "They even have a Shock Super Effect that spreads from its original target to other Heroes nearby!"
  • "What's your motivation you ask? ME! If you win, I get to ride your coattails out of here."


Main article: Memory
  • "The Megabug - an abomination created partly from the mutated DNA of Rabbids. It was thought to have been defeated..."
  • "...yet a fragment remained, floating aimlessly throughout the galaxy. Merged with, and powered by, stellar debris, it mutated once more."
  • "Slowly, it gained SENTIENCE. Desiring to grow, it fed upon the life energies of the galaxy, eventually transforming into CURSA."
  • "One fateful day, some Lumas were playing with some Rabbids who were passing by."
  • "Intrigued by the powerful energies emitted by the Lumas' joy, Cursa was drawn to the Comet Observatory."
  • "Cursa approached them while masking its presence. Even Rosalina could not sense its arrival until it was too late."
  • "At the last possible moment, Rosalina put herself between the Lumas and Cursa in order to protect them."
  • "The Rabbids and Lumas were saved, but something terrible happened. An enormous blast of energy. The Rabbids and Lumas were flung far away."
  • "...where they were merged together, creating a new, powerful species now known as Sparks."
  • "Rosalina had also merged... with Cursa! Cursa was in control, but felt Rosalina rebelling against the union."
  • "To crush Rosalina's will once and for all, Cursa needs to gather Sparks and absorb their energy."
  • "Then, it created an army made of corrupt Rabbids and mind-controlled minions of Bowser, along with the Spark Hunters to lead them."
  • "Yet, Rosalina does not fear Cursa. From the very start, Rosalina knew she could count on her friends. She knew she could count on... US."
  • "Cursa, having descended from the Megabug encountered in your previous adventure..."
  • "...has inherited its memories, from which it reconstructed this likeness of Bowser."
  • "Unknown. For Cursa to create a clone such as this it would need to inherit a DNA blueprint from the Megabug or..."
  • "...have created one itself."
  • "You were a Spark Hunter, weren't you?"
  • "You're part of our family now, and that means you don't need to keep secrets - not from us."

The Last Spark Hunter[edit]

  • "Beep-0, I have double and triple-checked the signal. Melodic Gardens have gone completely silent."
  • "I believe I have found another explanation - a very recent outbreak of Darkmess activity on the planet!"



  • "La-la-la-la-la-la!"
  • "Ooh ooh oh oh… Right. On. Time."
  • "Oh, have I been looking forward to this - counting on it, actually."
  • "I heard a LOT about the "Galaxy's toughest fighters" - Mario… Bowser… Edge…"
  • "You got it. Ooh! I almost forgot though - your pet? It's probably too late for it. Shoulda said something earlier…"
  • "Now, where was I? Oh, yeah - the difference between me and Cursa? I've got a KING-SIZED vision for the future."
  • "Whaddya think? Hope you like it. After all, you helped me build it."
  • "All that "field testing" I had you do with my prototype earlier? Wait'll you see how it paid off."
  • "How about a hundred? A THOUSAND? How about the ENTIRE MELODIC GARDENS turned into a single, GIANT Mecha King Bob-omb!"
  • "After that, the Galaxy will be mine! No wardens, no Cursa - just ME. The last Spark Hunter to TRULY think for themselves."
  • "Enough talk. We're in a garden - you oughta be able to taste the fruits of your labors…"


  • "You can't stop me!"
  • "Any last words?"
  • "Now you're just making me mad!"
  • "The Melodic Gardens are mine now!"



  • "Those aren't Rabbid Mario's for sure... but I smell something fishy."
  • "Rabbid Luigi?! YOU stole Rabbid Mario's overalls? But why?!"


  • "Oh yeah, can't stop Luigi!" (When starting a battle)
  • '"Wheee!"
  • '"Here we gooo!"
  • "Let's-a go!"
  • "Oh, yeah!
  • "Alright!"
  • "Fly, Luigi!" (When performing a Team Jump)
  • "Aw...!" (When one of his attacks does no damage)
  • "Aw, no."' (When one of his attacks does no damage)
  • "Uh-oh...!" (When one of his attacks does no damage)
  • "Aw, what happened?" (When losing a battle)

Madame Bwahstrella[edit]


  • "Are you sure you want a combat expedition in Dimensional Drift? I'm not legally responsible for outcome."
  • "You are DOOMED by your ineptitude then! Come back when you find some courage in your pockets!"
  • "Do you dare attempt this combat expedition to the Dimensional Drift again?"
  • "Well, come back whenever you want to be DOOMED again!"

Beacon Beach[edit]

  • "You are doomed! DOOMED! DooooOOOOooomed!"
  • "Doomed if you use another gateway chain instead of Madame Bwahstrella's Dimensional Drift Departures!"
  • "If adventure you do seek, expeditions of COMPELLING COMBAT await you beyond the gateway! Choose your party wisely!"
  • "DooooOOOOooomed anyway!" (Field)
  • "You're alive? Er.. well done!" (Field, after clearing Gateway Challenge)

Pristine Peaks[edit]

  • "You are doomed! DOOMED! DooooOOOO-ACHOOO! Sorry - easy to catch cold here."
  • "Madame Bwahstrella's Dimensional Drift Departures at your service - but not if you just here to get warm! Customer only!"
  • "THRILLING COMBAT awaits you beyond the gateway! Choose your party wisely - for if anyone "throw up" in the gateway you pay cleaning fee!"
  • "The Gateway and doom await!" (Field)
  • "You survive?! Good, good!" (Field, after clearing Gateway Challenge)

Palette Prime[edit]

  • "You are-chew-doo-GULP! Sorry, just finished mixed apple sponge pudding. TOO good to resist!"
  • "Luck is with you - I'm usually too busy to take walk-ins at Madame Bwahstrella's Dimensional Drift Departures!"
  • "If it's GLORY THROUGH COMBAT you seek, then come! Choose your party wisely and go beyond the gateway!"
  • "Welcome! are doomed." (Field)
  • "Well done. You try again?" (Field, after clearing Gateway Challenge)

Terra Flora[edit]

  • "You are doo-"
  • "wait - is you! YOU are NOT doomed, for you saved this Madame Bwahstrella's Dimensional Drift Departures! franchise location!"
  • "Our stockholders are grateful. Now - EXHILARATING COMBAT awaits you beyond the gateway! Choose your team wisely!"
  • "Hello, my little doomed ones!" (Field)
  • "Alive! Good for inshurance[sic]." (Field, after clearing Gateway Challenge)

Barrendale Mesa[edit]

  • "You are doo- COUGH! Doom- COUGH! Doooooo- COUGH!"
  • "Sorry - air is very dry here. You will have to curse yourselves today at Madame Bwahstrella's Dimensional Drift Departures!!"
  • "You wish to test yourselves, no? Choose your party wisely - for HAIR-RAISING COMBAT awaits you beyond the gateway!"
  • "Don't keep your doom waiting!" (Field)
  • "Another doomed but happy client!" (Field, after clearing Gateway Challenge)

The Tower of Doooom[edit]

  • "The Fates can be cruel, even to those on whom it bestows the gift of future - sight - perhaps even ESPECIALLY so..."
  • "..for how could even I, Madame Bwahstrella, foresee that my monument to their eminence, the Tower of Doooom, would become a TOMB!"
  • "Yet the Fates had not abandoned me entirely. For the Galaxy's mightiest Heroes heard my cry for help!"
  • "After revealing that the Tower was overrun with Cursa's minions, Beep-0 had choice words about doors, locks, security - I did not pay attention...."
  • "...for the worst news was still to come. Our dear friend Spawny was trapped inside the Tower!"
  • "Once, our heroes had rescued Spawny from Cursa's forbearer, the Megabug. Yet NOTHING could prepare them for what was to come..."
  • "So! Our friend Spawny is somewhere at the top of my Tower of Dooooom, the rules for which are a mystery to future-blind folks such as yourselves."
  • "You will soon see some portals appear behind me. Each leads to a different battleground where a unique battle awaits. Win, and be rewarded!"
  • "The Tower of Doooom is unpredictable - not all Heroes, Sparks, or items are accessible at the start. As you win battles, more shall become available."
  • "If you somehow make it to the top of the tower, I, Madame Bwahstrella, will reward you personally! Oh - you will also save Spawny from certain doom."
  • "Now, do you wish to be doomed within a Relaxed, Average, or Demanding customer experience?"
  • "Excellent. As I'm in a contract dispute with Salesbot that forbids sales of Team Heals, you may change your mind anytime."
  • "Now, gaze into my crystal ball and choose your fate! Also, if you post any selfies while inside please be sure to tag me on social media."
  • "So you return. Excellent. Now, which Tower of Doooom curated experience do you seek? Classic or PREMIUM?"
  • "Remember, the Portals lead to unique battles. You start with only the Heroes and Sparks the Tower allows you to." (When selecting Premium)
  • "Beware - you CANNOT change your level of doom once you begin!"
  • "Are you sure you are ready for the PREMIUM Tower of Doooom experience?"


  • "Tell Augie our customer service hotline is not a free counseling service."
  • "My competitor, Madame Bwahstodamus, could not predict yesterday's weather if she had a newspaper."
  • "Sullivan sent roses to apologize for calling me "vile rabber" after I said his steam train was a "ridiculous fossil"."
  • "Augie fears his villagers will discover that their emergency food supplies are just bags of nacho cheese sauce."
  • "Woodrow is to receive terrible dating advice until he rescinds the 5% fortune-telling tax on Palette Prime!"
  • "A certain Spark Hunter who is as dense as her name implies sill owes me for damages to my vacation home on Palette Prime."
  • "I wouldn't want to be a certain Spark Hunter when Momma catches up to them with an itch that only revenge can scratch!"
  • "Orion's next cargo ship will catch fire after Salesbot's crates of "furniture parts" turn out to be illegal fireworks."
  • "Lots of terrified Rabbids from Palette Prime are calling for advice. Woodrow must be working on a new poem. SHUDDER."
  • "Find out which intern told Augie he was doomed and fire them. He is calling like a lunatic now."
  • "Rabbid Peach wants HOW MUCH for a sponsored post?!"
  • "Someone tell Rabid Mario we do not use male models for our gift catalogs before he sends us any more beefcake shots."
  • "The Fates are many, and their voices discordant, but on this ONE thing, they all agree - they HATE Woodrow's poetry."
  • "You didn't need to be a psychic to predict the Phantom dumping Bea for one of her backup dancers, but would she listen?"
  • "Bea reports that "Madame Bwahstrella Doom n' Gloom Bouquets" are a very popular item between mortal enemies."
  • "I foresee Momma being tougher than leather and harder than steel, with an itch for action and living life like there's no tomorrow!"
  • "The balls they throw at the Winter Palace are like knitting circles compared to the ones they had here back in my day."
  • "I foresee Gerspard moving into his Neo-Figurative Hyper-Expressionist Retro-Futuristic Tabloid phase to rave reviews."
  • "If Sullivan calls, tell him I'm having lunch with a handsome salesman who prefers electric trains to steam engines."
  • "Tell Alkementor I need a case of red banana-kumquat-star apple mineral fusion water for my Doomy Awards afterparty."
  • "Augie was supposed to build a new temple, but he blew the funds on booking DJ Cheep Tuna for his birthday."
  • "Yes, it is bad if Woodrow's next poem destroys the galaxy, BUT if we don't have to hear it - mixed blessing."
  • "A golden acorn of opportunity will fall in your lap while you are asleep. It will be eaten by a vole."
  • "Woodrow's ex-girlfriend can't even read a greeting card inscription without breaking into hives, poor thing."
  • "Find out how many lanes the bowling alley in Madame Bwahstradomus's mansion has so I can build mine with twice as many."
  • "Prof. Backpack's lecture series is postponed until he can find a commercial spaceflight with room for his backpack."
  • "Tell the Palette Prime office I'm eagerly awaiting fresh gossip from the Spellbound Woods about Sweetlopek and the Dryad."
  • "I foresee the Dryad ad Sweetlopek making a fortune selling fall-themed "farmhouse chic" pinecone wreaths to tourists."
  • "Life is short - doom well, doom often, doom much."
  • "Tell our Barrendale Mesa location they are absolutely NOT to close during "Big Momma's Bike Rally and Chili Cookoff"."


  • "The future is not fully predetermined, yet even I could not have predicted our Heroes would triumph over such odds!"
  • "Nor could I have forseen what would happen next..."
  • " overjoyed as Spawny was to reunite with the Heroes, he was not the same timid Rabbid as when they last saw him."
  • "Having always been curious about the wonders of the universe, Spawny put the dramatic events surrounding the Megabug behind him, and wandered the Galaxy alone in search of himself."
  • "Naive? Perhaps. Yet he felt in his heart that if he were ever in real danger, his old friends would be there for him - and so they were!"
  • "Spawny bade goodbye to the Heroes and went in search of more life-affirming experiences from which to grow."
  • "Meanwhile, I reached an epiphany of my own! It was not I whom the Fates sought to punish, how could it be? It must be the HEROES!"
  • "Therefore, I would encourage them to return, again and again, each time pushing the limits of their courage, their strength, their hope - all within THE TOWER OF DOOOOM!"



  • "Let's-a go."
  • "Okey-dokey."
  • "Oh, yeah!"
  • "Wait!" (When attacked)

Message from the Team[edit]

What a journey!

Travel humbles, for the galaxy is infinite, as does the number of people who make it hum, of which no two people are exactly alike. For this, we are all richer.

Wherever your journey through life leads you, we are humbled to have taken some small part of it with you.

What a journey!

The bleakest dark yields to the faintest light; a light that exists within each of us. You are not alone, we are a multitude, linked together by a thin red thread that sews together our hearts and souls. Tighten the knot and we will be together forever, lighting the way.



  • "Edge... you're here. I knew you would show yourself. Eventually."
  • "Are these your new friends? Maybe I should warn them. After all, WE were friends once. Perhaps we still are?"
  • "Aw...But you just got here - and we're just getting to the fun part."
  • "Honest, I couldn't make the girl leave if I wanted to. See, real friends don't just up and ghost you, Edge..."
  • "...real friends stick around."


  • "Friends?" (When attacked)
  • "What?!" (When hit by a Hero's attack)
  • "Delicious!" (when hit by a Hero's attack)
  • "Enjoy the wind." (When attacking a Hero)
  • "Poor baby." (After attacking)
  • "I had to." (When defeating a Hero)
  • "Oops, sorry." (When defeating a Hero)


  • "YOU'RE okay?! What about muh balloon?!"
  • "Garage's closed! Next service station's ninety-six million light years down the road. Y'all have a nice day."
  • "YOU'RE gonna buffalo Cursa?! You ain't even got the sense not to skydive without a parachute!"
  • "Anyhow, I can't help ya even if I wanted to. Power's out at muh shop - storm's made muh Windmill all whack-a-daisy."
  • "Tell ya' what - get my Windmill workin' properly an' I'll see what I can do about your spaceship and them shields. No promises!"
  • ""Miscalculation", huh?"
  • "This is Big Momma callin' Balloon Bufoon - you got yer ears on? Over."
  • "To get to that Windmill yer gonna need to use that crane like it were a bridge..."
  • "...fer that yer gonna need to restore power to the crane's control panel."
  • "You'll find a' 'lectrical transformer on that there platform."
  • "All ya' gotta do is complete the circuit to turn the power on and yer in business. Over and out."

Oozer Master[edit]

  • "With the train grounded though, maybe I can keep chugging along with you guys?"



  • "Mario! Rabbid Peach! Beep-0! I'm SO relieved to see you!"
  • "The Rabbids are especially... exuberant today! Someone has "misplaced" Rabbid Mario's overalls."
  • "They're missing, and he's too embarrassed to come out from that bush he's hiding in!"
  • "Someone hid Rabbid Mario's overalls! Have you checked the bushes? Rabbids love to hide things there."


  • "Rabbid Mario needs your help!"
  • "You found Rabbid Mario's overalls! Please, get them to him, quickly!"


  • "Fight time!" (When starting a battle)
  • "It's on!" (When attacking)
  • "Uh-oh!" (When attacked)
  • "Help!" (When attacked)
  • "Not bad!"
  • "So neat!"

Professor Backpack[edit]

Beacon Beach[edit]

  • "Hmm... Where to next?" (Field)
  • "If only I could solve it... That would show them!"
  • "Once, we celebrated history. Ruins were uncovered, treasures hunted - discoveries made in the past, not just the future!"
  • "These days, if it wasn't digitized, it's as if it never happened."
  • "I am here to solve an ancient riddle - the answer to which has eluded explorers for centuries, but I can't solve it alone."
  • "The past is what ties us together - will you help me revive it before it is forgotten completely?"
  • "I am CONVINCED that somewhere in this room is the answer to the riddle of the temple of Beacon Beach."
  • "A manuscript I translated called it "The Chamber Of The Two Sons". You'll understand when you hear the riddle..."
  • ""The King pins the star on his favored son. The outcast runs away, toward a new dawn.""
  • "The paintings in the temple are hauntingly beautiful. I also suspect they are connected to the riddle somehow."
  • "If this tragic story is to mean anything - if people are to learn from it - it must be solved!"
  • "Any luck solving the riddle?" (Field)
  • "My gratitude, friend!" (Field, when riddle is solved)
  • "What?! You- you solved the Riddle of the Temple?"
  • "Tell me everything - I want to spread the news so history can come alive again!"
  • "Poor Augie. The past does not shout at us from a distance, but whispers in our ear..."

Pristine Peaks[edit]

  • "Three stone masks. How? Why?" (Field)
  • "Thank goodness you're here! I am on the verge of solving Pristine Peaks' most profound mystery."
  • "Can I count on your help to lay bare the treasure of wisdom it holds?"
  • "The Riddle Of Pristine Peaks is tied to its recent weather woes. Listen..."
  • ""The sun beat down upon Pristine Peaks, sweat glistened on Rabbid cheeks...""
  • ""Rabbids set themselves on a task, to sculpt a refrigerating stone mask! It will breathe cool air upon our backs!""
  • ""But then came Cursa's dark reprisal. The mask was corrupted with a Tentacle's arrival. Its icy roar threatened all survival.""
  • "This folk tale gives credit to the Rabbids for building the Stone Mask that initially cooled the climate here."
  • "It was a simple matter for one of Cursa's Darkmess Tentacles to corrupt the mask - then bathe the planet in icy winds."
  • "This is a monument to the incident - the Memorial Of the Three Masks. The answer to the riddle lies here."
  • "Another world, another riddle..." (Field)
  • "Time to seek out new riddles!" (Field, when riddle is solved)
  • "So you solved the Riddle Of Pristine Peaks! Fascinating indeed."
  • "To be grateful for what nature provides willingly, rather than harness it like a plow horse - that is the lesson here."
  • "Regardless, the Memorial Of The Three Masks would seem to hold a powerful reminder - and not just for this planet."
  • "All thanks to you, it will never be forgotten. You have my deepest, heartfelt gratitude, friends."

Palette Prime[edit]

  • "Who's the Thief? The Guardian?" (Field)
  • "At last you've arrived - this latest riddle has me "stumped" you might say."
  • "Look around - the symbols, the podiums. Notice the strange clock on the floor - even without hands it is exquisite."
  • "Now, for the riddle. Pay attention..."
  • ""The day began with a wooden bell, the silence broke as the lake's song did swell.""
  • ""The Red Thief arrived at dusk, looking for a trinket to pawn.""
  • ""Night came. The Guardian did the same. While guarding the forest, my sleep it would claim.""
  • "Lullabies have long been used to pass down knowledge. Can you sooth my restless soul by solving the Riddle of Palette Prime?"
  • "I've got it! No... wait." (Field)
  • "So clever! I applaud you." (Field, when riddle is solved)
  • "You solved the Riddle of Palette Prime?!"
  • "Fascinating... an encrypted depiction of animal activity of the forest - symbiosis and chaos combined!"
  • "The Riddle of Palette Prime is finally grounded - all thanks to you. Until the next mystery, friends!"

Terra Flora[edit]

  • "The planet has its secrets..." (Field)
  • "Where have you been? I am at a loss over Terra Flora's greatest riddle!"
  • "This Cursa nonsense has rerouted your priorities. Speaking of "rerouting", pay attention..."
  • ""Is it a child's toy or a triumph of the past? With a huff, and a puff, it stalled with gasp!""
  • "Can you solve the riddle to bring the Wiggler Express Railway FULL CIRCLE? Full steam ahead, I say!"
  • "It stalled with a gasp, eh?" (Field)
  • "I couldn't be more proud!" (Field, when riddle is solved)
  • "Another riddle laid bare, thanks to your wits and keen eye for detail."
  • "THIS must be where generations of punctilious Train Engineers honed their craft and incubated their passions!"
  • "Think of the knowledge shared! The stories told! The passionate debates! Oh, to be a fly on the wall!"

Barrendale Mesa[edit]

  • "A most ELECTRIFYING mystery!" (Field)
  • "I knew I'd find you here eventually. Come, I'll bring you up to speed!"
  • "As you undoubtedly know, the hardscrabble residents here must do a lot with very little when it comes to technology."
  • "They also take great care to safeguard inventions such as this one. What is it? How does it work? All shrouded in riddles."
  • ""The Hard Hats work in sync, but need Mr. Safety Glasses' help to meet. He needs help as well however...""
  • "" turns back to engage Mr. Hard Hat With a Mask in his endeavors. Yet if Mister-No-Safety-Gear-Whatsoever isn't set...""
  • ""...their work is for naught and circuit is dead." I suspect the knobs here are a key to solving this riddle, but how?"
  • "Let us honor the amateur engineers of Barrendale Mesa by solving the riddle and bringing their creation back to life!"
  • "You remember the riddle, yes?" (Field)
  • "I have post-mystery euphoria!" (Field, when riddle is solved)
  • "That um... that was SOMETHING, wasn't it?"
  • "A good production line is indeed as a circuit flow - it's such a cunning metaphor indeed!"
  • "This place holds many surprises, not the least of which is how it combines homespun technical prowess with living joyously."
  • "Farewell, friends! Until another mystery binds us together - farewell!"


  • "I'm stuck here for now, but if you win this battle, I'm at your service!"
  • "But first, you'll need to destroy the Darkmess Dams to get those famous waters of Mt. Spout flowing again."
  • "To take them out, use those vials - you can get them from those containers. See you on the other side!"


  • "You gotta win this battle so I can leave with you. Else I'm stuck here!"
  • "Here's a tip - the bad guys on this particular battlefield are pretty apathetic. Get to the other end of the battlefield and they'll give up!"


  • "Pardon me - just wondering if you've ever faced Sea Stooges before. Their Dash has a Splash Super Effect that'll bounce you, HARD."
  • "Afterwards, each time you're hit or dashed again before the turn is over, you'll bounce again! It's called being "splashed"."
  • "That's a lot of bouncing, I know, but if you win, I get to leave with you. How's that for motivation?"

Rabbid Luigi[edit]


  • "These overalls are mine! Check the size of the tag if you don't believe me."
  • "I wanted to be the ONLY Rabbid with overalls SO badly!"


  • "Oh you found your overalls, Rabbid Mario! I knew I should've hid them somewhere else!"
  • "Hi, little fella! Aren't you sparkly?! Did you come on board with Mario?"
  • "No one puts delicious desserts in danger while I'M around! I'LL deal with this, PERSONALLY!"
  • "Does this mean there's no cucumber water?"
  • "Like every time you helped us rescue a Spark!"


  • "Speed donuts!" (When Boosting)


  • "Let's go!" (When starting a battle)
  • "Da-da-da da!" (When starting a battle)
  • "Warriors of Mario! Da-da-da da!" (When starting a battle)
  • "Sproing!" (When helping another Hero perform a Team Jump)
  • "Whoosh!" (Dash)
  • "Careful!"
  • "Comin' through!"
  • "Excuse me."
  • "Hey!" (When attacked)
  • "Pain!" (When hit by an enemy's attack)
  • "Ow!" (When hit by an enemy's attack)
  • "No fair!" (When hit by an enemy's attack)
  • "I see ya!" (When targeting an enemy)
  • "See ya!" (When defeating an enemy)
  • "Do-over." (When one of his attacks does no damage)
  • "Funky footwork make ya faint!" (When preparing to use Exhaust)
  • "What'd I do?" (When defeated)
  • "Cheaters!" (When losing a battle)
  • "Untouchable!" (Upon winning a battle)
  • "Taco Tuesday!" (Upon winning a battle)

Rabbid Mario[edit]


  • "My beautiful overalls!"
  • "Hurry! Hand me my overalls!"


  • "I can't come out without my overalls! Check the bushes, shake the trees! Just find them!"
  • "TA-DAAAA! Back in business!"
  • "Ah, yes! You want to be just like Rabbid Mario! But only ONE of us can look THIS good in casual alternatives to pants!"
  • "It stinks!"
  • "Hey, mamma mia!"
  • "Everyone, take a break! Soak up some sun! Rabbid Mario will take it from here! I INSIST!"
  • "I got it! We burn the forest down! Then we could go STRAIGHT to the Tentacle!"
  • "We could ask you the same about that stone-faced but oddly attractive woman."
  • "Not true! It chafed my skin!"
  • "I'll go with you. After all, we make one heck of a team. Eh? Eh?"
  • "Every time you nearly fainted at the sight of my enormous biceps while I fought impressively at your side."
  • "Er… Every time you showed you still care about the Spark Hunters."


  • "This... *sniff* is the greatest moment of-a my life." (When receiving a reward)
  • "To the sky!" (When entering a cannon)
  • "Over it!" (When climbing a ladder)


  • "Ohoho, too easy!" (When starting a battle)
  • "Let's not get tough. Except-a me! *giggle*" (When starting a battle)
  • "Ding ding ding!" (When attacking)
  • "One, two, four!" (When attacking)
  • "One, two, bye-bye!" (When attacking)
  • "Take it easy!" (When attacked)
  • "Oh, you're on my list!" (When hit by an enemy's attack)
  • "That-a hurt." (When hit by an enemy's attack)
  • "Oi!" (When hit by an enemy's attack)
  • "Ow, momma!" (When hit by an enemy's attack)
  • "Juju!" (Dash)
  • "Strike!" (When defeating an enemy)
  • "MVP! MVP!" (When defeating an enemy)
  • "I'm-a so strong!" (When picking up an object)
  • "There ya go!" (When helping another Hero perform a Team Jump)
  • "Now you fly!" (When helping another Hero perform a Team Jump)
  • "Awww, goose egg." (When one of his attacks does no damage)
  • "Thank you, mamma!" (When using a Mushroom)
  • "You cowards!" (When defeated)
  • "Avenge me, mamma!" (When defeated)
  • "Never a doubt." (Upon winning a battle)
  • "Mwah! Perfecto, eh? (Upon winning a battle)
  • "Want a rematch? Go ahead — your turn!"

Rabbid Peach[edit]


  • "The lightning here is trash. How about I handle this while you guys do whatever it is people do in a library?"
  • "AND?"
  • "I am not drinking ANYTHING from this guy's lab - I don't care how photographable it is."
  • "Every time you like, totally kicked you-know-what with us on the battlefield."


  • "Love it!" (When receiving a reward)
  • "I guess that'll do." (When receiving a reward)


When starting a battle
  • "Time to handle business!"
  • "Livestreaming!"
  • "Anyone have a charger?"
  • "Bwa-ha!" (When having a full team of Rabbids)
  • "Girlboss time!" (When having a full team of female characters)
During a battle
  • "Don't...!" (When attacked)
  • "Ahem!" (When attacked)
  • "Oh, yeah!"
  • "#HealingJourney" (When using character techniques)
  • "Healing vibes, literally." (When using character techniques)
  • "Seriously?!" (When hit by an enemy's attack)
  • "Okay, that's it!" (When hit by an enemy's attack)
  • "Hold still, will ya?!" (When attacking an enemy)
  • "Toodles!" (When defeating an enemy)
  • "Beat it." (When defeating an enemy)
  • "Sleepy time." (When defeating an enemy)
  • "It's been real!" (When defeating an enemy)
  • "Ughhh, satisfying." (When defeating an enemy)
  • "Okay." (When helping another Hero perform a Team Jump)
  • "Hey!" (When helping another Hero perform a Team Jump)
  • "Thanks!" (When performing a Team Jump)
  • "It's me!" (Upon landing after a Team Jump)
  • "Serving looks!" (Upon landing after a Team Jump)
  • "Excuse me?!" (When one of her attacks does no damage)
  • "Insecure much?" (When defeated)
  • "How dare you!" (When defeated)
  • "This isn't happening!" (When losing a battle)
  • "No comments." (When losing a battle)
Upon winning a battle
  • "Over already?"
  • "#Winning"
  • "Nailed it!"
  • "Thank you. Next!"
  • "I'm all about personal growth." (When leveling up)

Rabbid Rosalina[edit]


  • "Sigh... Sorry for wandering off, Orion."
  • "Ugh... Seriously? I don't have time! I need to find a way to get to Rosalina."
  • "I mean, yeah, that's cool, whatever. I'm down."
  • "Captain Orion? Thank you... for everything. I promise to make you proud."
  • "Aye Aye, Captain."
  • "This library is a gateway to learning that should be a SAFE place for everyone! Except Darkmess Tentacles, of course."
  • "Hmpf. Guess I have to come with you, now."


  • "Slick!" (When receiving a reward)
  • "Neato speedo." (When receiving a reward)
  • "Wahoo!" (When Boosting)
  • "Yee-haw." (When Boosting)


  • "Ugh... I was going to read." (When starting a battle)
  • "Can't we decide this after a nap?" (When starting a battle)
  • "Let's dance." (When starting a battle)
  • "We will rise above!" (When starting a battle with a team of female characters)
  • "Yeet." (When attacking)
  • "Hurr de durr!" (When attacking)
  • "Ugh, here goes..." (When attacking)
  • "Ra-da-da-da-da-da-da-da-da!" (When attacking)
  • "Ow." (When dropping down)
  • "Ugh, my ankles!" (When dropping down)
  • "Poof." (When defeating one of Bowser's minions)
  • "Yeet!" (When defeating one of Bowser's minions)
  • "Sick." (When defeating one of Bowser's minions)
  • "Creep." (When defeating an enemy)
  • "Weirdo." (When defeating an enemy)
  • "Ugh... Finally." (When defeating an enemy)
  • "Wow." (When defeating multiple enemies at once)
  • "I hate cardio..." (When defeating an enemy with a dash)
  • "Great Horn Spoon!" (When defeating multiple enemies at once)
  • "*grunt* Seriously?!" (When one of her attacks does no damage)
  • "Okay." (When throwing an enemy or object)
  • "*grunt* It's so heavy!" (When throwing an enemy or object)
  • "Nap time!" (When using Ennui)
  • "Okay, that is good!" (When using a Mushroom)
  • "Please work!" (When using an item)
  • "So uncool!" (When hit by an enemy's attack)
  • "Ugh... Great Horn Spoon..." (When losing a battle)
  • "Can I go home now?" (When losing a battle)



  • "♪Hoooo~!♫" (Starting a battle)
  • "Let's go!" (Starting a battle)
  • "We can do it!" (Starting a battle)
  • "Got you!" (Aiming at an enemy)
  • "Say 'bye'." (Aiming at an enemy)
  • "Uh-ohhh!" (Aiming at an enemy)
  • "Uh-oh." (Being aimed at)
  • "Aw, come on!" (When attacked)
  • "I'm...fine!" (When attacked)
  • "That's not fair!"
  • "Why?!"
  • "Gotcha!"
  • "Pardon!"
  • "Got one!" (When defeating an enemy)
  • "Awww, sorry!" (When defeating an enemy)
  • "Plot twist!" (Preparing to use Vortex Pull)
  • "C'mere, you!" (Using Vortex Pull)
  • "Rocket ready!" (Preparing to use Rocket Ride)
  • "Rocket Ride!" (Using Rocket Ride)
  • "Impeccable!"
  • "Ready to fly!" (When entering a glide)
  • "Awww... I'm sorry."
  • "Thought I had this..."
  • "Hey! Not cool!"
  • "Just need a minute!"
  • "Just...a scratch..."
  • "Oof...unchill!"
  • "That all you got?"
  • "Cool it!"
  • " nothing!"
  • "Yeah! There we go!"
  • "Ha! Still got it."
  • "Ha! Yay, me!"
  • "Ha! Got you!"
  • "Strrrike!"
  • "Haha! Easy!"
  • "I did it!"
  • "Over and out."
  • "I feel good!"
  • "That's better!"


  • "Olly olly oxen free!" (Exploration)
  • "The penguins aren't super happy I stopped playing hide n' seek without telling. I got voted out as captain."
  • "Think I could go with you, adventure buddies? We don't HAVE to give each other pirate names, that's just for fun."


  • "Mario... You and your friends saved the galaxy, and in doing so, saved me as well."
  • "Thank you. Thank you all."
  • "Dearest Beep-0, energy such as that which gives life to the Sparks cannot be destroyed, only altered..."
  • "The Sparks thank you for putting yourself in harm's way to save me... as do I."
  • "I went looking for my family once - the same way you search for those with whom YOU belong."
  • "You are welcome to remain with me and the Sparks for as long as you would like - even forever."
  • "And as for you, Steward of Sparks?"
  • "Farewell, Mario. Your kindness, courage, and loyalty are the foundation of many a friendship - including ours."
  • "And Bowser! Aren't you happy to learn any problem can be solved when we work together?"

Galactic Weapon Skin descriptions[edit]

  • "Mario, I await our next meeting with HOPE - though I pray you will not judge me before you know the truth." (Galactic Dual Slinger)
  • "Carry this Galactic Stormblade, Edge, and trust that your friends will see you for who you truly are." (Galactic Blade)
  • "To Rabbid Peach, who cares much more for her friends than she reveals. Keep them safe with this Galactic Triple-Troll." (Galactic Triple Troll)

SALESBOT 9.99+TX[edit]

Team Heal[edit]

  • "Let me help you out! For [#] coins I'll heal your entire team!"
  • "Looks like your team's health is already full. There is no need for my intervention here." (If Heroes are at full health)

Field quotes[edit]

Beacon Beach
  • "BIG flash sale going on!"
  • "Bring the family next time!"
  • "The customer is king!" (Sunrise Temple)
Pristine Peaks
  • "Secret VIP flash sale! Hurry!"
  • "The deals are sizzling hot!"
  • "Everything MUST go!"
  • "It's our annual Price Expo!"
Palette Prime
  • "New stuff to buy! Come!"
  • "Happy to see you again!"
  • "My favorite customers!" (Abandoned Well)
Terra Flora
  • "Shop with a smile!"
  • "Free gift wrapping!"
Barrendale Mesa
  • "Wallets too heavy? I can help!"
  • "Generous refund policy!"
  • "Free warranty!"
  • "Watch for falling prices!"
Cursa's Stronghold
  • "Here for emergency last-minute supply!"
  • "Emergency shopping spree?"
The Tower of Doooom
  • "Best shop around!"
  • "Wallets too heavy? I can help!"

Beacon Beach[edit]

  • "Do my audio-visual capacitors deceive me? Or do I see some discerning customers with an eye for quality here?"
  • "My usual customers - they have what I call "value blindness". For them I put out factory returns, overstock items..."
  • "STILL they do nothing but haggle over price and badger me over reward points!"
  • "ME, with six little Peddlerbots at home! I can't afford to buy them all shoes, so they have to share, but do I complain? No!"
  • "I continue to offer AMAZING deals - such as first-time Beacon Beach customers get TWO free Super Mushrooms!"
  • "My loss is your gain, but after this if you want a full team heal *anytime you'll need to pay. *Er... anytime except combat."

Pristine Peaks[edit]

  • "It may be cold on Pristine Peaks, but the savings are HOT - because when the thermostat drops, so do my prices!"
  • "Say, you look like shoppers of refined discernment, not like the usual bumpkins I get in here."
  • "If value were a reticulated python they wouldn't recognize it if it swallowed them whole. Ha!"
  • "And when you factor in the cost of supply chain distribution in THIS environment - it's like you're picking my pocket!"
  • "It's almost like you're sticking me up! Help! Ha! Seriously though - don't think about it."
  • "You've got lots of coins, right?"

Palette Prime[edit]

  • "I know what you're thinking- is that pumpkin spice hot apple cider? Or a bargain you're smelling?"
  • "Look, I'm not going to give you the usual schtick - I save that for the rubes."
  • "You? You recognize superior value when you see it - it's practically written on your faces!"
  • "For you, I have my top of the line merchandise - I don't even bring this stuff out for most customers."
  • "Also, everything here is covered by my no-refund, no-exchange, no-fault policy. So shop without fear... that I'll be inconvenienced."

Terra Flora[edit]

  • "Psst! You're not from the Galactic Robot Regulatory Commission, are you?"
  • "There's a rumor going around that because my prices are SO low, I must be..."
  • "...INSANE!!"
  • "But just because I buy in VOLUME, then pass the savings on to you at great expense to my personal well-being..."
  • " no reason to question my operational capabilities!"
  • "Of course, it's not easy to get inventory out here - hence the SMALL markup. SHOP WITH CONFIDENCE!"
  • "I'm not crazy."

Barrendale Mesa[edit]

  • "YEE HAW! It's a savings stampede!"
  • "You might ask - "Peddlerbot, can't we expect a HUGE markup on top-quality merchandise..."
  • "...especially at such a REMOTE yet convenient, clean, and modern location with plenty of parking?""
  • "First - how dare you?! Second - I am ALWAYS on the customer's side!"
  • "So whether you have good credit, bad credit, or NO CREDIT - rest assured it's all the same with me!"
  • "Because I don't actually take credit. Too many deadbeats."

Cursa's stronghold[edit]

  • "Ha! "Don't expand too fast", my investors said! "Never open a location on floating debris", they said!"
  • ""Fortune favors the brave," I told them! Not that I would EVER gouge a customer, mind you."
  • "But if you can find lower prices on top-grade products within a cannon shot of Cursa's stronghold - BUY THEM."
  • "Speaking of - any direct engagement with Cursa voids the warranties on these puppies. I'll let you browse."

Megabug Weapon Skin descriptions[edit]

  • "Megabug Dual Slingers are preordering for WHAT price?! I'm RUINED!" (Megabug Dual Slinger)
  • "Smart move to preorder. This was my last Megabug Stormblade. I almost bought it for myself." (Megabug Blade)
  • "If I may - this Megabug Sharpshooter looks GREAT on you - and the preorder price looks even BETTER." (Megabug Sharpshooter)
  • "It's not often a customer gets the best of me on preorders. Enjoy it while it lasts!" (Megabug Triple Troll)
  • "I take ONE day off and someone set preorder prices on these Discruptors so low it's almost illegal!" (Megabug Discruptor)
  • "Preordering this Megabug Boom-Brella puts you among my most discerning and value-driven customers." (Megabug Boom-Brella)
  • "Sales data confirms! Customers who preorder are in the top 10% in terms of IQ and attractiveness." (The Megabug Dukes)
  • "Er... your preorder didn't quite cover a Megabug weapon, but this one has a scratch n' dent discount." (Megabug Kaboomer)
  • "Congratulations on getting a MEGA-sized deal preordering this Megabug Bowsooka. Now, THAT'S value!" (Megabug Bowzooka)

Scoper Master[edit]

  • "Tell me again how, "critics act as mediators between art and its audience", DA DA!" (Field, before clearing It's an Ill Wind that Blows Quest)
  • "I'll be a student of life! My top priority - to see all of your works around the galaxy."


  • "Yes! It's "Hero Time"!" (Exploration)
  • "Thank you for rescuing me! I've been stuck here for what seems like forever. Augie's not in charge still, is he?"

Squashette Master[edit]

  • "Here! Er- you're looking for me, right?" (Exploration)
  • "Oh! So HAPPY you found me when you did! This place is so dust-ee-ee-CHOOOOOOOO!"


  • "I-I can help! I can give Mario the ability to power up his attacks! It'll even have the same effect on his friends!"


  • "The view here really inspires me..."


  • "P-p-please, I want to fight the forces of Darkmess! But I need a potion to make me brave!"
  • "Point me at the forces of Darkmess! I want to look them right in the eye!"


  • "PLEASE, you've got to win this battle! I can't leave here with you unless you do!"
  • "Psst! If you destroy the Eyes of Darkness on the pyre, it'll light on fire!"


  • "But I'm not here to be a burden! In fact, if you need help, maybe I can lighten your load?"


  • "You'll have to forgive him. His prized axe was STOLEN! I saw who did it, too!"


  • "Did you organize a rescue for ME? WOW!" (Exploration)
  • "Thank goodness you found me! I was getting REALLY bored in there."


Beacon Beach[edit]

  • "Victor's sorry to be a wowser mates, but all sporting contests are postponed due to weather." (Field, before clearing Come Rain or Shine Quest)
  • "Think you can beat my PB! Ha!" (Field)
  • "G'day, mates! You look keen and full of beans! You ready for the Beacon Beach Sillyfish Chuck Challenge?"
  • "Chuck Challenge! You chuck all the Sillyfish into the fountain before time expires!"
  • "A SMALL fee of 20 coins lets YOU ride the roller coaster of thrills and emotions of a pro fish chucker!"
  • "So! Is it a "nah yeah"? Or a "yeah nah"?"
  • "I knew you were a ripper! A little tip for ya' - try DASHING the Sillyfish, it'll make it easier to grab 'em!" (When accepted)
  • "One more thing - don't wander off too far or I'll have to disqualify ya' - no refunds."
  • "To the VICTOR goes the spoils!"
  • "Did it beat my PR? Er... let's call it a tie, but feel free to give it another go anytime!"

Pristine Peaks[edit]

  • "Game for a REAL challenge?" (Field)
  • "G'day, mates! You look keen and full of beans! You ready for the Pristine Peaks Sillyfish Chuck Challenge?"
  • "Just 25 coins allows YOU experience the unparalleled highs and unbridled excess that is the life of a pro fish chucker!"
  • "Was it bonzer enough to go pro and live a life of excess 'til you burn out and have to take a job facilitating challenges?"
  • "Not even close! But feel free to give it another go, anytime!"
  • "You're a can-do lot! Go again?" (Field, after clearing challenge)

Palette Prime[edit]

  • "No growth without challenge!" (Field)
  • "G'day, mates! You look keen and full of beans! You ready for the Palette Prime Sillyfish Chuck Challenge?"
  • "Just 30 coins is your ticket to the rocket ride of heart-pounding adventure that is the life of a pro fish chucker!"
  • "Was it bonzer enough to be named to the Galactic Sillyfish Chucking All-Rookie Team? No - but you can try again anytime!"
  • "Fish chuckin' MVPs! Go again?" (Field, after clearing challenge)

Terra Flora[edit]

  • "How about a REAL test?" (Field)
  • "G'day, mates! You look keen and full of beans! You ready for the Terra Flora Sillyfish Chuck Challenge?"
  • "Just 35 coins allows you to experience the adrenaline-pumping rockstar lifestyle of a pro fish chucker!"
  • "So! Is it a "Enah yeah"? Or a "yeah nah"?"
  • "I knew you were a ripper! A little tip for ya' - try DASHING the Sillyfish, it should make it easier to grab 'em!" (When accepted)
  • "Was it bonzer enough to be interviewed by CCN - the Chuck Challenge Network? No - but feel free to try again anytime!"
  • "Again? Always room to improve!" (Field, after clearing challenge)

Barrendale Mesa[edit]

  • "Wanna have a go at my challenge?" (Field)
  • "G'day, mates! You look keen and full of beans! You ready for the Barrendale Mesa Sillyfish Chuck Challenge?"
  • "Just 40 coins is the cost of an admission to experience all the lightning thrills and celebrity worship of a pro fish chucker."
  • ""Victor" - that's my name."
  • "Was it bonzer enough to merit your own set of Chuck Challenge trading cards? No - but feel free to try again anytime!"
  • "Nice stuff out there! Go again?" (Field, after clearing challenge)



  • "Great galloping goannas, that was a beaut mate! It's a gold finish!" (After clearing the challenge)


  • "Aces mate! 'Course, nowhere near my personal record."
  • "It's a nic brass for a silver finish though! Don't blow it all this dosh in one go, eh?"

When taking on challenge again[edit]

  • "I knew you'd be back! Victor takes on ALL comers..."
  • "...provided they can pay the nominal entry fee of [#] coins!"
  • "Right! I can't give receipt, but count on Victor for a fair go. Also - wander off and I'll disqualify ya'! Ready to DASH some Sillyfish?" (When accepting)

Wildclaw Master[edit]

  • "You came! Yay! I'm SO bored." (Exploration)
  • "Glad you found me! I can't WAIT to smell the aroma of spiced maple pumpkin pie with waffle crust again!"


  • "What have you, leaf-haloed and bosom friend?"
  • "Arboreal wisdom to recommend?"
  • "Loyal beast! What solace do you bring? Arias of hope you hope to sing? Sing!"
  • "But what is this?! Hope that flies on eagle's wings?"
  • "Begone, friends. Begone! // And pray you never see, such universal sorrow, // for HOPE fled before THEE."
  • "A gold and ruby coiffure, // now dead and gray and dross! More horrid than this torture- // I am too NUMB to feel their loss!"
  • "Requiem, Requiem! // Bespoke the loud, shrill clarion! Farmer's are left for carrion. // Life's a king-sized bust. The END."


  • "Sorry to interrupt, but can I come with you guys? No sense in me being a third wheel around here - ha!"


  • "Ghostly Walkers! Their Gust Wave attack pushes back everyone within range!"
  • "They're invisible when they move, too. Reaction shots are useless against them!"
  • "Yep, you've got your hands full here. Just remember that if you win, I get to come with you!"


  • "Don't be mad at him. He's been all alone out here for three days!"

Battle voice clips[edit]